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What else can I say except thank you all for following this show for as long as we have.  Even amidst a pandemic, the SBCinema will continue to keep running.  Here's to hopefully another 100 episodes!  And with that out of the way, onto the feature presentation:


100. Boomer

Film: Joker (2019)


Internet clown and aspiring QAnon conspiracy theorist, Todd Phillips lives with his mother, Jenna, in SBC City. SBC is rife with crime and unemployment, leaving swaths of the population disenfranchised and impoverished. Todd suffers from a medical disorder that causes him to rant at inappropriate times, depending on retweets and follows for medication. After a gang of spammers attacks Todd in an alley, his co-worker Ssj gives him a gun for protection. Todd pursues a relationship with his neighbor, single mother Katie, and invites her to his upcoming twitter rant routine against the liberal agenda.  Live on Twitch.

While entertaining at a church, Todd's gun falls out of his pocket. Ssj plays devils advocate that Todd bought the gun so he can touch himself at night, and Todd is fired. On the subway, still in his internet clown makeup, Todd is beaten by three drunken Wumbo Enterprises businessmen (Fred, Steel, and Kevin) singing that Frank Sinatra classic….”Send in the Internet Clowns”; he shoots Fred and Steel in self-defense and wounds Kevin before pursuing him off the train and executing him on the stairs calling him dumb. The killings are condemned by billionaire mayoral candidate Ralph Wiggum Fan, who calls those envious of more successful people "internet clowns." Demonstrations against SBC's rich begin, with protesters donning internet clown masks in Todd's image. His controversial rant routines shut down Todd’s favorite conservative platform, Parler.

Katie attends Todd's twitter rant routine, which goes poorly; he goes off on tirades about stolen elections and how Mike Pence is a traitor and has difficulty delivering his jokes. Todd's idol, popular talk show host, SBL News Network, mocks Todd by showing tweets from his twitter rant routine on his show. Todd intercepts a letter written by Jenna to Wiggum, alleging that he is Wiggum's illegitimate son, and berates his mother for hiding the truth. Todd goes to Wiggum Manor, where he meets Wiggum's young son JCM, in a cameo, but flees after a scuffle with the family butler Old Man Jenkworth. Following a visit from two SBC City Police Department detectives Jjs and SOF investigating Todd's involvement in the train murders, Jenna suffers a stroke and is hospitalized.

Todd sneaks into a private viewing event presenting the first SBCinema film "User Centipede" and confronts Wiggum, who tells him that Jenna never sent him a sexy message and is not his biological mother. In denial, Todd visits Discord State Hospital and steals Jenna's case file; the file says Jenna adopted Todd as a baby and allowed her abusive boyfriend to harm them both. However, Jenna claims that Wiggum used his influence to fabricate the adoption to hide their affair. Distraught, Todd returns home and enters Katie's apartment unannounced. Frightened, Katie tells him to stop creeping; their relationship was merely a figment of Todd's imagination. The following day, Todd kills Jenna at the hospital.

Todd is invited to appear on SBL's show due to the unexpected popularity of his routine's clips. As he prepares, Todd is visited by ex-colleagues Ssj and Zaid. Todd murders Ssj but spares Zaid for giving him a gift card to Circuit City. En route to the studio, Todd is pursued by Jjs and SOF onto a train filled with internet clown protesters. SOF accidentally shoots a protester and incites a riot, allowing Todd to escape; the rioters brutally beat Jjs and SOF as Todd leaves.

Before the show goes live, Todd requests that SBL introduce him as Boomer, a reference to SBL's previous mockery. Todd walks out to applause, but starts telling morbid conspiracy theories, confesses to the train murders, rants about how society abandons the classic shows of the 90s, and berates SBL for mocking him on the previous segment. When SBL criticizes him and threatens to call the police, Todd shoots him twice on live television, killing him; he is arrested for murder as riots break out across SBC. One of the rioters corners the Wiggum family in an alley and murders Wiggum and his wife, Megan Thee Stallion, sparing JCM, for another cameo.  Rioters in an ambulance crash into the police car carrying Todd, freeing him; he stands atop the car, tells his followers that Trump will become president again on March 4th to the cheers of the crowd, and smears blood on his face in the form of a smile.

On Discord, Todd laughs to himself about a joke and tells his psychiatrist Jared Leto that he would not understand it.  Jared Leto asks if it’s because we live in a society. Seconds later, Todd runs from an orderly, leaving behind a trail of bloodied footprints.  Proving Leto correct:


Directed by the guy who made The Hangover….whatever his name was….

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Kicking off Season 6 with another three-part arc for the festival.

