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SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever! (2021 Edition)


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20. "All meaning has left my life ever since I've been plagued by that blasted whale."


One Coarse Meal – 110 points

6 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @JCM) (-5)

This infamous episode has made a drop as well, although not nearly as much as A Pal for Gary. Some may find it pointless to even still care this one, although the hate started for a reason. Plankton's fear is played completely seriously, and even gets justified. His shaking and crying can get rather disturbing and unfun to watch, especially when it culminates into the dream sequence. Of course, the ending resolves none of this—it's a cheap repeat of the same "joke" they've been telling all throughout. Besides the opening of this episode, which is actually really fun and creative, I think this one can bear to stay on this list.

19. "I don't even know you anymore!"


You Don't Know Sponge – 110 points

8 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #6 @Bob Carotte@WinterArcanine) (+26)

Looks like my dreams have come true with this one: it has risen 26 spots this year, the most drastic change out of any episode on this list. I'm surprised it rose this far, considering it's a very different kind of bad compared to what usually breaks the top 20. Those episodes are usually ugly or annoying or unpleasant, but this one is just plain boring. There is barely any meaningful development throughout this plot because it feels the need to slowly chug along until it can somehow cobble a conflict out of SpongeBob and Patrick repeating what their favorite colors and belly button types are. Several minutes of this passes until that conflict emerges, which by that point practically half the episode has passed, and it is a very unconvincing one. The rest of the episode is total deadweight of SpongeBob almost finding solutions to his problem and then not quite getting there because it isn't really a problem to begin with, until he happens to see Patrick and it kind of resolves itself. Sad! This may be an unusual pick for the top 20 for many, but I think it has some staying power based on how unbearably slow it is.

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One Coarse Meal will always be shit to me. Such a depressing as fuck episode with unlikeable characters and a miserable plot. Nothing about this episode is funny except for wacky bucks and the first few mins were fun but rest makes this episode completely unwatchable. I'm so glad it is on bottom 20.

You Don't Know Sponge is so boring and tedious. Patrick is such a shitty friend to SpongeBob in this episode and it really makes me angry how they make Patrick so idiotic as shit. The entire episode made me annoyed as fuck that Idk what I found good here in the first place. It did not make my list but good lord, it is a complete shitshow.

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One Coarse Meal is a good episode that never deserved the hate it got, like APFG. People overblow the suicide scene so much, the beginning few minutes are quite fun to watch, and the atmosphere is done very well. This may be a bit extreme for Mr Krabs compared to usual since he isn't actually gaining any money, but Mr Krabs has hated Plankton for so many years at this point so it is really as crazy as people say? Also I'm surprised this fell way less than APFG did lmao

You Don't Know Sponge is awful and was only 1 spot away from my bottom 5. This isn't an episode that gets much hate, and I think most of the sbc people will be confused why this episode made it so low, so I'm gonna explain more on this episode: So the episode is already very boring in the first place with a lame premise. It was already just barely in my worst list last year. But here's the things that make this episode worthy of being all the way down at #6: First of all, the fact Patrick knows next to NOTHING about his best friend who he's known for years??? Like, not even his shape or his gender or his favorite food (he really thinks the chum burger is his favorite food???) I know Patrick is dumb but seriously??? He should at least know basic facts about his best friend..... He even says it himself, it's almost like they're not even friends at all! And then naturally Spongebob is very hurt by this since you know, his best friend doesn't even know his gender, and then the episode presents it like he's making way too much of a big deal about it. Like, no, he's right to be really concerned about this, his best friend knows literally nothing about him. He talks to Sandy for help and she says this is a GOOD thing that Patrick barely knows anything about him....because "You don't need to know everything about your best friend! That's what makes the friendship interesting!" Um first of all Sandy, Patrick doesn't know just about anything about Spongebob. How is that a good thing? Second of all, it keeps the friendship interesting??? what??? How does knowing nothing about your friends make your friendship interesting? How can you be best friends with someone you essentially don't know? and why would you WANT the main aspect about your friendship to be that it is "interesting"? The point of a friendship isn't to be interesting, it's to have a friend who cares about you that like being with. Knowing a lot about your friends is NOT a bad thing, it shows you have a close relationship, which Spongebob and Patrick have. So this is just awful advice. And of course Spongebob doesn't like to hear this, so Sandy calls him a crybaby. wtf?

