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On 5/26/2017 at 9:34 PM, Lettuce said:

@The Ding of Dings

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Part's already taken:

On 5/24/2017 at 3:35 PM, The Ding of Dings said:

In a post credits sequence, JCM is in a subzero temperature climate stopping by a bar looking for Omair Irfan.  He finds him and tells him that he hears he can talk to llamas.


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Clappy gave me permission to guest write this. After three years, here's the continuation of the SBC Wars saga, and conclusion to the prequel trilogy.

73. SBC Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Dragiiin

Movie: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

The Universe Galaxy is gripped in war. During a space battle over the planet V11: Starfish, Jedi Knights Old Man Jenkins and Elastic Dog lead a mission to rescue the kidnapped Supreme Chancellor Cakeybagelsoup from the clutches of Nostalgic commander General Stancakes. After infiltrating Stan's ship, they battle their way through Nostalgic droids and Stan's trolling buddies. OMJ and Elastic eventually confront and battle Darth Acidic, who has Cakeybagel as his hostage. Elastic subdues Acidic, and on Cakeybagel's urging, executes him.

Stan flees like the coward he is from the battle-torn ship, which OMJ and Elastic crash-land on Games. There, Elastic reunites with his wife Sauce, who reveals she is pregnant (oh shit). While initially excited, Elastic begins to have prophetic visions of Sauce's passing via childbirth (and other trippy psychedelic things, but those aren't important), making him grow steadily worried. Cakeybagel later appoints Elastic to the Jedi Council as his representative, but the Council declines to grant Elastic the rank of Jedi Master. Instead, they order him to spy on Cakeybagel, causing Elastic's faith in the Jedi to fall.

Cakeybagel decides to tantalize Elastic with secret knowledge of the dark side of the moon Force, including the power to save his loved ones from dying. Meanwhile, OMJ travels to the 4chan planet to deal with General Stancakes, while Ssj travels to SpongeBuddy Mania to defend the planet from invasion. Tempting Elastic, Cakeybagel eventually reveals that he is the Sith Lord Darth Dragiiin, saying that only he has the knowledge to save his beloved Sauce from dying. Elastic reports Dragiiin's treachery to Aquatic Nuggets, who confronts and subdues the Sith Lord with two other knights (one being JCM in a cameo, who is still disappointed he is not Samuel L. Jackson). Dragiiin slays JCM's obligatory cameo and the other knight, but Nuggets keeps fighting, and severely disfigures Dragiiin in the process. Fearing that he will lose Sauce however, Elastic intervenes on Dragiiin's behalf and severs Nuggets' hand, allowing Dragiiin to throw him out of a window to his death. Elastic pledges himself to Dragiiin, who dubs him Darth Dawg. Dragiiin then issues an order for the drone troopers, dubbed Order 666, to kill their Jedi commanders. Dragiiin dispatches Elastic, along with a legion of drones, to kill everyone in the Jedi Temple. On 4chan, OMJ confronts Stancakes and kills him after a long chase, but now must survive the drones who are out to get him. Ssj flees from SBM as multiple Jedi are slain by the drones. Elastic massacres the remaining Nostalgic leaders hiding on the volcanic planet Tv.com, while Dragiiin addresses the Universe Senate, transforming the Community into the SBC Empire, and in turn, declaring himself Emperor. Having survived the chaos on their respective planets, OMJ and Ssj return to Games and learn of Elastic's treachery.

Unable to convince Sauce about Elastic's turn to the dark side, OMJ stows aboard her ship. Sauce travels to Tv.com and begs Elastic to leave the dark side. He refuses, and upon witnessing OMJ, chokes Sauce into unconsciousness in a fit of rage. OMJ duels Elastic, who tells him he is no longer Elastic, but now, Darth Dawg. After an intense battle, OMJ defeats Elastic, severing most of his limbs and leaving him at the bank of a lava river where he is horrifically burned. On Games, Ssj battles Dragiiin until their duel reaches a stalemate, and Ssj flees with Senator Wumbo. Dragiiin, sensing that his apprentice is in danger, travels to Tv.com.

On an isolated forumotion asteroid, OMJ regroups with Ssj. Sauce gives birth to twins named Fred and Katniss before dying shortly thereafter. A funeral is later held for Sauce on Naboo. On Tv.com, Dragiiin finds the severely burnt Elastic still alive, but barely. After returning to Games, Elastic's mutilated body is treated and covered in a black armored suit. Dragiiin explains to Elastic that he killed Sauce in his anger, but on the bright side, says he bought some cool Butthole Surfers albums to cheer him up during his healing. Meanwhile, OMJ and Ssj decide to conceal the twins from the Sith, as they are the universe's only hope for freedom. Ssj exiles himself to the Super Saiyan planet, while Darth Dawg and Emperor Dragiiin oversee the construction of a giant super battle station: the Death Xat. Wumbo adopts Katniss as his own daughter and takes her to the Channel Awesome planet where they worship their idol Todd in the Shadows. Meanwhile, OMJ delivers Fred to his step-family Dr. Sex and Spongetron on Entertainment, where OMJ intends to watch over Fred until the time is right to challenge the Empire.