101. The Lord of the Doubloons: The Fellowship of the Doubloon

Film: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

In the Second Age of Middle SBC, the lords of Gamers, SpongeBobbies, and Customers are given Doubloons of Power. Unbeknownst to them, the Dark Lord Plankton forges the One Doubloon in Mount Discord, instilling into it a great part of his power, in order to dominate the other Doubloons so he might conquer Middle SBC. A final alliance of Gamers and Customers battles Plankton's forces in Atlantis. tvguy of Krusty Krab severs Plankton's finger and the Doubloon with it, thereby vanquishing Plankton and returning him to spirit form. With Plankton's first defeat, the Third Age of Middle SBC begins. The Doubloon's influence corrupts tvguy, who takes it for himself. Tvguy is later killed by trolls and the Doubloon is lost in a river for 2,500 years until it is found by Golfumpecks, who owns it for five centuries. The Doubloon is then found by a hobbit named Jjs Baggins who is unaware of its history.

Sixty years later, Jjs celebrates his 111th birthday in the Jellyfish Fields, reuniting with his old friend, the wizard OMJ the Grey. Jjs reveals that he intends to leave the fields for one last adventure, and he leaves his inheritance, including the Doubloon, to his nephew Dman. OMJ investigates the Doubloon, discovers its true nature, and learns that Golfumpecks was captured and tortured by Plankton's trolls, revealing two words during his interrogation: "Fields" and "Baggins." OMJ returns and warns Dman to leave the fields. As Dman departs with his friend, gardener Salmonwise, OMJ rides to Turntable to meet with the wizard SpongeSebastian, but learns that he has joined forces with Plankton, who has dispatched his nine undead Nematode servants to find Dman.

Dman and Salmon are joined by fellow hobbits Winter and Slug, and they evade the Nematodes before arriving in Sketchful, where they are meant to meet OMJ. However, OMJ never arrives, having been taken prisoner by Sebastian. The hobbits are then aided by a Ranger named Luvsic, who promises to escort them to K-BLUB; however, they are ambushed by the Nematodes on Weathertop, and their leader, Jaleco, stabs Dman with a dagger. CakeCup, a Gamer and Luvsic's beloved, locates Luvsic and rescues Dman, summoning flood-waters that sweep the Nematodes away. She takes him to K-BLUB, where he is healed by the Gamers. Dman meets with OMJ, who escaped Turntable with help from a Great Hawk. That night, Luvsic reunites with Cake, as they embrace.

Facing the threat of both Plankton and Sebastian, CakeCup's father, Lord Wumbo, decides against keeping the Doubloon in K-BLUB for long. He holds a council of Gamers, Customers, and SpongeBobbies, also attended by Dman and OMJ, that decides the Doubloon must be destroyed in the fires of Mount Discord. Dman volunteers to take the Doubloon, accompanied by OMJ, Salmon, Winter, Slug, Gamer OWM, SpongeBobbie Mythix, Kieran of Krusty Krab, and Luvsic, who is in fact Trophy, Tvguy's heir and the rightful King of Krusty Krab. Jjs, now living in K-BLUB, gives Dman his sword, Pingas, and a chainmail shirt made of mithril.

The Fellowship of the Doubloon sets off over the mountains, but Sebastian summons a storm that forces them to travel through the Mines of Industrial Park. After finding the SpongeBobbies of Reddit dead, the Fellowship is attacked by trolls, along with a large cave troll (played by JCM in a cameo). They hold them off but are confronted by G4ry, a dog beast residing within the mines. OMJ holds G4ry at bay while the others escape. He casts it into a vast chasm, but G4ry drags OMJ down into the darkness with him. The devastated Fellowship reaches Hiyaville, ruled by the Gamer-queen Cha. Cha privately informs Dman that only he can complete the quest and that one of his friends in the Fellowship will try to take the Doubloon. Meanwhile, Sebastian creates an army of spambots in Turntable to track down and kill the Fellowship.

The Fellowship travels by river to Forumotion. Dman wanders off and is confronted by Kieran, who tries to take the Doubloon as Lady Cha had predicted. The Fellowship is then ambushed by the spambots. Winter and Slug are taken captive, and Kieran is mortally wounded by a spambot. Trophy arrives and duels the spambot in an intense climactic battle. Finally, he overpowers the spambot and slices off its head. He then goes and comforts Kieran as he dies, promising to help the people of Krusty Krab in the coming conflict. Fearing the Doubloon's corruption will consume his friends, Dman decides to travel to Atlantis alone. However, Dman reconsiders by allowing Salmon to come along after hearing of the promise he had made to OMJ to look after him. As Trophy, OWM, and Mythix decide to rescue Winter and Slug, Dman and Salmon make their way down the mountain pass. As they journey on to Atlantis, Dman tells Salmon that he's glad to be with him.

