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SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever! (2021 Edition)


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Dishonorable Mentions this year are capped to a hard #60 place. Here they are:

60. To Save a Squirrel – 32 points


2 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #7 @magic the veemon) (NEW)

59. InSPONGEiac – 32 points


2 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #3 @CyanideFishbone) (-2)

58. Krusty Katering – 32 points


4 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #7 @Steel Sponge) (NEW)

57. The Card – 33 points


4 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #14 @RustyRuinsFace) (-15)

56. The Play's the Thing – 34 points


3 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #5 @Funyarinpa) (-11)

55. Gullible Pants – 34 points


3 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #4 @Steel Sponge) (NEW)

54. SpongeHenge – 35 points


2 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #8 @CyanideFishbone) (NEW)

53. Doodle Dimension – 36 points


2 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @Coffee_lover) (-2)

52. A Day Without Tears – 36 points


3 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #12 @Clappy@JCM) (-10)

51. Cephalopod Lodge – 36 points


4 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #10 @Funyarinpa) (-12)


As you can see, these were competitive spots this year. Tomorrow, we'll move on to #10 and #9 and reach our climactic finale on Sunday.

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Here's my opinions on them


- To Save a Squirrel was meh at best. I don't think it is that bad but it ain't good either.

- inSPONGEiac is okay to me. Dream sequences were fun and Patrick was funny but I agree that Mr. Krabs was so bad here.

- Krusty Katering is so meh to me. It is so hyperactive that it annoys me so much and msot of jokes are lame but it is a harmless episode that I have seen way worse.

- The Card is meh. Ngl tho, i do feel SpongeBob's angst here because I'd like my stuff to be not broken, so seeing Patrick harm it hit close to me. Also stuff like Patrick's meta commentary was funny. Still, it was a boring episode but I don't think it is that bad.

- The Play's the Thing is so fucking dull. I don't hate it but man, it is forgettable with no clever jokes and boring ass plot. 

- Gullible Pants is a dull version of Squid's Day Off. I just don't care for this episode. It is gross, boring and annoying. Not bad though because it had a few funny parts but I don't recall them well.

- Spongehenge is anazing af and It doesn't deserve HM. It's a very bizarre episode, so i get why it's on HM but I personally dug it. It gave me The Twilight Zone vibes, despite never seeing from that show. It was creepy and unsettling in a good way and it was very atmospheric. Even I love the strangest ending of the show ever. I just love this episode.

- Doodle Dimension is not as bad as people make it out to be. Sure it is a shitty pandering to an old episode and frist few minutes were annoying but I kinda enjoyed the ride here. It had its moments and It left me entertaining for a bit. The concept is great here but It could have fleshed out better. Still no way this episode is THAT bad, compared to many gross, boring, annoying and mean-spirited episodes. I just don't get the hate.

- A Day Without Tears is meh. SpongeBob's crying is annoying but it stops after like first two minutes and it turns into a slightly amusing bet between SpongeBob and Squidward. I just love Squidward's attempts to make SpongeBob cry. Granted it is not good but I don't see what's the fuss about.

- Cephalopod Lodge is kind of a guilty pleasure. It is a bad episode but I just like the concept of a secret organization here. SpongeBob and Patrick's attempts to add Squidward into their club was funny and it had even more funny stuff like sock puppet scene. Yeah I get why it's here but I kind of enjoy it.


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To Save a Squirrel is a very good episode, its really funny to see how insane spongebob and patrick have gone and try to eat each other. Dunno why this made HMs

inSPONGEiac is actually a really good episode. Mr Krabs sucks in it but other then that, the dream sequence is really cool and the rest of the episode is funny as well. Also It's hilarious that this has made HMs three lists in a row lmfao.

Krusty Katering is a funny episode and is very fun in general. This doesn't deserve to be here at all, especially over its partner episode Snooze you Lose, which dedicates an entire third of itself to having Spongebob and Patrick burp as loud as possible. 

The Card is pretty funny but not one I particularly care for.

