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SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever! (2021 Edition)


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Rodeo Daze is so lame. It's not on my list cuz terrorist plankton part was so funny and rodeo song was fine to me but it drags like hell. It sucks no one gives a shit about Sandy especially after Texas episode and the entire climax of them end up in Texas was handled so badly with shitty live action moments. Skip it.

Lmfao how the mighty has fallen. I still hate APFG enough to put it on my list cuz the entire episode is so mean-spirited but I don't hate the ep as much as i used to anymore and the first half was just whatever. So yeah. Fuck this episode hard tho.

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I don't care enough anymore since the scene is that bad, but the part of me who's a contrarian and didn't like it always showing up in the bottom 5 every time finds APFG's drop a bit funny lol

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Honestly I like Rodeo Daze. Not a fan of the song, and the pacing could of been better, but I like the parts from when Spongebob puts everyone in bubbles and after (as short as that is) and theres some other funny moments earlier on too, like the plankton scene. Doesn't deserve bottom 50 IMO so I'm glad it dropped

A Pal for Gary LMFAO

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"Rodeo Daze" made my list; although for some reason, I thought the episode was called "Rodeo Clowns", mostly because I remembered the fact that Spongebob was afraid of clowns in that episode. A potentially interesting idea, that was totally WASTED by all the time Spongebob WASTED in trying to ask his friends for help, BEFORE deciding to TAKE them with him ANYWAYS, even AFTER they refused! It reached all the way to #9 on my list! And while I actually did forget about "A Pal For Gary"; I have to admit that it no longer seems as bad to me as it used to; but only because there have been so many MORE episodes since than that have been WORSE than that one! Enough said, true believers!

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28. "What is this stuff, anyway? It doesn't seem to be coming off!"


Fungus Among Us – 88 points

6 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @Clappy) (-4)

Does SpongeBob being covered in itchy sea fungus excite you? Then watch this, because there's nothing else to this episode. This old hated favorite has fallen slightly, but I know it's here to stay. There's not much in the way of humor or even plot other than that the "Ick" is gooey and disgusting and seemingly indestructible, aside from the pirate wrestling scene. This made my list last year, but I chose to boot it this year in favor of episodes I hated a lot more. But that doesn't mean this episode isn't horrible and a waste of time, because it is. 

27. "Let's agree never to make faces again."


Face Freeze! – 91 points

8 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #3 @WinterArcanine) (+13)

Here's a clumsy retelling of Sailor Mouth without nearly as much charm or humor. The faces look clearly fun to draw, although they get old after a while and basically have to tell the story for the audience. When you see the seventh or eighth face in rapid succession, you forget the one you just saw. So what's the point? I don't particularly hate this episode otherwise, but I understand why it's risen this year.

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Fungus made my list. It was such a gross and unpleasant  episode to sit through. The concept was fine but how it was executed was badly for me. The fact that this is the ep out of all Pursep episodes that was picked to make Pursel a star in this show was so weird. There are better Pursel episodes than this and there are much better s5 episodes than this.

Face Freeze aged worse over the time. At first, i was meh on it, now i think it is a lifeless as fuck episode. It wasn't the fact that the faces were ugly that made me dislike this. It was that they kept the same face that it got so boring over time. It was just a slog of an episode. Mr. Krabs' face gets me everytime tho.

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Fungus Among Us successfully predicted 2020 and does not deserve to be on this list for that reason. Between the name, Spongebob spreading the fungus to the rest of the krusty krab, Squidward ejecting one of his krusty krewmates out of the krusty krab, Spongebob being quarentined, Spongebob blatantly breaking those quarantine rules.....this episode predicted 2020 so much that it is clear it is not just a regular episode. It knows the future. Clearly it is some sort of godly creation. Think this isn't enough proof? This episode got Richard Pursel his job on the show. Clearly Nickelodeon knew he created something beyond a normal episode. Clearly they knew this was a godly creation. Inside this episode must be the solution to all of the world's issues, but we won't figure it out by disrespecting the episode by putting it onto worst lists (especially #1, really? you hate it because it told the truth? shame on you), this will only anger it and create more pandemics for us to deal with. We must put this onto our best lists like it deserves.