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Are you tired of all these new SBCinemas?  Well too bad, I've been on a roll lately.  Here's one more for your SOF 7 viewing pleasure.


74. Get a Clue!

Film: Clue


Six strangers are invited to a party at a secluded spinoff known as Full SBC. After being met at the topic by the butler, Oddsworth, the guests are reminded it’s Stop What You Are Doing so they must change their name to protect their true identity and asks that they only use that name with the other guests.  The theme for this go around is Clue. During dinner, Oddsworth admits a seventh attendee, Mr. Bobby (me), and announces that each of the guests is being blackmailed:

-Professor Patrick is a former professor and current administrator of SBC whose Mr. Dr. was revoked because he had an affair with one of his female patients.

-Mrs. Pharmacist is a former Science Girl who has been accused of accepting bribes to change her name as many times as possible and claims she must pay their blackmailer so she can keep changing her identity.

-Miss Chalet is the owner of an illegal escort service for My Father, The Producer.

-Colonel Jenkins is thought, at first, to have been blackmailed for scandalous photographs with one of Miss Chalet's employees at the Christmas Party, but it is later revealed that he was a posting profiteer who made his money from raping the games section and ask thread section daily. He now works at making fun of how absurd SpongeBob forum goers and gets paid top dollar doing so.

-Mrs. Aya is an alleged "black widow" who was drawn in to avoid a scandal regarding the mysterious death of her former wrestler husbands. She was previously married to a lunatic fringe, who also disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

-Mr. Who is a homosexual, a secret that would score him so many Chris’s (Evans, Pratt, Pine, Hemsworth) if it were widely known.

Finally, Oddsworth reveals Mr. Bobby's secret to the guests: he is the one who has been blackmailing them. As the guests begin to shout at Mr. Bobby, Oddsworth explains that he has gathered all the guests together to cruse Mr. Bobby and turn him over to the police. Confronted by Oddsworth's revelation, Mr. Bobby reminds the guests that, if turned over to the police, he can reveal their secrets while in police custody. Mr. Bobby then distributes to each guest a wrapped gift box which, when opened, reveal one of six Clue weapons: a wrench, a candlestick, a lead pipe, a knife, a revolver, and a rope with a hangman's knot. Mr. Bobby suggests that they use the weapons provided to kill Oddsworth and destroy the evidence, keeping their secrets safe. Mr. Bobby turns out the lights in the room, creating a moment of chaos in which someone shoots the revolver. When the lights come back on, Mr. Bobby is lying on the ground and is pronounced dead by Professor Patrick.


Everyone denies killing Mr. Bobby, and Oddsworth reveals that he arranged the event in revenge for Steel Phineas who had committed suicide after being blackmailed by Mr. Bobby for being friends with Goosey. While trying to decide how to proceed, Oddsworth and the guests check on Sauce Mama, the Cook, who is found dead in the Industrial Park with the knife. Upon returning to Downtown Bikini Bottom, Mr. Bobby is gone and is later found dead by Mrs. Pharmacist in Goo Lagoon from the candlestick. Oddsworth and the guests assume there must be another person in the house that killed Sauce Mama and Mr. Bobby, so they split up in pairs and search the forum with the weapons locked in the topic. Over the course of search, three weapons (the wrench, the lead pipe, and the revolver) are used to a kill stranded motorist (The Drifter) found dead in Games, police officer Space Cowboy (after he investigate The Drifter’s abandoned car) in Squidward’s Art Show, and a singing telegram girl in the Krabby Kronicle. Katette, the maid, is found dead in Davy Jones Locker with the rope.

Oddsworth announces to the other guests that he deduced the identity of the murderer and runs through a frantic re-enactment of the entire evening, scene by scene, typo by typo, with the guests in tow. Oddsworth points out that each of the victims had a connection to one of the guests and were actually accomplices that enabled Mr. Bobby to find out the secrets he later used to blackmail the guests.

-Sauce Mama had earlier been employed by Mrs. Pharmacist as her sushi cook.

-The Drifter was Colonel Jenkins's lad during the great posting war of 2013 and knew of his involvement with fixing Deathmatches.