The Play's the Thing I need to rewatch, I have the feeling that's one of those eps I for ed myself to dislike just because others did, since I used to really like it. but I guess if it really is as boring as I said before, it'd deserve to be on here.

Gullible Pants was on my list, though not far in. It's a very boring episode with some flat out bad scenes sprinkled in. Very weird episode. Glad to see it made it onto hms at least.

SpongeHenge is a good episode, very interesting episode atmospherically. The fact Spongebob lives in a cave for years going insane to escape the jellyfish, then makes a bunch of stone spongebobs, then returns to bikini bottom to find it abandoned, the aliens visiting...very bizarre episode, in a good way.

lol Slug originally had doodle dimension one spot higher which would of got it onto the list, but he moved it down one spot and that made it miss. I'm convinced Old Man Patrick himself is making sure to keep the episode off the list at this point. And I don't blame him; this episode is really fun and cool atmospherically, has the best one-off (well, now two-off) character of the series in it, is very funny, has cool action, most of the arguments against it make no sense, and most importantly, it has another god in it itself, Squeaky the Balloon. Amazing character, sbwikia proved this.

A Day Without Tears is very funny and there's not even that much crying in it, it doesn't deserve to be on here. 

Cephalopod Lodge is on my list. Very disappointed to see it miss the list, since its one of the only "squid abuse" episodes that actually suck. Squidward doesn't do anything to deserve what happened to him here, none of what happens to him is funny, and when the episode nearly ends up actually being ok or maybe even pretty good by the ending fixing what happened, they just kick him out of the lodge again...



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"Squid's Visit" IS a bad episode, but not as bad as some other episodes where Squidward suffers for no good reason; that's why it didn't make my list this year. I actually LIKE "Krusty Katering" and "Spongehenge" unironically! I don't really have an opinion about the other episodes, though. Enough said, true believers!

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Top 10 time!

10. "But I'm a musician!"


Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom – 194 points

14 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #3 @dmandagiraffe) (-2)

I remember this particular episode being basically unwatchable after the backstage passes are eaten, and sure enough, I was right. The best part of this episode might actually be the festival scenes, which fail to do anything actually interesting. And then Patrick shows up to completely derail the episode, and the snobby octopuses who were established as snobby for all that time are now suddenly cheerful, fun-loving people who crowdsurf Patrick. The scenes with the aisle manager and bodybuilder further exist to shit on the protagonist, exactly like Patrick (him not appearing for the rest of the episode really makes things worse, by the way) And then everything slows down around the ending, something something SpongeBob plays ukulele despite everyone hating it earlier. Did I mention how bad this one is?

9. "He's so handsome!"


Are You Happy Now? – 200 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @jjsthekid@RustyRuinsFace) (+10)

This is a little similar to Squid's Visit in that a plot like this simply isn't built for SpongeBob, leading to perhaps the worst execution possible. I can see why Squidward would lead a miserable life, but he was always able to create his own joy—why did this need to exist? Unless maybe you wanted to see Squidward moping and sighing for what is basically the whole episode. SpongeBob's awkward, tone-clashing jokes don't better things. The ending, while terrible, does sort of sum up the episode—it doesn't really get Squidward at all.

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Smoothe Jazz is so fucking awful. A borefest, a mean-spirited mess, forced Patrick appearance and nothing funny about it. Music was cool tho.

Are You Happy Now is a miserable af episode. I used to like it for finding it interesting and I still find it a bit interesting but this type of episode treats depression and suicide as a joke and it is just offensive. Squidward not having his happiest memory is a big old wtf. It completely ruins his characterization. One thing I appreciate is that SpongeBob did try to cheer him up but that ending was bad. Yeah it's on my list. Fuck it.

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Smoothe Jazz really isn't that bad of an episode honestly, only the parts with Patrick suck. Patrick was so annoying and unfunny in this, and it makes no sense that the crowd likes Patrick when their previous personalities clearly suggest they'd be annoyed by him. And then get annoyed when Squidward is rightfully pissed. However the rest of the episode is actually perfectly fine and some moments are even funny, and the atmosphere is very good. This might be deserving of bottom 50, but not bottom 10 imo.