ok but seriously idgaf about this episode. Don't mind seeing it on here at all, although I think there's worse episodes

Face Freeze is awful and I'm glad it's went up in this list. There's literally zero substance to this episode, its just a bunch of gross and unfunny faces with little plot. Extremely boring when it isn't gross, and has nothing to like except one single line "You need help!". Not to mention the completely nonsensical ending, I know its a cartoon but this is completely ridiculous. They get the face freeze because they had a face for 1 second???  

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While "Fungus Among Us" would certainly at least make it into my selection of "Dishonorable Mentions" (if I had been given the option to make them), I feel that the episode is worse for being gross, than being outright bad; but I still wouldn't go out of my way to watch it. Meanwhile, "Face Freeze" is just...BAD! It made my list at #24. I think the only reason it's so low on my list, is because I felt that 23 episodes of the show, happen to be WORSE than that one! Enough said, true believers!

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26. "Looks like I'm back in Bikini Bottom forever."


What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? – 94 points

9 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #5 @OWM) (+1)

Extremely unpleasant episode that I hate more with every viewing. I don't want to see SpongeBob get pushed around for simply acting like he did in past seasons. I don't want to see a long, overwrought sobbing session followed by him leaving forever. Wasn't SpongeBob one to see the good in everyone? The note he leaves behind feels like he's manipulating his friends rather than being sincere. The location of New Kelp City isn't interesting for him to get lost in—it's indistinguishable from Bikini Bottom aside from the "Bubble Poppin' Boys." Speaking of them, they last about a minute until vanishing, which is both terrible for the story and terrific for my senses. There's a mediocre chase scene and SpongeBob becomes and mayor and he's supposed to learn something and yadda yadda yadda it's 6:30 AM I don't want to write this out. Screw this episode.

25. "I think I shattered my abacus."


Trenchbillies – 96 points

7 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #3 @Wumbo) (-11)

The trenchbilly characters are of course disgusting, although to say that would echo the words of a thousand other people who have seen this episode. No one wants to see them subject SpongeBob and Patrick to these meaningless challenges which they only seem to survive based on dumb luck or other stupid shit. In fact, no one wants to see them at all. Oh yeah, and Krabs gets married off to the head one for some reason. Why? I forget already.


Here marks the halfway point of our list. By now you've seen some of what this list has to offer. What will come next? Find out.

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Whatever Happened to SpongeBob is just shit. Aside from Bubble Poppin Boys, it is completely mean-spirited, cynical and completely unpleasant. I hate the characters here, especially Squidward. It completely misunderstood his characterization in pre-movie. Seriously, fuck this episode.

Trenchbillies didn't make it to my list but it is still pretty bad. Unfunny redneck stereotypes, boring as fuck plot, nothing funny or interesting happenning and it is just such a slap in the face.

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I like Whobob tbh. Location is interesting and Squidward's always a jerk to Spongebob, it's not really any different here. Though Patrick's reason for calling Spongebob "idiot boy" was stupid. Fuck off Patrick he ran into you by accident.

Trenchbillies is awful and I recently made a new version of my bottom 25 that would of given this 8 extra points. It's so unfunny and gross. The trenchbilly characters are awful.

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Since it's the halfway point, here are my thoughts:



50 - The Cent of Money: This was an early consideration for my list, but couldn't fit it on as I disliked more than it. Surprised to see it drop this much, but there's worse Gary and Krabs episodes for people, so I understand it falling by the wayside in favor of those. Still a bad episode though.

49 - The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom: A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. One of the dullest Legends episodes of them all, which is saying a lot when Main Drain exists.

