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SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever! (2021 Edition)


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Yours, Mine and Mine is bad but It's not on my list anymore due to other eps on my list being much worse. Regardless it is good to see this ep being on the list.

A SquarePants Family Vacation is boring but it isn't bad to me. It is just very mid with some entertaining sequences and some legit boring ones. 

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"Sponge-cano" was an episode idea that COULD'VE been better, if the writing execution wasn't DONE so horribly, and the Dolphin Warrior was an interesting concept...that wasn't HANDLED as well as it could've been. The episode managed to make it onto my list at #23. And "Atlantis Squarepantis"...just SCREAMS "Wasted Potential" at it's absolute WORST! You KNOW you're doing SOMETHING wrong when not even DAVID BOWIE can manage to SAVE your 45 minute special, and the ONLY sequence that even REMOTELY works is Sandy's 16 bit video game adventure sequence! The episode made it high on MY list at #9! I've got nothing to really say about the other episode segments. Enough said, true believers!

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36. "Grrrrr... SpongeBob betrayed us!"


The Sponge Who Could Fly – 63 points

3 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #4 @magic the veemon@dmandagiraffe) (+25)

Season: 3

Writers: Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne, Merriwether Williams, Jay Lender, Sam Henderson

Plot: Patchy finds the lost episode, which follows SpongeBob's dream to fly like the jellyfish.

Here's an unorthodox pick that made a huge rise this year, after just making into last year's Dishonorable Mentions. While I've never found anything in pre-movie to be particularly bad, the SpongeBob segment definitely isn't anything special compared to the rest of Season 3. It seems kind of... fake because of how cynical the whole episode seems to be. Nothing in the segment is serious—much of the songs and dialogue are very cheesy and phoned in, and the plot is completely laughable and nonsensical. The Bottomites immediately finding ways to take advantage of SpongeBob embodies this the most, I feel. The Patchy segment, though, is perhaps the best in the whole show. The surreal goofiness is a lot more positive here, which works when you see stuff like Patchy being swirled around on a playground or destroying his SpongeBob merch. It's a bold yet very confusing 22 minutes, and one that certainly feels like the writers are ready to end the show. Which they did, of course.

35. "Such perfection from your little lettuce hair to your rosy ketchup cheeks right down to your mustard smile."


To Love a Patty – 64 points

5 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #9 @JCM) (-3)

Season: 5

Writers: Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Eric Shaw

Plot: SpongeBob falls in love with a Krabby Patty so much, he refuses to eat it.

This episode, once a mainstay in the top 10 of these lists, has been falling dramatically and continues to do so now. By this point, I find it hilarious. The absurdity of the plot ends up wrapping back around into "so bad it's good" territory. Some of my favorite scenes are actually what were once considered the "worst," like him murdering a bunch of scallops and eating the disgusting rotted patty. I can't bring myself to hate any of the scenes anymore, even though they're by all means some of the show's worst. If a lot more episodes were as weird as this one, I'd be looking at post-movie a little different.

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I would like to address something very important before any further comments on the two recent reveals are made. I should point out first thing that SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever list is not an official signifier for what is truly the fifty worst SpongeBob episodes ever. This list is a group effort for each of us to share our own opinions and perspective on what we think is the series' worst episodes. Yes, even lists from people who put pre-movie episodes on theirs, myself included. I speak for everyone who has at least put one episode from the most beloved era of SB on their list when I say that we don't do this simply for the purpose of "putting balance" on a sea filled with episodes past that era. Alongside the two members who put ASWCF at #4 on their respective lists, I've had the same episode on my list at #6, and that is, and always will be because I genuinely disliked the episode. Because we collectively put an pre-movie episode on the top 50 list doesn't mean we're insulting the legacy of the first three seasons of SB or anything else. If you have an issue with the episode being on the list, that is completely normal, as we've always had moments where we'd disagree with a certain episode's placement, whether it'd be for a list compiling votes for the worst episodes, or for the best episodes. However, I prefer for anyone who would like to argue about the placement to be mature with their comments. Do not accuse anyone who put a particular pre-movie episode on their lists as doing it for balance reasons. At the end of the day, we're all just expressing our own personal opinions. 