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102. The Lord of the Doubloons: The Two Followers

Film: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Awakening from a dream of OMJ fighting G4ry, Dman and Salmon find themselves lost in the areas near Atlantis and discover they are being tracked by Golfumpecks, a former bearer of the One Doubloon. Capturing Golfumpecks, Dman takes pity and allows him to guide them, reminding Salmon that they will need Golfumpecks's help to infiltrate Atlantis. Trophy, OWM, and Mythix pursue a band of spambots to save their companions Slug and Winter, entering the kingdom of Bikini Bottom Arcade. The spambots are ambushed by a group of bronies, allowing the hobbits to escape into the Kelp Forest. Meeting Trophy's group, the bronies's leader Steel explains that he and his men have been exiled by Arcade's king, Omair, who is under the control of Sebastian and his servant Spongebranch. Steel believes Winter and Slug were killed during the raid but leaves the group two horses. Searching for the hobbits in the Kelp Forest, Trophy's group encounters OMJ, who reveals that after his fight against G4ry he was resurrected as OMJ the White to help save Middle SBC.

OMJ leads the trio to Arcade's capital, Ask Me, where OMJ frees Omair from Sebastian's control. Trophy stops Omair from executing Spongebranch, who flees. Learning of Plankton's plans to destroy Arcade with his spambots army, Omair evacuates his citizens to the fortress of The Event Vault at SpongeCraft’s Deep. OMJ departs to find Steel and his followers, hoping they will fight for their restored king. Trophy befriends Omair's niece, Sophie. When the refugees traveling to SpongeCraft's Deep are attacked by Sebastian's furry riding trolls, Trophy falls from a cliff and is presumed dead. He is found by his horse Mystery and rides to SpongeCraft's Deep, witnessing Sebastian's army marching to the fortress.

In K-BLUB, Cake is told by her father Wumbo that Trophy will not return. He reminds her that if she remains in Middle SBC, she will outlive Trophy by thousands of years, and she reluctantly departs for Robot Pirate Island. Wumbo is contacted by Cha of Hiyaville, who convinces him that the Gamers should honour their alliance to men, and they dispatch an army of Gamers to SpongeCraft's Deep.

In the Kelp Forest, Winter and Slug meet Carotte as an Ent, a tree like creature. Convincing Carotte that they are allies, they are brought to an Ent Council, where the Ents (one of which being JCM in a cameo) decide not to take part in the coming war. Slug asks Carotte to take them in the direction of Turntable, where they witness the deforestation caused by Sebastian's war effort. Enraged, Carotte and the Ents storm Isengard, trapping Sebastian in his tower.

Trophy arrives at SpongeCraft's Deep and reveals that Sebastian's army is close and Omair must prepare for battle despite being vastly outnumbered. The army of Gamers from Hiyaville arrives, as does Sebastian's army, and a battle ensues. The spambots breach the outer wall with explosives and kill the Gamers' commander, BenPaz. The defenders retreat into the keep, where Trophy convinces Omair to meet the spambots in one last charge. At dawn, as the defenders are overwhelmed, OMJ and Steel arrive with the bronies, turning the tide of the battle. The surviving spambots flee into Kelp Forest, and are killed by the Ents. OMJ warns that Plankton will retaliate.

Golfumpecks leads Dman and Salmon through the trash yards to the Amogus Gate, but recommends they enter Atlantis by another route. Dman and Salmon are captured by Rangers of British SBC led by Doogal, brother of the late Kieran. Dman helps Doogal catch Golfumpecks to save him from being killed by the Rangers. Learning of the One Doubloon, Doogal takes his captives to Krusty Krab to bring the doubloon to his mother Patty Rose. Passing through the besieged city of Petoria, Dman tries to explain to Doogal the true nature of the ring, and Salmon explains that Kieran was driven mad by its power. A Nematode nearly captures Dman, who falls under the ring's power, fortunately Salmon saves him and reminds him that they are fighting for the good still left in Middle SBC. Impressed by Dman's resolve, Doogal releases them. Golfumpecks decides to betray Dman and reclaim the Doubloon by leading the group to “Her” upon arriving at Twitterith Ungol. 

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103. The Lord of the Doubloons: The Return of the Bling

Film: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Two hobbits, Golfpecks and his cousin, AW10, are fishing when AW discovers the One Doubloon in the river. Golf’s mind is ensnared by the Doubloon, and he kills his cousin for it. He retreats into the Wikia Mountains as the Doubloon twists his body and mind until he becomes the creature Golfumpecks.