Are You Happy Now I honestly like, I think there's a bunch of funny moments here and the depressing atmosphere is done very well. Honestly I like the suicide jokes in this, they're hilarious. However the ending is trash, it makes literally no sense for Squidward to say he doesn't want a happiest memory when he was depressed for weeks over it. Like I don't even understand what is supposed to be happening at that part. And why is Spongebob's reaction to Squidward destroying a bunch of paper versions of him in complete insanity just "He's so handsome"?


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8. "Oh, try again."


Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy – 210 points

15 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #6 @4EverGreen@Coffee_lover@RD Rockruff@El Jacko) (+3)

This episode continues to baffle many fans to this day. It's crude, terrifying, not very funny, and arguably has one of the worst and strangest plots of any episode in the show. Every scene feels anywhere from mildly to extremely uncomfortable, especially considering that none of it happens anywhere else: Sandy just unzipping her pelt like a bodysuit, Plankton puppeting it around Bikini Bottom (without the air suit. Does no one notice the difference?), Sandy marching around town without also putting it on for some reason. None of these have any effect on the plot, of course. Comparisons to furry fanart or DeviantArt fetishism are still common, and it's easy to see why.

7. "Can I come? Can I come? Can I come? Can I come? Can I come? Can I come? Can I come? Can I come? Can I come?"


Choir Boys – 211 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #2 @RD Rockruff@dmandagiraffe) (-3)

There once was a time where Season 6 was considered the worst of all SpongeBob seasons, and this was its poster-child: the show's worst episode. Its badness has stood the test of time and been brought up so much it feels pointless to summarize. The pacing is legendarily bad—filler stretches for minutes at a time, devoting precious seconds to such important scenes as Squidward getting ready in the morning, clearing his throat, and repeating himself to SpongeBob again. It is also very ugly even for Season 6, similar to another episode that will remain unmentioned for now. Choir Boys almost details an abusive relationship between SpongeBob and Squidward, and for that it receives well-deserved hate.

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Something's in The Kitchen With Sandy is an episode that I totally get why it's on,the list but I cannot hate it. It's just Plankton's fake southern accent and stuff like OOH TRY AGAIN are just too good to me. Regardless tho, it is a very stupid episode. Filled with nonsensical plot points and a very cruel ending.

Choir Boys is shit. I hate it. Incredibly annoying, ugly and plain miserable. I hate SpongeBob here. He is such an asshole to Squidward. Gags here are cringeworthy. I can't stand it. It made my list.

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SITKWS was on my list. The writing is absolutely horrible here, there are so many plot holes. Why didn't Sandy take the suit with her??? Only the tail and part of her face would noticeably be furless, eliminating the entire issue. Why does it matter that sandy is naked but not that the fish themselves are naked? Why does no one realize that obviously this weird dead body looking fursuit with no suit on isn't actually sandy? Literally nothing here makes any sense. There's some funny moments, but the writing is so awful here that it had to make my list anyway.


I need to rewatch Choir Boys who knows what I'd think. It might actually be funny lol

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"Are You Happy Now" only made my list at #23, mostly because relatively speaking, I don't consider it as bad as the other episodes on my list. I'm glad that "Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy" ranked so high this year; everything ABOUT that episode rubs me the wrong way! I really don't have an opinion about the other episodes, though. Enough said, true believers!

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6. "Well, it's like they always say back in the old country, lad."


Pet or Pests – 229 points

15 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @Bob Carotte) (0)

Pet or Pests has kept in place this year, and for good reason. It's ugly. The colors and the storyboards are among the show's most reviled, especially on SpongeBob and the worms he nurtures. This is actually one of the better screencaps I could find, and it's from one of the most infamous scenes in the episode. It's slow. It feels like half the episode is dedicated to the Gary-Wormsley rivalry, which of course doesn't go anywhere. The rest of the episode is a bunch of bizarre scenes that also lead nowhere: a ringing doorbell, a dismantled truck, and a bunch of squirting vomit. All while SpongeBob struggles to lend the worms to a crowd of half-remembered characters who all say the same things. It is Chocolate with Nuts, but bad. Oh yeah, and there's something about the old country in there?