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It's hilarious a pre movie episode actually made the list, and even into the 30s. I like this episode since the patchy parts are hilarious and I don't have any issues with the sb segments either, but I don't care that it made the list either.

To Love a Patty I dropped from my list because honestly, most of the episode is good. It's just those closeups that are awful.

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I stand by that there is no bad pre-movie episode and I don't think The Sponge Who Could Fly deserves to be on the list. It is just okay to me. It has some nice jokes, good songs, amazing Patchy segments but it is also pretty mean-spirited and characters are unlikeable. I get what the ep was trying to do. It is the fact that people use others for their own desires and what you need to do is to not give them what they want which is a good message to teach to kids but I just didn't enjoy it. It is still far away from being bad compared to half of post-movie imo.

To Love a Patty is legit shit af ep. I can't stand it. It is painful, annoying and gross. It made my list for a good reason. Fuck the ep.

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34. "We already won the tournament."


Shuffleboarding – 69 points

6 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #6 @SpongeOddFan) (+3)

Season: 6

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Nate Cash, Derek Iversen

Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick get to be Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for a day.

Terrible pacing in this one. It can't focus on one thing. There aren't any important plot developments in what seems to be the first half of the whole episode, aside from Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy getting injured. The rest is just annoying banter and screaming from SpongeBob and Patrick, usually repeating themselves. As for the second half, well, it's why people hate this episode to begin with. The reasons for jailing the Bottomites range from goofy to forced and awkward up to just ridiculous when they detain Man Ray and Mabel. None of it is funny or interesting and it reminds you that you could be watching a damn good episode with the real Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in it. Combined with the crap ending, this was enough to make my list.

33. "I had a spatula once. A real spatula. One that stood by me through thick and thin, through grease and gristle, and I betrayed his loyalty, like a fool!"


All That Glitters – 72 points

6 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #5 @Steel Sponge@JCM) (+5)

Season: 4

Writers: Zeus Cervas, Erik Wiese, Steven Banks

Plot: SpongeBob breaks his spatula, and must find a replacement.

This was once considered one of the series' very worst, especially as we now see what came after it. But that doesn't mean it still has its share of haters, who helped get it this far this year. This one is just very boring. The scene at the Krusty Krab with SpongeBob and Le Spatula is three straight minutes of dialogue, none of it being funny and half of it just repeating the same things. Speaking of Le Spatula, the thing itself is incredibly pointless—it takes about five minutes to develop the thing only for it to leave in a matter of seconds. They do try to develop an emotional connection with the old spatula, but it's mostly in jest. However, it does cause him to cry a lot for even more of the runtime, which I don't like. Once the spatula randomly comes back to him on a whim, I'm reminded as to why this used to make top 10s regularly. Not something I'd put on a list now, but it is an omen of what was to come for later seasons.

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Glad to see Shuffleboarding made it again. The second half of the episode is so painfully unfunny and annoying. They had the chance to make it about shuffleboarding.....or really anything else. but nope. This was on my list.

All That Glitters is a good and funny episode and Le Spatula is a cool character. "HAVE A NICE LIFE OF MEDIOCRITY"

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Both eps ended up on my list. 

What a shitshow Shuffleboarding was. It was very stupid, annıying and pointless. SpongeBob and Patrick were very unlikeable. What happened to MM & BB was a slap in the face. I hate it.

All That Glitters is just annnoying as fuck. SpongeBob's crying is something i can't handle, especially when it is drawn out this long like this. Naked SpongeBob scenes were unfunny, Le Spatula was an ass for no reasom and how they ended the ep was plain dumb. I couldn't care less about this episode.

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Looking back on my own list, it really is kind of surprising to me how "To Love A Patty" only made it to #19 on my list. It's not so much that I think it's better than it used to be, it's just that we've gotten SO many episode segments since then that have been WORSE, like "Shuffleboarding" that made it to #9 on my list. I know Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway probably NEEDED the money to help pay for all their medical bills and whatnot, but they should've held out for a BETTER written episode! "The Sponge Who Could Fly" MADE this list?! I was kind of figuring that we'd have at least ONE pre-movie episode on this list; but THAT one?! And while I am kind of EMBARRASSED that there was a time where I would be WILLING to put "All That Glitters" on, or near the top of my BEST list of "Spongebob Squarepants" episodes of all time, I can't bring myself to dislike it. Enough said, true believers!

