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-A hiatus isn't the worst thing in the world to ever happen to a manga series and it makes me vexed whenever I see certain folk call out a mangaka for supposed laziness as if they owe them a new chapter as soon as they'd want it, and I wish it didn't take until the death of Berserk's creator to make most people realize that writing and drawing manga truly can be hard work and manga creators deserve more respect than what we tend to give them.

-While I'm very much not the kind of person who overprioritizes his bad experiences with certain people into categorizing an entire community as being unpleasant, I can't help but find audiophiles to be self-righteous scumbags most of the time. Oh, you hate Crosley record players? Good for yoooouuuuu, but that doesn't mean you should be belittling even children for owning one. Sure, I can't deny that there are better brands of vinyl record players out there, but I feel proud of the Crosley Cruiser that I have because I at least have something to play my small collection of vinyls on, and let's face it, Crosley was just about anyone's first record player, and I'm pretty sure it was the first for any particular audiophile who quote-unquote didn't know any better back then. Even taking into consideration that Crosley is commonly cited for killing vinyl records, that doesn't even bother me all that much as someone who owns a Crosley because...it's MY vinyl record player, the vinyl records I own are MY vinyls, and so I choose what I do with them, even simply not playing them like most vinyl record collectors do.

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dragonball gt is the only dragonball show i like now
i feel it had the best pacing and stories and characterization in the franchise while dbz even without the actual filler still feels super padded and the filler is literally the only actually good parts of it (besides history of trunks and parts of the android and cell arcs and parts of the buu arc and parts of super and only parts of the og dragonball)

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On 6/11/2021 at 4:38 PM, Atlantis SquarePantis is Amazing said:

I like every hated episode but The Fish Bowl, New Fish in Town, House Worming, and Spongehenge.

nice username

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