48 - The Battle of Bikini Bottom: As a kid, I used to really be grossed out by this episode and never wanted to rewatch it. Today, I'm not bugged by the grossout, but I do think the episode is just really not funny at all. Maybe in other contexts this could've worked.

47 - Sun Bleached: The RADICAL SODA cutaway gag I find somewhat amusing, but otherwise, the rest of the episode is just a mediocre "it exists" to me.

46 - Restraining SpongeBob: I don't strongly dislike it enough to put it on my list, but yeah, this episode wastes a fantastic premise. 

45 - Breath of Fresh Squidward: An interesting choice to make it back on this year. I find this episode okay/eh at best. It definitely could've used the premise a little better, but nothing about this in particular bugs me. 

44 - The Fish Bowl: I dropped this off my list this year, so I was honestly a little surprised to see it still make it on. I don't personally see it as bottom 50 worthy anymore. I still think this episode could've utilized its premise a lot better than what we got here, but there's worse.

43 - Plankton's Regular: I can't personally hate this episode since on some level, I at least respect it for trying to experiment. Before post sequel, this was the most focus we ever got on a background character in a single episode, so I do appreciate the attempt, even if it could've been done better. The episode definitely did not execute its premise to its fullest potential, but there's worse instances on my list. I do get why this episode still isn't for everyone though.

42 - Hide and Then What Happens?: The only saving grace is the chad Patrick Not Star, which was enough to keep it off my list. Rest of it is zzz. Good to see it rise onto the list proper.

41 - Atlantis SquarePantis: I can't personally dislike it, but it does have a ton of issues. I've talked about this episode many many times over the years, and no matter how many arguments I hear, I'll never put it on my personal worst list. I give it credit for its ambition at least, even if it may not have stuck the landing. I think buried in here, there's potential for this to be a lot more liked if you cleaned it up a bit. I still think "Bowie didn't sing!" is a moot criticism though, sorry guys. Yes, it's a bummer it didn't happen, but it has no bearing on the episode's quality as is. Plus, given all the budget issues this episode had, it's understandable if they legit couldn't fit one in for him. 

40 - Sponge-Cano!: Disappointed at the drop, but glad it's still on here. I moved this one a lot higher on my list because man is this one is an absolute mess. It genuinely feels like they mixed four different episode premises together here, it has no idea what episode it wants to be. The Squidward "lmao gotcha!" to SpongeBob is one of my all time least favorite moments in the show and solidifies this episode's confusion in what it wants to achieve.

39 - New Fish in Town: This made my list at #19. Now this is how you absolutely waste a good premise. A fourth neighbor is a premise I kind of wanted for years, but unfortunately, this episode does nothing interesting with it. 

38 - Yours, Mine, and Mine: I honestly completely forgot this episode existed until seeing it here. :funny: 

37 - A SquarePants Family Vacation: I hold no ill will towards this episode despite the hate it's received in recent years. I have too much of a nostalgia bias associated with it, but I can see why people would find it boring and draggy. If I rewatched it today with a clean mind, I'd probably have a lot more problems with it. Although I will always still unironically like the road song, sue me.

36 - The Sponge Who Could Fly: Shocked it actually made it on, but I'm not mad either. It would never make my personal bottom list, but I see why people would dislike it enough, and it is one of the weakest pre-movie has to offer. It's telling when the Patchy segments are the best part of it. As a potential finale to the show at one point, it's a weird one on all accounts.

35 - To Love a Patty: I kind of give them credit for going all out with such a bizarre premise. When you hear "yeah so spongebob gets it on with a sandwich", well, I suppse it'll have your attention. I don't know if I'd personally call it a "guilty pleasure" though. Some of the closeup shots on Patty probably didn't need to exist. Otherwise, I'm whatever on it.

34 - Shuffleboarding: Doesn't make my list anymore, but still a dumb episode. I could've forgiven the plot switch more if they switched to something actually entertaining. 