5. "It's been 10 years since I started the SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Club, and he's here in person! I'm finally gonna meet me idol!"


Truth or Square – 244 points

12 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @hippythehippo@The Helpful Mexican@RD Rockruff@Less_SpongeBob) (+4)

It's confusing, disjointed, not particularly well-written, and has some of the best visuals in the whole show. The live-action sequences reach "so bad it's good" territory only episodes like To Love a Patty have been able to reach in my eyes (shoutout to Patchy flipping through a Rolodex and cornering Robin Williams in an uncomfortably long sequence) The SpongeBob scenes are crisp and beautifully animated, but they're basically just a horrifying fake clip show that tries to familiarize you with SpongeBob by showing you brand new sequences that don't relate to anything at all. It's structured more like a parade of Family Guy cutaway gags rather than a real episode. Everything seems to have this strange bitter cynical tone like The Sponge Who Could Fly, almost like they resent working on the show. (I wonder who could've made those contributions?) I would never put this on my list, and it does have some brave, brave defenders, but The SpongeBob Holiday Special will always have a strange, strange place in series history.

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Pet or Pests was far on my list, second blandest and second most boring episode of the show after face freeze, and also one of the grossest and worst animated of the entire show too. Funny that it got the exact same spot on the list as it was on mine.

Truth or Square is the best episode of the entire series but whatever we'll get it on the best list so idc what it gets here, its not bottom 1 or ahead of squid baby at least.

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1 hour ago, Atlantis SquarePantis is Amazing said:

Darn, it's June 11. I only hate 3 episodes anyway.

Spongehenge was in the honorable mentions, yet Atlantis Squarepantis is number 41? I love AS and hate Spongehenge.

nice, someone else likes atlantis a lot

Out of curiosity, whats the 3 episodes you hate?

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I'll post some more of my thoughts.



Slide Whistle Stooges: I actually enjoyed this episode, not gonna lie. The sound of the slide whistles didn’t really bother me all that much, and the visual gags were entertaining, to say at the least. Squidward joining in SpongeBob and Patrick’s antics added to the entertainment value, but the ending left a lot to be desired. 

House Sittin’ For Sandy: One of the most tiresome episodes of the show. Nothing of substance happened until around the 8-minute mark; instead, we have loads of padding just to fill up 11 minutes. It’s a shame, since the idea of SpongeBob doing some house sitting showed at least some promise, but the execution was absolutely terrible and lifeless. 

Boating Buddies: SpongeBob’s characterization in this one can speak for itself. He came across as really….uncanny, and I don’t like it. Squidward being tormented for literally no reason was also no bueno, especially towards the end. With that being said, this episode actually had a couple redeeming qualities. I like the “chocolate rain” reference, the tape recorder scene and the chalkboard scene were both pretty funny, and the shrink ray scene was interesting. Despite a few funny scenes, it was a bad episode that showed SpongeBob at his creepiest. 

Summer Job: And I thought that Boating Buddies was bad….Summer Job is literally Boating Buddies but worse. On top of being excruciatingly boring, SpongeBob was even more annoying and uncanny. The “twist” ending, if I can call it that, was a slap in the face. Moreover, this episode ruined one of my favorite shippings of the show (Kruff). While this episode didn’t have any grossout jokes, it was just so lifeless and agonizing that it’s bottom 5 worthy. Sheer lack of quality, man.

One Coarse Meal: Oh boy, this episode. It started out...fair, I suppose? For season 7 standards? Yeah. My biggest complaint with this episode was that it was so lifeless. Plankton’s dream sequence was pretty depressing, and Mr. Krabs was just...detestable. It wasn't the worst episode of the show, but again, it suffered from a lack of quality. 

You Don’t Know Sponge: You don’t know how vacuous this episode was. Sorry, I had to. Patrick not knowing that SpongeBob was male or even the shape of him was just absolutely ridonculous. Yes, Patrick is supposed to the ditz, but this episode took it way too far. Most of the episode consisted of SpongeBob and Patrick taking a boring quiz anyway, so what’s the point? 