I do like that it doesn't dedicate an entire third of it to loud burping though. That's why it's not in my bottom 5.

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I can't even BELIEVE I forgot about "One Coarse Meal"! If I HAD remembered it, I would've put it on my list INSTEAD of "Whale Of A Birthday". But, at least it's still ON this list! I honestly forgot "You Don't Know Sponge" even existed, it's THAT forgettable! Enough said, true believers!

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Can’t believe we let a top 50 best tier episode (Boating Buddies) enter the bottom 25. We need to do better smh

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18. "My diary! Squidward! How could you?!"



Little Yellow Book – 112 points

8 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @CyanideFishbone) (+2)

This has made a small climb this year, even with a new #1 and the addition of it to my own list. I've finally gotten around to hating this one like I properly should've, because most of it is built on complete BS. The first third is quite boring, but the second seems devoted to making SpongeBob do wacky and random things for its own sake. There's never any secret that's revealing or interesting to SpongeBob as a whole—most of them are just "if I hear/see this, then I will do something funny." These aren't the kinds of secrets people want to write down in their diaries anyway, so what's the point? This is something you would have in your "secret personal diary" which makes up the very bad ending. Once SpongeBob realizes what's happening to him he cries, and then suddenly Squidward is the bad guy despite everyone knowing it was a diary and someone's secrets were being revealed. You could call this realistic, but I call it stupid. The very last third is Squidward being miserable as the whole town shits on him back to back as he shits on SpongeBob once again, and the ending shows that all of it was just a total time sink. It reminds me of Fools in April, except worse. Why didn't I have this episode higher, again?

17. "Why are you still alive?!"


Demolition Doofus – 115 points

9 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #2 @SpongeOddFan) (+14)

I ended up cutting this one from my list in favor of the last episode, but it still managed to make a huge climb. This one is just very miserable to many people, which I understand. At this point, there's been eight whole seasons of Mrs. Puff suffering at SpongeBob's hands. Has it come to the point where she wants to kill him? Well, for many fans, no. It's a pretty dark progression to the loose arc she has. The actual demolition scenes are quite bland for something that's meant to kill SpongeBob, aside from some of Puff's more infamous lines about demolishing him. Overall, it's very unfun and goes nowhere. Puff can't catch a break.

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Little Yellow Book is shit. No one is likeable here, it has awful humor (Patrick wanna eat a diaper? Really?), mean-spirited moments and a shit ending. It made my list this year, I hate it with a burning passion.

Demolution Doofus is fun to me, although I definitely get this is an uncomfortable episode for people. Mrs. Puff having bloodlust doesn't bother me too much here cuz it has some highlights like I'M THE HUFF and WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE but SpongeBob during the hospital was such an insensitive prick to her. Not the mention Demolution Derby scenes were a lot of fun to me. I will never hate the ep but I get why it is on the list.

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Both of these episodes are good lol

Little Yellow Book is really funny, especially the I HAD A BROTHER ONCE quote. And the Bikini Bottomites have always been hypocritical jerks tbh so...

Demolition Doofus is a fun episode but I get why people hate it, considering Mrs Puff literally wants to murder Soongebob. But its still a fun episode.

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16. "Hey everybody, it's trash day!"


Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful – 125 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #2 @OWM) (-4)

This episode is unwatchable to me, if you can even call it an episode. The cop is certainly one of the most annoying and useless characters in series history. He exists both to sluggishly inch the "plot" along and as a lame gag that gets less funny every time you hear the musical cue that comes with him. Keep in mind that this gag is this episode's main source of humor. Cause like I said, this episode is basically just nothing. The rest of the plot is just a collage of weird, disjointed vignettes of Squidward trying to clear up the town only for something weird or torturous to happen to him, which gets increasingly more convoluted as the episode progresses. By the end it's just shit like "putting trash into other people's bins." SpongeBob is there, I guess, but he once again only works to get Squidward into more trouble. He's no better than the cop, I'd say. But the cop, somehow, ends up ticketing him along with Squidward and Squilliam. And then it just... ends. There's no real conclusion. It's like even they realized this episode was going nowhere. I would like even an ending where Squidward gets boiled in acid or something so it'd at least match the episode, but it just... ends. Fun episode, hm?

15. "The Main Drain sounds very, very dangerous. I'm never gonna go near that thing."


The Main Drain – 130 points

8 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #2 @Coffee_lover) (+6)

Oh, this one is lame even from the beginning. We start with an... unrelated drain plug with little to no relation to the Main Drain at all? Great way to introduce the main plot. If you're reading this, then you know the plot twist, so it's even more confusing to know that somehow, after the Drain sucked in all of Bikini Bottom, that it is still there and Mr. Krabs can still tell the story. And of course, the ending sucks. Inbetween all this are like, weird attempts to find the Drain that come out as weird physical gags. They go nowhere. I think they just go on foot? Maybe it's for the better that this one rose.

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I had KBBB on my list. It's a very lame episode since it just goes for the same littering ticket joke every time. And that joke wasn't even funny the first time. It ends up just being a boring and somewhat annoying episode.

Main Drain isn't on my list because I rewatched it a couple months ago and honestly....while the writing is trash here because the plot makes literally no logical sense, the episode is otherwise pretty decently funny and entertaining. This ep might deserve bottom 50 anyway for the writing alone, since I like most of the series, but not bottom 15 IMO.

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KBBB is not on my list mainly because I thought it had some so bad so funny moments like the trash house sequence and Squidward getting garbage after he stole a kid wagon. Also seeing Squilliam get ticket was so good. I definitely get why it's there but I cannot hate it.

The Main Drain deserves bottom 5. Such a soul sucking episode with shitty writing, boring plot and unfunny jokes. The ending was such a slap in the face. The premise could have gone a lot of different ways but it chose to be nonsensical and a snoozefest. I hate it.

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14. "I hate you, old man, you hear me? I hate you!"


The Clash of Triton – 151 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #4 @Less_SpongeBob) (-4)

So this is out of the top 10 now, although make no mistake, this is still a boring and sloppily paced episode. The stretch between SpongeBob trying to fix the lock and him and Patrick trying to free everyone is so boring I'm practically begging for something to happen. Neptune and Triton's relationship is of course, dumb—you can't even see it "both ways" because of how confusing it is, and it gets fixed by an equally dumb reason which is to "terrorize mortals." And then suddenly, Triton forgives all those years of imprisonment and the conflict kind of solves itself, showing just how much of a waste of time this really was. And then SpongeBob gets blamed, I guess? Maybe he had it coming because of his stinky dry throat breath. Looking back, this could be a good contender for my own list.

13. "Gee, isn't my sister something?"


Big Sister Sam – 167 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #5 @RustyRuinsFace@El Jacko) (0)

Sam destroys stuff. And destroys more stuff. And destroys even more stuff. Good episode, hm? I feel like I can almost enjoy this one if I look at it ironically like To Love a Patty, but that attitude doesn't hold for long when it comes to this one. It's just not fun because it's repetitive in a way the other isn't. It's like watching the robot destruction scene from House Sittin' for Sandy for eleven minutes straight, although Big Sister Sam isn't nearly as unwatchable to me. And then Sam just leaves, because what else was she meant to do? It feels like even more of a waste of time.

