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Winter>> All the other seasons combined

I think it's dumb for people to move to Upstate NY and then complain it's too cold 7 months of the year.

I don't think New York State sucks

I don't think Alaska sucks

I don't think Plankton is overused

I actually like Sandy

I don't think being in a bad mood gives you the excuse to be rude to others

72 degrees is sweltering

I don't like competitive sport

I like SBM and SBC equally

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I don't think that if you're a doctor/teacher/lawyer/businessman/etc, that you know everything about health/subjects/persuation/etc. The amount of times my bro-in-law sayd the cold will give you a cold makes me so mad. :P

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Fanficts, fanons, and all of those shippings is the one who ruining SpongeBob.


dun dun dun DUN!


Don't you dare insult Spandy or my fave ship, Squilliam/Squidward







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I love the House Fancy episode. I think its hilarious.


Me too! The toenail scene is like the funniest part of that episode! Screw the haters!

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Upstate NY>>> NYC


I would rather have to deal with my least favorite food every morning than do something like go in a relationship.... too much sacrifice does not fit my "freedom" personality, lulz


Jelly>Peanut Butter

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