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32. "Whew. For a second there, I thought I was gonna have to pay you workman's compersation."


The Splinter – 72 points

7 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #11 @Wumbo@JCM) (-14)

Season: 6

Writers: Nate Cash, Sean Charmatz, Steven Banks

Plot: SpongeBob gets a nasty splinter at work, which he must get rid of.

This is hated for the terrible, terrible body horror in it, which I do understand, because it's the only reason people remember this episode. The splinter's leaking pus and exaggerated size and vein tells me it's trying way too hard to appear gross, cause otherwise it really wouldn't be that funny. Otherwise, it's a boring, slowly paced episode trying too hard to fill time with things that aren't the splinter. That means Squidward has to talk about worker's comp a bunch and Patrick has to talk about something even worse, which I don't even remember. A big ass, nasty splinter isn't enough to create a good episode, which this episode is not.

31. "We're waiting. We're waiting. We're waiting."


Waiting – 79 points

6 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #4 @Clappy) (+5)

Season: 5

Writers: Nate Cash, Tuck Tucker, Steven Banks

Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick wait for a free cereal box toy to come in the mail.

Well, he's waiting. And that's pretty much all he does. His goal is so strong, he will be a moody little bitch to Sandy and deny Gary food, which is something that snail ran away from home over. The reason? He's waiting. After all the waiting, we get some boring and annoying scream crying that lasts the last few minutes of the episode. I swear, it feels like it lasts three minutes in what's already a seven-minute episode shorter than most. And then Squidward fixes it, and the episode ends. That's it. It's a very pointless waste of time. 

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Neither made my list.

The Splinter is bad but I have grown to be more apathetic towards it. It still has bad shit like Doctor Patrick and the close up of the thumb but aside from those, eh.

Waiting has a few funny moments which makes me not hate it but I get why people dislike it. It is such a annoying episode that makes SpongeBob such an ass.

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The Splinter sucks and it shouldn't have fallen. It's just a bunch of gross stuff with the splinter with a bit of Patrick foot fetish shit in it that goes on way longer than it needed to. It was around the middle of my list.

Waiting is really lame but at least its only a short length episode. Thats the main reason its not on my list.

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"The Splinter" is one of those episode segments that I can't BELIEVE that I forgot existed, because of HOW bad it is! I definitely feel that it should've been in my top 15, minimum! Next time, I'll remember. "Waiting" isn't so much bad, as it's just boring and utterly forgettable...which some people would argue is WORSE than being actively bad! Enough said, true believers!

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30. "Yippee ti yay, yippy ti yo!"


Rodeo Daze – 80 points

6 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #2 @jjsthekid) (-7)

Season: 7

Writers: Luke Brookshier, Nate Cash, Richard Pursel

Plot: SpongeBob and the gang travel to Texas after Sandy attends a rodeo there.

This is just a very stupid episode that goes nowhere throughout what seems like a 22-minute runtime. I could talk about the terrible moments from this episode for a while, like the idea of SpongeBob trying to "save" Sandy and him capturing everyone in a bubble. But this boringness swallows the whole episode, no matter what it ends up doing. It's in the horrible repetition of SpongeBob having to ask each individual friend. It's in the awful, dragging song. It's when everyone finally ends up in Texas after these bad moments, only for you realize there's just a minute left in the episode. While this just missed my list, I'd like to give it some more consideration in the future.

29. "Aww, look at you two so cute together."


A Pal for Gary – 82 points

7 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #2 @JCM) (-22)

Season: 7

Writers: Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Richard Pursel

Plot: SpongeBob gets a mysterious new pet: a nudibranch.

I recall this episode being mostly boring, with some both good and bad moments sprinkled throughout. Puffy Fluffy doesn't nearly have the same impact he did when this episode first premiered eleven years ago, so it's more ridiculous to watch than infuriating. I can't bring myself to hate SpongeBob in this one either—he's idiotic, yes, but his lines about enchiladas and meatballs win me over for some reason. I would never rank this episode, but it'd feel wrong not to have a spot on this list.

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