Little Yellow Book: The beginning was okay, but yeah, it’s still a bland episode that showed Squidward at one of his worst appearances yet. He was punished by the end, but overall, it was just a poor man’s version of Fools in April. Not impressed with this one. Not impressed. 

Demolition Doofus: It’s safe to say that both SpongeBob and Puff were irritating in this one. The demolition derby was somewhat entertaining, but at the same time, it’s kinda uncomfortable to watch. Well, the whole episode was unsettling, to say at the least. Yeah, Puff has dealt with SpongeBob’s antics for a very long time, but this episode took her rage breaking point too far.

Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful: They might as well call it “Keep Bikini Bottom Trashy”. Sorry. This episode repeated the same joke 8 times within 11 minutes. I enjoyed the beginning with Squidward's little walk cycle, but everything went downhill from there. Also, the scenes with the trash house were quite revolting. It’s not really horrendous, this episode was still bland, humorless, and all around just pointless. 

The Main Drain: What is with season 7 being so bland? The plot was really nonsensical, it’s full of padding, and the comedy was lacking. It’s safe to say that this episode really went down the drain. 

The Clash of Triton: This special is a total scam. Both Neptune and Triton were huge jerks; who was I supposed to root for? Overall, the whole special felt like a really tedious soap opera instead of an “epic battle”. Also, the scene with SpongeBob’s bad breath was really repulsive, just like most grossout jokes from season 6. Indubitably terrible.

Big Sister Sam: No joke, I actually find this episode to be the black sheep of season 7. Almost everything about this episode aggravated me. Sam was essentially like jerk Patrick, except worse. Way worse. She was essentially just an annoying brute that only existed to be a living liability towards the citizens of Conch Street. Definitely reeked of absolutely terrible and problematic stereotypes. Patrick was also really irksome in this one as well; it seems like he didn't care about SpongeBob at all. 

Squid’s Visit: Uh... I will give it credit for at least trying to do something out of the box, but the execution, yet again, sucked. SpongeBob came across as uncanny and annoying, and for the most part, the episode wasn’t funny. I liked with scene with Squidward and the vacuum, but overall, the episode just felt so unsettling. 

The Nitwitting: I’ve only seen this episode once, and it’s best to say that it’s probably the only season 12 episode that I truly dislike. It’s pretty unfunny, the plot felt so confusing, and the destruction gag was so repetitive and redundant. Where’s the substance? Entertainment value? Anything? It’s so empty-headed.

Dishonorable mentions:


To Save a Squirrel: SpongeBob and Patrick going insane was pretty funny, but other than that, it’s a sleep-inducing episode that has no reason to exist. Really forgettable and it felt rushed.

InSPONGEiac: Pretty much a generic season 8 episode that exists to me. It was relatable, but not very memorable. 

Krusty Katering: I found this one to be decently hilarious, but I see why some people found this episode to be too hyper and annoying.

The Card: Patrick’s flaws were pretty obvious, but I can’t really hate this episode. The beginning was hilarious, and I did get a kick out of Patrick saying “SpongeBob, you can’t expect my usual brand of stupidity”.

The Play’s the Thing: Again, we had a premise that sounded interesting on paper, but the execution was sooo dull. It could easily put someone to sleep. 

Gullible Pants: Weird knock-off version of Squid’s Day Off that had little entertainment value or anything memorable. It stood out…for being really boring.

SpongeHenge: It’s intriguing, I guess? The ending was flat-out disturbing, but most of the episode wasn’t too shabby. At least it was something unusual, so I’ll give it a pass for experimentation. 

Doodle Dimension: Despite some rather polarizing opinions, I found DD to be a really solid episode. It was quite hilarious, the callbacks were pretty cool, and I enjoyed the amount of creativity that this episode had, especially with such a minimalist dimension design. It wasn't as awesome as Frankendoodle, but I would say that it was definitely worth a watch.

A Day Without Tears: Annoying beginning, inoffensive but boring second half. Gotta admit, I loved some scenes like “You have cried 43 times”, the aesthetically pleasing sunset, and SpongeBob hugging Squidward towards the end. Honestly, the episode itself was pretty relatable since I am really sensitive, but it could have been done better. 