Centuries later, during the War of the Doubloon, OMJ leads Trophy, OWM, Mythix, and King Omair to Turntable, where they reunite with Slug and Winter. OMJ retrieves Sebastian's palantir, and the group returns to Ask Me to celebrate their victory at SponegCraft's Deep. That night, Slug looks into the palantir and is seen by Plankton. From Slug's description of his visions, OMJ surmises that Plankton will attack Krusty Krab's capital, Krabby Kronicle. He rides there to warn Krusty Krab's stewardess Patty Rose, taking Slug with him.

Golfumpecks leads Dman and Salmon to Xatas Morgul, where they watch the Jaleco, leader of the nine Nematodes, lead an army of trolls towards Krusty Krab. The hobbits begin climbing a stair carved in the cliff face that leads to a secret tunnel into Atlantis, unaware that Golfumpecks plans to kill them and take the Doubloon. Jaleco and his forces strike and overwhelm Petoria, forcing Patty's son Doogal and his garrison to retreat to Krabby Kronicle.

Golfumpecks disposes of the hobbits' food, blaming Salmon. Believing that Salmon desires the Doubloon, Dman selfishly tells him to go home before he and Golfumpecks continue to the tunnel leading to Atlantis. Golfumpecks tricks him into venturing into the lair of a giant spider, JCM in a cameo. Dman narrowly escapes and confronts Golfumpecks, telling him that he must destroy the Doubloon for both their sakes. Enraged, Golfumpecks attacks Dman but falls down a chasm. Dman continues on, but JCM discovers, paralyses, and binds him. Salmon returns and wounds JCM, driving him away, but then hides as trolls appear and take Dman with them. The trolls prepare to execute Dman, but they end up fighting each other over ownership of Dman's mithril vest; the distraction allows Salmon to rescue Dman, and they escape before going on to continue their journey.

As King Omair gathers the brony army, Trophy learns from Wumbo that Cake is dying, having refused to leave Middle SBC to be with Trophy after seeing a vision of their future son. Wumbo gives Trophy Terminul, reforged from the shards of King terminoob’s sword, so that Trophy can reclaim his birthright and gain reinforcements from the ghostly Dead Men of the Beyond. Joined by OWM and Mythix, Trophy travels to the Dead Men's lair, pledging to release them from tvguy's undead curse should they come to Krusty Krab's aid.

Doogal is wounded and knocked unconscious after a futile effort to recapture Petoria; believing her son to be dead, Patty falls into madness. OMJ is left to defend the city against the troll army, led by Person. As Person's army forces its way into the city, Patty attempts to end herself and Doogal on a pyre. Slug alerts OMJ and they save Doogal, but a burning Patty leaps to her death from the top of Krabby Kronicle just before Omair and his nephew, Steel, arrive with the bronies. During the ensuing battle, they are overwhelmed by the Oliphaunt-riding trolls and Jaleco mortally wounds Théoden. Just as Jaleco prepares to finish Omair off, his niece Sophie, battles and manages to kill Jaleco with Winter's help; Sophie subsequently tends to Omair afterwards and they bid each farewell before Omair dies in his niece's arms. Trophy then arrives with the Army of the Dead, who overcome Plankton's forces and win the battle. Trophy frees the Dead Men from their curse.

Trophy decides to march upon the Amogus Gate as a distraction so Dman and Salmon can reach Mount Discord. Trophy's army draws out Plankton’s remaining forces and empties Atlantis, allowing Dman and Salmon to reach the volcano, but Golfumpecks attacks them just as they reach Mount Doom. Salmon manages to fend him off, and Dman enters the volcano. As he stands on the ledge over the volcanic lava, he succumbs to the Doubloon in front of Salmon and claims it as his own, putting it on his finger. Golfumpecks finds the invisible Dman and attacks him, biting his finger off to reclaim the Doubloon. Dman attacks Golfumpecks in an attempt to reclaim the Doubloon, and in the ensuing struggle they both fall off the ledge. Golfumpecks falls into the lava with the Doubloon and dies. Dman clings to the ledge and is rescued by Salmon as the Doubloon disintegrates in the lava. As Dman and Salmon escape, the Eye of Plankton explodes, Mount Discord erupts and Atlantis crumbles.

OMJ flies in with hawks to rescue the hobbits, who awaken in Krabby Kronicle and are reunited with the surviving Fellowship. Trophy is crowned King of Krusty Krab and takes Cake as his queen. The hobbits return home to the Jellyfish Fields, where Salmon starts to build a river for his aquatic friends. A few years later, Dman departs Middle SBC for the Undying Lands of Nickelodeon with his uncle Jjs, OMJ, and the Gamers. He leaves Salmon the Little Gold Book, which details their adventures.