33 - All That Glitters: This was on my list years back, but I dislike a lot more over it nowadays, so I can't bring myself to put it on anymore. It's definitely one of S4's weakest outputs for sure though. I guess you could get some guilty pleasure value out of this depending on your tastes.

32 - The Splinter: This is one of my guilty pleasures in the show. I can never hate it nor found it gross to watch, but I do understand people finding it boring. It's a stupid episode, but much like TLAP, I kind of respect them for going all out with the premise. Although the Dr. Patrick sequence is still pretty bad. 

31 - Waiting: If it was eleven minutes, I'd dislike it a lot more. But I understand seven minutes being seven minutes too much for people.

30 - Rodeo Daze: This gets so much worse with every passing year for me. Disappointed to see it drop a little but 30 is still a good enough spot. This episode had so much potential with this premise, but as said before, Season 7 is where good ideas go to die. A rushed mess with lots of padding (what a good use of time with that staring contest), cheap jokes and irritable character moments, all culminating into a lame non-ending. I wouldn't mind the post sequel crew trying this idea again since I feel they'd execute it better than what we got here.

29 - A Pal for Gary: Wow. The mighty have truly fallen. The biggest surprise on this list for sure so far. It also did not make my list this year. I rewatched it earlier this year and I felt nothing from it, I've definitely hit my burnout with discourse on this one. The first half is at least passable, and the action sequence is at least interesting, which is more than I can say for boring episodes. The second half is still pretty annoying and the "you put Puffy down!" line speaks for itself, but I can at least not dislike it the entire way through, which is enough to keep it off my list now. 

28 - Fungus Among Us: Almost made my list again, you could consider this my unofficial #26. Again, I'm not one bugged by grossout episodes anymore. My issue is there's nothing of substance here, it's a stupid and boring episode. 

27 - Face Freeze!: I'm apathetic towards this one. I don't personally dislike it, but I don't really care one way or another if it's on the list by now.

26 - Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?: This was once my #1, now it's fallen to my #9 on my list. As a kid, this was the first episode I genuinely remember disliking and feeling let down by. A poor setup, weird pacing, and out of character moments all around makes this one of the worst specials for me.

25 - Trenchbillies: This is #11 on my list this year, still a very unfunny episode after a decade. I know some people can get ironic value out of this, but it's too boring and juvenile for my liking to pull that off.


This has been quite the fascinating list thus far. Compared to 2019's, I honestly haven't had a clue which way it'll go, and I'm curious to see what the bottom half looks like.

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I'm completely indifferent to "Whatever Happened To Spongebob?" To me, it's an episode that exists, but it's not really bad; just mediocre. Squidward: "Mediocre?" I almost considered putting "Trenchbillies" on my list, but I found "Sponge-cano" to be a worse candidate, and put it on my list over "Trenchbillies". Seeing as how "A Pal For Gary" fell so far, there's no telling what the rest of the list will hold. Enough said for now, true believers!

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24. "Come, play some more, maestro. Me and Patrick want to sing to your saweeet tunes."


Slide Whistle Stooges – 96 points

10 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #1 @Wumbo) (-8)

I've talked about this episode before, and yeah it is pretty bad. The picture I chose isn't just a summary of the episode—it's practically the whole thing. No jokes, no important developments—just slide whistles. And they make loud, high-pitched noises all throughout. Does that sound like an enjoyable episode to you? And oh yeah, you get to see Squidward get into the shenanigans too. While it could have been fun considering how he's always had a secret passion for mischief, it is just... not fun. Makes me wish I was watching Squidville instead, a much better version of that sequence. So yeah, this sucks.

23. "You're not a failure, SpongeBob. You're a scientist!"


House Sittin' for Sandy – 97 points

8 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #7 @OWM) (+12)

There's something about this episode that I find particularly horrible, and has led me to raise this episode so high this year: it is a two-minute short padded to disguise itself as a real episode. That picture right there is part of a sequence which plays twice in this episode. We also have:

- SpongeBob spending most of the episode patrolling the treedome, meandering around with a checklist looking at things. Isn't this exciting to you? He does exactly what Sandy tells him to do!