-Katette had worked for Miss Chalet and had an affair with Mrs. Aya's lunatic fringe, which made Mrs. Aya hate her, and led her to kill her husband. Colonel Jenkins's scandalous photographs were of him and Katette "in flagrante delicto" (caught in the act).

-Officer Space Cowboy had been on Miss Chalet's payroll for his silence.

-The singing telegram girl was Homie who was one of Professor Patrick's patients. He once had an affair with her.

The accounting is interrupted by an evangelist, JCM in a cameo, at the front door warning "there is a new episode of “XAT Time Travelers” at hand", who is encouraged to leave. Oddsworth then flips the electricity to the house.


At this point, the story proceeds to one of three endings: A, B, or C.  Whichever one you choose, I'll let you be the judge.


Ending A

Having used her former call girl Katette to murder Mr. Bobby and Sauce Mama, Miss Chalet killed her and the others to keep her true business of "secrets" safe, planning on using the information learned tonight for her own benefit. While Miss Chalet holds Oddsworth at gunpoint with the revolver, Oddsworth tells her that there are no more bullets in the gun, but Miss Chalet insists she still has one left and threatens to kill him. Oddsworth reveals himself to be an undercover FBI agent and arrests Miss Chalet as police arrive and secure the house. JCM is revealed to be the chief. Although still insisting to Miss Chalet the revolver is empty, Oddsworth realizes she was right when he accidentally fires the last bullet into the air, hitting a post and causing it to crash closely behind Colonel Jenkins.


Ending B

Mrs. Pharmacist is revealed as the murderer of all the victims and escapes after holding the others at gunpoint. However, Oddsworth reveals himself as an FBI agent with the night's activities set up to spy on Mrs. Pharmacist's activities, believing her to be taking bribes by Texas powers. As Mrs. Pharmacist makes her way to her car, she is captured by the police, and JCM is revealed to be the chief.


Ending C

This ending is dubbed as "But here's what really happened." Each murder was committed by a different person: Professor Patrick killed Mr. Bobby in Goo Lagoon with the candlestick, Mrs. Pharmacist killed Sauce Mama in the Industrial Park with the knife, Colonel Jenkins killed the motorist in Games with the wrench after unlocking the topic where the weapons were kept and getting into the Games via a secret passage from the Ask Me Threads, Mrs. Aya killed Katette in Davy Jones Locker with the rope, and Miss Chalet killed the cop in Squidward’s Art Show with the lead pipe. Mr. Who is accused of shooting Homie in Krabby Kronicle with the revolver. Oddsworth then reveals not only did he kill her himself, but that he is, in fact, the real Mr. Bobby and the man Professor Patrick killed was simply his idiot. He had brought the other victims, who were his accomplices in the blackmail scheme, to the forums to be killed by the guests and thus plans to continue blackmailing them now that there's no evidence against him. Mr. Who then draws another revolver and kills the blackmailer. Mr. Who reveals to the others that he is actually an undercover FBI agent and the whole evening was a set-up to catch the criminals. The police and FBI arrive and arrest all the guests for murder as JCM is revealed to be the chief. Mr. Who then declares that he killed Mr. Bobby, "In Downtown Bikini Bottom, with the revolver, on my best list." He tells JCM to round everyone up, then smiles and says, "I'm going home to sleep with Steve Trevor."



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Steve Treanor? You mean Trevor? :P 

I loved your new episode, except I don't get why would you threaten me to expose my homosexuality, unless it was illegal during that time? I mean if it exposing it make me get the lads, why keep a secret? I would rather just quit the whole thing (excluding the alternative ending of me revealed as FBI agent) and get lots of sex.

lenny ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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5 minutes ago, Dr. WhoBob said:

Steve Treanor? You mean Trevor? :P 

I loved your new episode, except I don't get why would you threaten me to expose my homosexuality, unless it was illegal during that time? I mean if it exposing it make me get the lads, why keep a secret? I would rather just quit the whole thing (excluding the alternative ending of me revealed as FBI agent) and get lots of sex.

lenny ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In the movie Clue, it took place in the 1950s, which yes, high ranking officials would get in trouble for coming out like that.  So I was just trying to keep things historically accurate for the sake of parody. :Laugh:


Also thanks for pointing out what autocorrect did.  Fixed said typo. :funny: 

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22 minutes ago, Clappy said:

In the movie Clue, it took place in the 1950s, which yes, high ranking officials would get in trouble for coming out like that.  So I was just trying to keep things historically accurate for the sake of parody. :Laugh:


Also thanks for pointing out what autocorrect did.  Fixed said typo. :funny: 

hmm yea, that makes sense. At least I'm more innocent than rest of them, maybe I killed him? :funny: 

rest in peace Bobby tho.

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It's been awhile SBCinemaphiles.