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104. 12 Angry Members

Film: 12 Angry Men

In the overheated jury room of the SBC Courthouse, a jury prepares to deliberate the case of an 18-year-old impoverished youth, SB&P, accused of spamming his father to death. The judge (JCM in a cameo) instructs them that if there is any reasonable doubt, the jurors are to return a verdict of not guilty; if found guilty, the defendant will receive a death sentence. The verdict must be unanimous. At first, the evidence seems convincing: a neighbor, SG, testified to witnessing the defendant stab his father from her window. Another neighbor, 4EverGreen, testified that he heard the defendant threaten to spam his father and the father's body hitting the ground, and then, through his peephole, saw SB&P run past his door. The boy has a violent past and had recently purchased a spamblade of the same type as was found at the murder scene, but claimed he lost it. The knife at the scene had been cleaned of fingerprints.

The jurors at first seem to take the decision lightly. Juror 7, Trophy in particular is anxious to catch his tickets to the baseball game. In a preliminary vote conducted by Juror 1, Hawk, all jurors vote guilty except Juror 8, Kev, who believes that there should be some discussion before the verdict is made. He questions the reliability of the witnesses’ testimonies and also throws doubt on the supposed uniqueness of the murder weapon by producing an identical spamblade from his pocket. He says he cannot vote guilty because reasonable doubt exists. With his arguments seemingly failing to convince any of the other jurors, Kev suggests a secret ballot, from which he will abstain; if all the other jurors still vote guilty, he will acquiesce. The ballot reveals one not guilty vote. Juror 3, WhoBob, immediately accuses Juror 5, Appetizer (who previously said he grew up in the slums like the defendant). As the two bicker, Juror 9, Cha, reveals that she changed her vote, respecting Kev's motives and agreeing there should be more discussion.

Kev argues that the noise of a passing train would have obscured the threat the second witness claimed to have overheard. Appy changes his vote, as does Juror 11, Carotte, who believes the defendant, had he truly spammed his father, would not have returned to the crime scene several hours later to retrieve the murder weapon as it had already been cleaned of fingerprints. Kev points out that people often say "I'm going to spam you" without literally meaning it.

Appy, Juror 6 (Steel), and Kev further question the second witness's story. WhoBob is infuriated, and after a verbal argument, tries to attack Kev, shouting "I'll spam him!", proving Kev's point about the defendant's words. Juror 2, Homie, and Steel change their votes; the jury is now evenly split. Juror 4, sbl, doubts the defendant's alibi, based on the boy's inability to recall certain details regarding his alibi. Kev tests sbl's own memory. He is able to remember events from the previous week, with difficulty similar to the defendant. Homie, WhoBob, and Kev debate whether the defendant could have stabbed his much-taller father from a downward angle, eventually deciding it was physically possible, though awkward. Appy points out that someone who knew how to use a spamblade would have instead stabbed underhand at an upward angle.

Juror 7, Trophy, half-heartedly changes his vote, leading to an inquisition by Carotte. Under duress, Trophy sloppily says he thinks the boy is not guilty. After another vote, Juror 12, Ding, and Hawk also change their votes, leaving only three guilty votes. Juror 10, PatBack, erupts in vitriol regarding the defendant's newness to the community. The rest of the jurors, except sbl and Trophy, stand up to turn their backs to him. When he bemoans that nobody is listening to him, sbl states that he has, and tells him to sit down and be quiet. PatBack then walks over to a desk in the corner, now isolated. Kev makes a statement about reasonable doubt before having the rest of the jurors return to the case. sbl declares that the woman who saw the spamming from across the street stands as solid evidence. Ding reverts to a guilty vote.

After watching sbl rub his nose, irritated by impressions from his eyeglasses, Cha realizes that the first witness had the same impressions on her nose as well, indicating that she wore eyeglasses as well but did not wear them to court. The other jurors begin to chime in about this new breakthrough. Kev reasons that the witness, who was trying to sleep when she saw the spamming, was not wearing her eyeglasses when it happened and she would not have had time to put them on to get a clear view of the person who did the spamming, making her story dubious. Kev goes around the room to question Ding, PatBack and sbl (in that order) about changing their vote. The remaining jurors, except WhoBob, change their vote to not guilty.

WhoBob gives an increasingly tortured string of arguments, building on earlier remarks about his strained relationship with his own son. In a moment of rage, WhoBob tears up a photograph of him and his son before breaking down sobbing. He mutters not guilty, making the vote unanimous. As the others leave, Kev helps the distraught WhoBob with his coat. The defendant is found not guilty off-screen and the jurors leave the courthouse. In a brief epilogue, Kev and Cha introduce each other for the first time by their names before parting, as WhoBob leaves, distraught and alone.