- Patrick then steps in, and it's another few minutes of him trying to ruin things by repeating the same phrases over and over. Does this sound fun yet? Don't you like this?

- Of course the two find ways to destroy things, and Sandy steps in to deliver a terrible, terrible ending to cap everything off nicely. SpongeBob and Patrick are efficient enough to destroy her treedome and yet she never considered that they might destroy her very important machine imperative to her whole experiment. And her test subject was of course her very important belongings important and necessary to her research rather than anything else

This episode concept was basically dead from the start. They of course found ways to pad and stretch as much as they could, but it wasn't enough to save it.

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Disappointed that Slide Whistle Stooges fell, I had it at around #8 or something. Very annoying episode and there's so much other really weird stuff in this like the whole "assault your own baby" thing.

House Sittin For Sandy wasn't far from my list because its so boring and lazy, but I like the ending so it missed my list. It's funny how it seems like Sandy is about to shoot Spongebob and Patrick, the twist is good, and the machine getting destroyed was also funny. Surprised to see it all the way up here though.

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Slide Whistle Stooges to me was actually fun until Squidward joined the fun and it got extremely annoying so fast and Bikini Bottomies cheering for his fall made me disgusted. On top of that, that ending was so cringe. Still due to fun first half, it isn't on my list.

I'm so fucking glad House Sittin' For Sandy made it. It is on my list cuz I found it the most lifeless and boring episode of s8. Everything about it is so fucking tiresome, the plot is so lazy, there are no good jokes here and the ending was so idiotic. I hate it.

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22. "Don't worry, Squidward. We're boating buddies now!"


Boating Buddies – 104 points

7 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #3 @4EverGreen@JCM) (-5)

Here's an episode that was once thought to be automatic bottom 10 material, but it's fallen into better standing lately. My opinion? I still don't like it much, but there are some moments in here that do put it above other episodes of its ilk. SpongeBob has some funny lines about a "cucumber bicycle" and "chocolate rain." There's also kind of a funny mutual understanding between Squidward and Mrs. Puff about how annoying SpongeBob is, even if she does screw him over by the episode's end. But otherwise, I still find it pretty boring and unfocused (I still don't get the scientist potato chip scene, sorry.)

21. "Shall we start with the importance of good kitchen hygiene or the unabridged history of the patty?"


Summer Job – 109 points

10 out of 22 lists (Highest Ranking #10 @Bob Carotte) (+8)

This one is very similar to Boating Buddies with a sprinkle of Doing Time, but it's in much worse standing among the community. And for good reason, it sucks. Boating Buddies actually had some breathing room and quieter parts, while this episode is relentless with scene after scene of SpongeBob pulverizing Mrs. Puff into a fine paste. The "Duke" sequence is so bad, it may actually wrap around to becoming the funniest part of this episode. Summer Job is slow, unfunny, and annoying, and I am glad it rose when I didn't expect it to.

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Boating Buddies is so bad so funny to me. It had some legit gut busting moments like the chalkboard scene, chocolate rain, SpongeBob yelling Squidward's name and the shrinking scene and more. I can't hate it. Although I get why it is on the list.

Summer Job, on the other hand, is just shit. It made my list. It is a more annoying and upsetting version of Boating Buddies. Mrs. Puff didn't deserve any of this crap in this episode and SpongeBob was at his worst here. That ending is legit cringeworthy. I'm so happy it got higher on the list.

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I actually find "Slide Whistle Stooges" to be KIND of funny, so, I can't REALLY hate it! "Boating Buddies" may have fallen in the standings, but at least it's STILL bottom 25 material! (And barring any EXTREME circumstances, it will STAY there!) I really don't have an opinion about the other episodes though. I forgot "House Sitting For Sandy" even EXISTED; and "Summer Job" is just...meh. Enough said for now, true believers!

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