76. The Spinjago Movie

Film: The LEGO Ninjago Movie


A young JCM, in a cameo, ventures into an old relic shop, where he meets the mysterious owner, Mr. Chan, who begins to tell the boy the legend of Spinjago.


Spinjago is a forum within the SBC Universe that is frequently attacked by the evil Lord Haydon, who is the father of Jjs Haydon and ex-husband of Spongetron. Spinjago despises Jjs for being Lord Haydon's son, which puts Jjs under emotional stress. They do not know that Jjs is part of the secret ninja force, consisting of Cha, Zaid, SBL, Steel, Aya and their master named Jackie Chan, who always stop Haydon from taking over the city by fighting with roblox. On Jjs's birthday, Haydon attacks the city once again only to be defeated. He escapes and fires nine unpopular opinions of his Hot Take Army for failing to help him. He then begins to plan a big attack to conquer Spinjago, and his GIT`s show him plans to build a gigantic roblox that is immune to criticism.

Meanwhile, Jjs and his friends see the return of Jackie Chan, back from a long trip he took. Jackie Chan tells them they aren't real ninjas if they use only roblox to fight, and discusses with Jjs that his element is green, confusing Jjs. Jackie Chan tells Jjs he must not be angry at Haydon; he must use his mind to fight. Jackie Chan mentions an Ultimate Opinion, giving Jjs the hope of defeating Haydon once and for all, despite being forbidden to use the opinion.

The next day Haydon attacks the city with his giant roblox and defeats Jjs. As Haydon declares his rule over Spinjago, Jjs returns with the Ultimate Opinion. He fires it, revealing it to be trolling that attracts a real-life troll named Mothra. Mothra starts destroying the city with her unpopular opinions while trying to get the meh emotes. Haydon hits his meh emote to make Mothra destroy the other roblox, before Jjs breaks it. As Haydon celebrates his victory, Jjs reveals that he is the Green Ninja, and tells Haydon that he wishes he wasn't his father, leaving Haydon confused.

Jjs meets up with his friends and Jackie Chan, who are all upset with him for using the troll. Jackie Chan tells them they must use an Ultimate, Ultimate Opinion to stop Mothra from destroying the city, which they would reach by crossing the Forest of Dangerous Opinions, the Canyon of Deathly Dislikes, and the Temple of Fragile Comments. Haydon overhears Jackie Chan talking about the opinion and follows close behind. He meets up with Jackie Chan and fights him, only to end up in a cage, defeated. However, Jackie Chan loses his balance and falls off a bridge into a river, telling Jjs he must use inner peace before getting swept away.

The ninjas decide to continue on, with Haydon leading them much to Jjs's disappointment. They are caught by the Unpopular Opinion Army, who want revenge for being fired by Haydon and shot out of his XAT lair. The ninjas try to fight, but are easily defeated. They retreat leaving Jjs and Haydon behind to be caught by the Unpopular Opinion Army. The Unpopular Opinion Army begin to fire Jjs and Haydon into the lost world of XAT time and space, but the rest of the ninjas save the day using stealth fighting. They all work together with Haydon to escape the angry Unpopular Opinion Army by building a makeshift helicopter, and Jjs and Haydon bond together in the process.

They eventually crash down onto the Temple of Fragile Comments. Haydon reveals that it is his home, as well as Spongetron formerly being a ninja warrior herself. He tells Jjs that he wishes he had stayed with him and his mom after deciding to conquer Spinjago, but he couldn't change so he had to stay behind. The ninjas find the Ultimate Ultimate Opinion, consisting of a set of trinkets, only to have it stolen by Haydon who still wants to take over the city. He offers for Jjs to be his general, but Jjs rejects his offer. Out of fury, Haydon locks all of them in the temple as it begins to collapse with fragile comments about Dan Schneider shows. Jjs realizes that inner peace means for them to unleash their power within, and they successfully do this,using their elemental powers and escaping from the collapsing Schneider Empire. As they fall of a cliff, Jackie Chan saves them with his ship, the Pure Convenience and they head towards Spinjago.

Haydon arrives and tries to control Mothra with trolling but Mothra eats Haydon instead. Jjs and the crew arrive and begin fighting Haydon's army. As Jjs approaches Mothra, he reveals to everyone that he is the green ninja, and realizes that green means life, which brings everything together. He comforts Mothra and tells Haydon he forgives him and that he's sorry. Haydon cries tears of fire, which causes Mothra to spit him out. After reconciling, Haydon moves in with Jjs and Spongetron, Mothra becomes the mascot of Spinjago, and Jjs is hailed as a hero.


As the story concludes, Mr. Chan tells JCM that he will start to train him as a ninja.

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