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Unpopular opinions you have


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No, I don't mean serious crap like politics. Just opinions that the general society disagrees with. it doesn't have to be about SpongeBob either.

I like cold weather.

I prefer our local Taughannock Falls to the now butchered Niagra Falls.

I think it is perfectly acceptable to have crushes on cartoon characters.

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I like hot weather.
I actually enjoy math.
I can tolerate mainstream music. I can even sing along to Friday and Justin Bieber's earlier stuff like "Baby" and "Never Say Never".
Grenade and The Lazy Song are my favorite Bruno Mars songs.
All of the Final Fantasy games are equal.

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iCloud is so annoying.

I love flying on airplanes. It makes me feel happy.

I get so annoyed when guys sag their pants down to the end of their butt cheeks. Get a belt!

Oh my god I HATE THAT. So many boys are irresponsible when they sit down and then everyone can see theirs in plain sight. -_-

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Mario seems to be more popular, especially since the more recent Sonic titles haven't been that good as they should be.

Mario has sold more games, but Sonic's fanbase is much more rabid.

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I like Majora's Mask a little more than Ocarina of Time (well in some aspects) AGREED

I enjoy reading about History. meh

I enjoyed the Gamecube more than the PS2. THANK YOU! WHY IS GAMECUBE SO UNDERRATED?!?!?!

I don't like candy that much Chocolate >>>>>>> Candy (and they are NOT the same thing)

I like Sonic more than Mario. you are a bad llama, bad llama, be good llama and eat your vegetables!

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