Cephalopod Lodge: Probably my top guilty pleasure episode. It was so stupid and the other cephalopods tortured Squidward for no logical reason, but it was actually really funny. I loved the albino eel, the initiation, and I would totally join “The Feather Friends”. I simultaneously hated and loved this episode. 



Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom: This episode could easily put someone to sleep. Other than that, it was a really spiteful episode that’s completely devoid of jokes or anything of substance. Patrick was thrown in without any good reason, and this episode could have been 4 minutes long if it wasn’t for all of that filler.

Are You Happy Now: I actually, uh…...like this episode? *runs away.* SpongeBob was actually pretty likeable and the dark humor (including the birdcage joke) was actually pretty intriguing. The depressing atmosphere was executed fairly well, and it was a relatable episode to me. I could see why a lot of people have a problem with this episode, however. It’s not an episode for everyone.

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Sandy: ...And we’re back with confusing plots and blatant double standards. The scenes with Sandy’s pelt rubbed me the wrong way, and overall it reminded me of Imitation Krabs but without any entertainment value. 

Choir Boys: Garbage episode. I wanted to mount SpongeBob’s rear end over my fireplace after watching this episode. He came across as really creepy and malicious, and Squidward did absolutely nothing to deserve SpongeBob’s torture. The throat clearing gag was absolutely agonizing, SpongeBob yelling “Can I come?” was really grating, the pacing was awful, and the substance was not there.

Pet or Pests: To say that I loathed this episode would be a massive understatement. Pet or Pests was a combination of everything bad that could happen in a SpongeBob episode. The visuals were revolting, the “jokes” were obnoxious (especially the doorbell gag, ugh), the episode moved at a snail’s pace, and the plot was really inconsistent. It was my least favorite episode back in 2016, and it’s still my least favorite episode as of 2021. 


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7 hours ago, WinterArcanine said:

nice, someone else likes atlantis a lot

Out of curiosity, whats the 3 episodes you hate?

I forgot I hated The Fish Bowl, the episodes I did remember I hated are New Fish in Town, House Worming, and Spongehenge.

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4. "Thank you, daddy!"


Ink Lemonade – 274 points

17 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @magic the veemon@OWM) (-1)

This episode's release was like no other one before. How bad can an episode be to break the top 10 just days after its premiere? Well, as bad as Ink Lemonade is. My new least favorite feels like the culmination of every misstep and wrong turn fans think the show took throughout its extended lifespan. Do you want bad writing? Here's a bunch of muddled and confused twists and turns showcasing a weirdly sadistic and uncaring Patrick. Do you want boring and aimless scenes that exist to fill time? All our characters now repeat themselves when doing any action ever. Do you want unappealing designs? I don't think I need to say much about this. I'd be surprised if another episode manages to reach the lows this did, even if something like The Nitwitting came close. 

3. "Oh, look at me! I'm a baby!"


Squid Baby – 287 points

16 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @WinterArcanine@El Jacko) (-1)

Rock-a-Bye Bivalve's tortured son takes the number three spot on this list. All I can do with this episode is negatively compare it to that much better episode that may or may not be making a certain other list of ours. Of course both episodes have their limitations because babies just don't do much, but Squid Baby finds a way to make it... unique. Squidward drools, chews and people, and does his best to make this a terrible experience for all. It would be fun to see SpongeBob and Patrick become tired, aching parents if there weren't another episode that already did it better and in much greater depth. After much of the same at the Krusty Krab, he shits. I'd say the episode gets worse after this mark, but not really? SpongeBob looking for a place to change Squidward (I did not want to type that out) is really just much of the same except in a much worse context. And then blah blah blah he goes back to normal even though hitting his head again should make it permanent. And Squidward is stuck in a shitty diaper! Hooray! Maybe it's good that this list is almost over.


That's right, our last two episodes will be posted tomorrow. You should have an idea of what those two are by this point, but the suspense continues anyway. Stay tuned!

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