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105. Storm Racer

Film: Speed Racer (2008)

Storm Racer, Storm, is an 18-year-old whose life and love has always been automobile racing. His parents Papa Noir and Mama Ladybug run the independent RacerCloud Motors, in which his brother SOF and his pet chimp Kev Kev, his mechanic JCM in a cameo, and his girlfriend SpongeKid are also involved. As a child Storm idolized his record-setting older brother, Kizuna Racer, who was apparently killed while racing in the Casa Discord 5000 (AKA The Crucible) a deadly cross-country racing rally. Now embarking on his own career, Storm is quickly sweeping the racing world with his skill behind the wheel of his brother's Mach 5 and his own T-180 car the Mach 6, although primarily interested in the art of the race and the well-being of his family.

Hawk Royalcord, owner of conglomerate Royalcord Industries, offers Storm an astoundingly luxurious lifestyle in exchange for signing to race with him. Though tempted, Storm declines because his father distrusts power-hungry corporations. Angered, Hawk reveals that for many years, key races have been fixed by corporate interests, including himself, to gain profits. Hawk takes out his anger on Storm by having his drivers force Storm into a crash that destroys the Mach 6 and suing RacerCloud Motors for intellectual property infringement, Storm gets an opportunity to retaliate through Inspector Kieran, head of an intelligence agency's corporate crimes division. Racer Fred supposedly has evidence that could indict Royalcord but will only offer it up if Storm and the mysterious masked Racer Ex agree to race on his team in the Casa Discord 5000, which could also substantially raise the stock price of his family's racing business, blocking a Royalcord-arranged buyout. Storm agrees but keeps his decision secret from his family, and Kieran's team makes several defensive modifications to the Mach 5 to assist Storm in the rally.

After they drive together and work naturally as a team, Storm begins suspecting that Racer Ex is actually his brother Kizuna in disguise. His family discovers that he has entered the race and agree to support him, though Pops is angry with him for not asking permission to race earlier. With his family and SpongeKid aiding him, Storm defeats many brutal racers, who were bribed by fixer Cruncher Dman to stop him, and overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles to win the race, while Kieran's team arrests Dman. However, Fred's arrangement is revealed to be a sham, as he was only interested in increasing the value of his family's company to profit from Royalcord's buyout. Enraged, Storm hits the track that he used to drive with his brother, and confronts Racer Ex with his suspicion that he is Kizuna. Racer Ex removes his mask, revealing an unfamiliar face, and tells Storm that Kizuna is indeed dead. However, Racer Ex advises Storm to not let racing change the way he is, before advising him to figure out his own driving. Storm returns home and plans to leave, but Pops expresses his pride in Storm's actions, and that he was wrong to not let Storm enter the race since his own stubbornness drove Kizuna away, before finding out about the race-fixing conspiracy. Fred's sister Cha unexpectedly arrives and gives him Storm's rejected automatic invitation to the SBC Grand Prix. The Racer family bands together and builds a new Mach 6 in 32 hours.

Storm enters the SBC Grand Prix (with the help of Inspector Kieran) against great odds; Hawk has placed a $1,000,000 bounty on his head that the other drivers are eager to collect, and he is pitted against future Hall of Fame driver Old Man "Cannonball" Jenkins. Storm overcomes a slow start to catch up with Jenkins, who uses a cheating device called a spearhook to latch the Mach 6 to his own car. Storm uses his jump jacks to expose the device to video cameras, causing Jenkins to crash. Storm wins the race, having successfully exposed Hawk's crimes. While Racer Ex watches, a flashback montage reveals that he really is Kizuna, having faked his death and undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance as part of his plan to protect Storm and the sport of racing. He chooses not to reveal his identity to his family, declaring that he must live with his decision. The Racer family celebrates Storm's victory as Storm and SpongeKid kiss, Fred testifies against Hawk and Dman, and Hawk is sent to jail.

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Today marks a year since I revived SBCinema, so here's a new episode to celebrate, suggested by SOF.

106. Furries Don’t Dance

Film: Cats Don’t Dance

In 2014, RDSP, an optimistic cat from Discord travels to SBC in hopes of starting a gaming career there. After meeting a new friend Winter, RDSP is selected by agent Fa to feature in a game that is in production at Steel Wool Studios called Five Nights at Freddy’s alongside Fa's secretary: a white cat named Katniss. Upon joining fellow animals; Esme, OBAB, Rusty, and SOF, RDSP is dismayed on learning how minor his role is and tries to weasel his way into more time in the spotlight. RDSP unwittingly ends up angering CartoonCF, a popular yet spoiled child actress and star of the game; she promptly assigns her 36-foot tall butler CDCB to intimidate RDSP into no longer trying to enlarge his part.