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Both made my list

The Clash of Triton is so fucking boring. I really wished it was an epic battle between SpongeBob and Triton but what we got is completely shit. Neptune is a lot more unlikeable than usual. Triton literally becomes the thing he did not wanna be. Blood is thicker than water, am i right? Hahaha. Fuck this episode.

Big Sister Sam is a complete snoozefest and a very dumb episode. Sam is such a butch stereotype. She is dumb, angry and cruel cuz she is a strong woman. Love to see a worse version of Patrick here. Speaking of, Patrick was also unlikeable here. Defending her sister's actions until she went even more overboard than usual is a real nice jerkishness. It is a repetitive, boring and annoying episode that I'll always be glad it is on this list.

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Clash of Triton is honestly ok, just wasted potential. It would've been a lot better if Trition still wanted to help other "mortal"s out, it would've been a lot more interesting of a plot. Instead he just kinda becomes his father and it's lame. But there's some things I like and there's some good jokes.

Big Sister Sam made my list though. Sam has to be the worst character of the entire show, she is so awful and has no redeeming qualities, nor is she entertaining. This episode is painfully unfunny and annoying. This one made my bottom 10.

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"Little Yellow Book"; "Demolition Doofus"; "The Clash Of Triton"; and "Big Sister Sam" all made my list this year. "Demolition Doofus" fell a little because I feel that the episode really isn't interesting enough (not even in a bad way) for me to rank it higher. "Big Sister Sam" just managed to make it on, because of how boring and wasted of a character concept Sam was! Let's all be thankful SHE'S not coming back to "The Patrick Star Show" (as far as we know). I don't think I need to explain ANYTHING about why I think "The Clash Of Triton" is bad! "Little Yellow Book"...is kind of complicated for me, because I used to KIND of like it, simply because it lets SQUIDWARD win for a change! Eventually however, I realized that Squidward winning is no excuse for the bad writing in that episode, which is why I ranked it at #5. I haven't an opinion about the other episodes, though. Enough said, true believers!

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Even though I didn't add my list this year, I might as well explain some of my opinions


Cent of Money: While I do indeed find the episode really boring and cruel, I liked how SpongeBob reprimanded Krabs on his actions. It's certainly a well-deserved catharsis moment, so I can't really hate this episode.

The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom: Pretty much a snorefest all the way through. It's nothing really that egregious, but MAN this episode was incredibly dull. 

Battle of Bikini Bottom: Gotta be honest, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Yeah, there was some grossout that really didn't need to be there, but the whole dirty vs. clean conflict was quite hilarious. 

Sun Bleached: I liked the Radical soda gag, but other than that, this episode was tough to look at. Pretty much a generic season 6 episode with some added grossout. Also, the whole idea that "oh, people who use sunscreen are uncool" was on the problematic side for me. 

Restraining SpongeBob: The concept had merit, but the execution was poorly done. The "Can I walk with you?" scene got a chortle out of me, but I can't really find anything else that stands out to me positively. Patrick and Krabs were both really unlikeable and Squidward ended up being mistreated for no valid reason. 

Breath of Fresh Squidward: The first half was quite solid, but it went on a DOWNWARD SPIRAL in the second act. SpongeBob was a jerk for no justifiable reason throughout the climax, but at least I can say that the scenes where Squidward was having fun were all kinda cute. Overall, save SpongeBob's behavior towards the end, it's a middle-of-the-road episode for me. The whole "Freaky Friday" conception could have been done better.

The Fish Bowl: Weird, I used to find this episode decent back in 2016. Nowadays, I can definitely notice some...noteworthy flaws. Patrick's behavior was really problematic and again, it wastes a great premise. Gotta admit, I found Squidward's obsession with ice cream to be really cute, however.

Plankton's Regular: I mean, I can certainly see that they were at least trying to experiment by focusing on a background character, but that ending was just terrible. I would have given it a pass if it didn't follow the idea that "oh, the status quo MUST be followed at all times". 