RDSP learns from the studio's mascot Woolie the Sheep, played by Mythix, that humans are normally given more important roles than animals, whereas animals themselves end up getting minor and often thankless roles to the point of having little to no leverage in game business. Longing for the spotlight, RDSP tries to make a plan that will encourage humans to provide animal workers with better scenarios; RDSP's ideas include assembling a massive cluster of animals and putting on a musical performance for the humans.

Later, RDSP is given advice by CartoonCF on how to interest and satisfy audiences. He takes this information to heart and groups the animals for an audition on Freddy’s, hoping to attract the humans' attention. However, CartoonCF, fearing that the animals will jeopardize her spotlight, has CDCB help her flood the stage with 100,000 gallons of water while Steel Wool, the head of Steel Wool Studios, and Junichi Masuda, the game's director, are giving an interview, getting the animals blamed and dismissed for the collateral damage. The animals are depressed at being barred from being in Steel Wool Studios, especially RDSP, who was convinced by CartoonCF that she was trying to help the animals. Mythix advises RDSP to return to Discord. Later that night, everyone is at a diner, upset with RDSP for ruining everything for them, while Katniss sings a song about RDSP trying to keep their dreams alive. Overhearing Katniss singing, Esme suggests Katniss to follow RDSP. Katniss arrives to the bus stop, just seconds after RDSP left, finding his hat and to-do list behind.

However, after a comment from the bus driver (JCM in a cameo) and seeing Winter wander the streets, RDSP stops the bus and comes up with another plan. He secretly invites Katniss and the others to the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s. After the release and a battle with CDCB that sends him flying away on a CartoonCF balloon, RDSP calls the audience's attention. Upon bringing Katniss, Mythix, Esme, OBAB, Winter, Rusty and SOF backstage to help RDSP, the eight animals put on a musical performance that entertains and impresses the viewers. Meanwhile, CartoonCF tries to sabotage the show by tampering with the set and special effects equipment, but her attempts instead cause her to enhance the performance.

CartoonCF furiously yells at the animals for foiling her plan when her voice is amplified over the theater's sound system due to a boom mic she had been tangled up with, unintentionally revealing the truth about the incident to the audience, including Steel and Masuda. CartoonCF tries to hide her true colors by kissing and hugging RDSP, but Winter sends her down a trapdoor. The animals achieve their dreams for larger gaming roles, and CartoonCF is demoted to a janitor.

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107. MEE6

Film: WALL-E

In the 29th century, rampant consumerism, corporate greed, and environmental neglect have turned planet Earth into a garbage-strewn wasteland; humanity is nowhere to be found and has been evacuated by the mega corporation Discord on giant strainers seven centuries earlier. Of all the binocular-eyed trash robots left by Discord to clean up, only one remains operational: MEE6. One day, MEE6's routine of compressing trash and collecting interesting objects is broken by the arrival of an unmanned probe carrying an egg-shaped robot named Chuu, sent to scan the planet for human-sustainable life. MEE6 is smitten by the sleek, otherworldly robot, and the two begin to connect until Chuu goes into standby when MEE6 shows her his most recent find: a living seedling. The probe then collects Chuu and the plant, and—with MEE6 clinging on—returns to its mothership, the starliner The Skeld.

In the centuries since the Skeld left Earth, its passengers have degenerated into helpless corpulence due to laziness and microgravity, their every whim catered to by machinery; even the captain, JCM in an extended cameo, is used to sitting back while his robot steering wheel Robot Jones flies the ship. JCM is unprepared to receive the positive probe response, but discovers that placing the plant in the ship's Holo-Detector will trigger a hyper-jump back to Earth so humanity can begin recolonization. Upon inspecting Chuu's storage compartment, however, the plant is missing, and Chuu blames MEE6 for its disappearance.

Chuu is deemed to be sussy and taken to the MedBay. Mistaking the process for torture, MEE6 intervenes, causing him and Chuu to be designated as rogues. Frustrated, Chuu tries to send MEE6 home in an escape pod, but they witness Robot Jones’s henchbot Bender stowing the taken plant in a pod set to self-destruct. MEE6 then jumps aboard the pod in an attempt to save the plant but is then launched into space along with the plant. Chuu then uses an emergency exit to chase after MEE6 and witnesses the pod explode. MEE6 survives and saves the plant, and he and Chuu reconcile and celebrate with a dance in space around the Skeld.