Hide and Then What Happens: Absolutely nothing, that is the answer. But seriously, it's yet another episode that is devoid of both humor and pacing. Seriously. The plot moves at a snail's pace. Patrick Not-Star was funny, but that's about it. I would say that it's definitely moot.

Atlantis Squarepantis: The SpongeBob segments were really visually pleasing, especially during Sandy's and Plankton's songs. The songs themselves? Ehhhh...... I would say that the bubble song was the best of the bunch by far, but I've definitely heard better. As for the Patchy segments, they were cringeworthy to say at the least. They COULD have been ridiculously funny, but the jokes didn't really work here.

Sponge-Cano!: The premise feels really convoluted, and they took Squidward's spitefulness up to eleven here. I mean, yeah, Squidward is supposed to be a cynical jerk, that's what his character has been like for well over a decade, but there is such a thing called "crossing the line". No thanks.

New Fish in Town: Uh...the premise could have worked if Howard wasn't as bland as unseasoned chicken. Well, the entire episode was really bland. The clapping scenes were quite funny though, so I WILL give it that. 

Yours, Mine, and Mine: Do I really have to say how much I, uh, strongly disliked Patrick's actions in this one? I think that it's pretty obvious that he acted excruciatingly problematic. Next.

A SquarePants Family Vacation: Aw man, they wasted such an awesome premise. They break-a my heart, since this episode gave me such high expectations, and then I got a bland special in return. Nothing interesting really happened until the gift shop scene, and even that was a disappointment, to say at the least. the road song kinda slaps though, time to get pelted with bananas. 

The Sponge Who Could Fly: Not gonna lie, I'm shocked that this received a lower rating than YOURS, MINE, AND MINE of all episodes. I actually enjoyed this episode. Well, at least I can certainly say that the Patchy segments were absolutely hilarious. The SpongeBob segments themselves were on the weak side, but all three of the songs were decent. I'm not a fan of the Bikini Bottomites in this episode at all, however.

To Love a Patty: SpongeBob's obsession with the Krabby Patty is actually more cringy than creepy, but SpongeBob beating up on the clams was no bueno. Also, the rotten patty closeups were well....repugnant to say at the least. Ew. If I wanna see an episode where a character falls in love with food, I'd watch "Burrito" from We Bare Bears. The concept is similar, but "Burrito" was executed well, while "To Love a Patty" was not. 

Shuffleboarding: The title is a pretty obvious bait-and-switch...which would be somewhat forgiving if the episode wasn't moot. Oh dear, this episode was definitely lousy in terms of writing. SpongeBob and Patrick throwing people into jail for inadequate reasons (being too old, chewing gum, having a shoe untied) was just ridonculous. That's like having a boss fire someone just because the boss didn't like the color of someone's shirt. It's pretty dumb, to say at the least. 

All That Glitters: Would you look at that, it's the only episode in season 4 that I truly despise. SpongeBob crying for half the episode was, well, irritating, and the amount of filler in this episode was absolutely ridonculous. Oh, and the spatula was a really insensitive French stereotype. Enough already.

The Splinter: Started out boring yet tolerable, but became unwatchable once "doctor" Patrick intervened. Even without the grossout, this episode would still be a very dull mess. The jokes are nonexistent and the pacing was really pathetic.

Waiting: I'd rather wait in line at my local Best Buy on Black Friday than watch this episode. 

Rodeo Daze: Geez, season 7 had a boatload of boring episodes. This episode tried to fool me into thinking that it was good since the beginning was reminiscent of season 2, but instead I got an utter disaster. The middle was absolutely agonizing to sit through; while it doesn't have anything too repulsive to the eyes (save the rotten patty in SpongeBob's ear), it was incredibly tedious. Nothing of substance really happened that was memorable or funny, so what's the point? The ending left me discombobulated as well; I mean, is it supposed to be a dollar store version of Pressure? That's what it feels like to me. 

A Pal for Gary:  Well, this episode really turned up SpongeBob's obliviousness up to eleven. SpongeBob's failure to listen to the peddler's warning definitely rendered him irredeemable. I understand that SpongeBob is innocent to a fault, but there's a difference between being naive and being an incognizant jerk. The first half was uninteresting, while the second half was a pain to sit through. I don't despise the second half as much as I used to back in 2014/2015, but it's still pretty egregious. Puffy Fluffy's monster design looks pretty cool, however.

Fungus AMONG US:  hey look, the spongesons predicted the covid-19 pandemic.  Ok, I'll be serious. The best word to describe this episode would be uninspired. The "jokes" revolve around SpongeBob and various other characters being covered in the disgusting mold, and the ending was pretty anti-climatic. I did get a chuckle out of the British-accented health inspector, but that's not enough to redeem this episode.

Face Freeze: Dollar store version of Sailor Mouth. I did get some chuckles out of the faces, but the whole episode itself was pretty dull. 

Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?: I liked the Bubble Poppin' Boys, but that's about it, really. New Kelp City wasn't really that special, and of course we got one of the most revolting faces of the show. This episode could have been 11 minutes, but nope, instead we got 22 minutes of padding, mean-spiritedness, and non-existent pacing. 

Trenchbillies: Certainly my least favorite episode from the Legends of Bikini Bottom. It's filled to the brim with unfunny hillbilly stereotypes, unappealing character designs, and an extremely uninteresting plot. Krabs getting hitched to Ma Angler was honestly more cringeworthy than anything else. 


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12. "I didn't steal it, silly, I borrowed it."


Squid's Visit – 170 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #2 @Clappy) (+13)

Once my least favorite episode of all time, this has sunk to a place just outside of the top ranking. I've already said a lot about it before, so I'll make this quick. My thoughts about this still stands—this was never a plot you could comfortably fit into SpongeBob because of how much you have to twist and bend the characters to make it work. It feels similar to Are You Happy Now in that both are dour, mischaracterized episodes that simply aren't right for the show. I guess they felt they had to experiment? And yet it failed anyway. Interesting to see this rise so high on the list though.

11. "To the mini boats!"


The Nitwitting – 174 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @WhoBob) (+19)

This post-sequel episode didn't have the same immediate backlash as another, more well-known episode, but it's made it to the point where it takes the #11 spot, and for good reason. The "Empty Head Society" wears out its welcome incredibly quickly, and their "dumbness" really can't carry an episode. The jar scene is probably the worst and most infamous example of this, which if you've seen this episode, you know how bad it is. The Nitwitting itself entails the Society terrorizing random people and destroying property because they're dumb and don't know any better, except they sing a song acknowledging that they're in full control of their actions. So then it seems to imply they're actually... not.. smart? And using the dumbness shtick as a cover? And yes, the destruction is just the same gag over and over. The episode then takes a sudden halt in the last third to focus on SpongeBob struggling to live without a brain. He does a bunch of faces and scares a woman, I guess, and that's all he seems to do. Patrick is there to give it back and the episode ends, right? No! Sandy of all people appears literally last-minute to explain why the town is back to normal, only for the Nitwitting to happen again even after they established it happens monthly. Great episode, hm?


Here ends our first 40. Tomorrow we'll run through this year's Dishonorable Mentions and then the day after begin our countdown of the final 10 episodes. Stay tuned!

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I normally like creepy and disturbing episodes but Squid's Visit is just annoying and it has bad characterization of SpongeBob. The end I'm mixed on. It is nice for Squidward but bad for Gary. I also like the scene with Squidward and the vacuum cleaner have tea together. Other than that, fuck this episode.

Nitwitting new #1 woohoo. Die episode.

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Squid's Visit is a good episode. It's so dark in an interesting way, it doesn't deserve to be on here at all. 

The Nitwitting should of been on my list but I forgot to put it on oops. Its such an unfunny episode, its just HAHA THEY'RE DUMB, that's the entire humor. Usually with patrick episodes they do it in a way thats funny, but in nitwitting it's really not funny at all. The episode is also very boring too.


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