Chuu brings the plant back to JCM, who watches Chuu's recordings of Earth and concludes that they have to go back. However, Robot Jones is revealed to be loyal only to his own secret no-return directive A420—issued after Discord incorrectly concluded centuries ago that the planet could not be saved—even when JCM countermands it; Robot Jones mutinies with Bender as a result, electrocuting and frying MEE6's circuit board, putting Chuu into standby, throwing them both down the garbage chute, and locking JCM in his quarters. Chuu and MEE6 are nearly ejected into space along with the ship's trash but are saved by Unbelievaboat, who has been following MEE6's dirt trail across the ship. As humans and robots help in securing the plant, JCM and Robot Jones fight for control, resulting in MEE6 being crushed in the Holo-Detector when he tries to keep it open; JCM eventually overpowers and deactivates Robot Jones, and the plant is inserted into the Holo-Detector, initiating the hyper-jump.

Arriving back on Earth, Chuu repairs MEE6 but finds that his memory has been reset and his character is gone. Sadly, Chuu gives MEE6 a goodbye kiss, which sparks his memory and restores his original personality. MEE6 and Chuu reunite as the inhabitants of the Skeld take their first steps on Earth. During the credits, humans, crew mates and robots turn the ravaged planet into a paradise, and the plant is shown to have grown into a mighty tree the following century, of which Chuu and MEE6 stand before together.

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Credit to OMJ for this suggestion.

108. OWM

Film: Dredd (2012)

The future SBC is a dystopic irradiated wasteland known as the Cursed Website. On the east side lies the Mega Discord City, a violent metropolis with 400 million users and 17,000 serious crimes reported daily. The only force for order are the Mods who act as judge, jury and executioner. Mod OWM is tasked by the Chief Mod Jjs with evaluating new recruit Cha, a powerful psychic who marginally failed the aptitude tests to become a Mod. In a 200-storey slum tower block called Nautical Trees, spam lord WhaleBlubber executes three rogue spam dealers (Jelly Lelly, Man Cartman and Jenna4), by having them skinned alive. They are infused with Blubber Nuggets (an addictive, chewy new type of spam which reduces the user's perception of time to 1% of normal) and thrown down to the atrium from the top floor. OWM and Cha are sent in to investigate, and learn of a spam den which they raid. They arrest a thug named Bl4ze, whom Cha's mind probe reveals to be the one that carried out the executions, and OWM decides to take him in for questioning. In response, WhaleBlubber's forces seize the tower's security control room and seal the building (closing its blast shield doors under the pretext of a security test) to prevent the Mods from leaving or summoning help.

WhaleBlubber orders OWM and Cha killed, forcing the Mods to fight their way through dozens of armed thugs. Arriving at the 76th floor, the Mods are assaulted by WhaleBlubber and his men with rotary cannons that rip through the walls, killing numerous residents. The Mods breach an outer wall and call for backup. Meanwhile, WhaleBlubber sends his henchman Person to search for the Mods. When they meet, OWM throws Person off the tower in full view of WhaleBlubber, disposable as his name implied. OWM suspects WhaleBlubber is desperate to keep Bl4ze quiet and beats him for information. Cha reads Bl4ze's mind and learns that Nautical Trees is the centre of Blubber Nuggets production and distribution. Cha suggests they hide while awaiting assistance, but OWM insists they move up the tower and pursue WhaleBlubber. Mods Trophy and Fred respond to OWM's call, but WhaleBlubber's computer expert (JCM in a cameo) denies them entry by persuading them the security system is malfunctioning. A pair of armed teens (KingBoo112 and BoringKid) confront OWM and Cha, allowing Bl4ze to disarm and overpower Cha. Bl4ze then escapes with her as hostage, and takes her to WhaleBlubber's base on the top floor.

While OWM works his way towards WhaleBlubber, he calls in the corrupt Mods tvguy, sbs1fan, CNF1 and Dragiiin. The four relieve Trophy and Fred from duty and are allowed into the building. OWM encounters CNF1 and is suspicious that he does not ask about Cha's status. Seeing his cover blown, CNF1 attacks OWM, but is killed. Meanwhile, Bl4ze tries to execute Cha with her own weapon, but the pistol’s DNA scanner does not recognize him and explodes, taking his hand off. She escapes and later encounters sbs1fan, whom she promptly kills after reading her mind. Elsewhere, OWM kills Dragiiin but runs out of ammunition. He is subsequently shot and injured by tvguy, but OWM stalls him long enough for Cha to arrive and kill tvguy.

Cha and OWM obtain the code to WhaleBlubber's apartment from his computer expert and confront him. WhaleBlubber tells OWM that if he dies, a device on his wrist will detonate explosives on the top floors, destroying the building. Reasoning that the detonator's signal will not reach the explosives from the ground floor, OWM forces WhaleBlubber to inhale Blubber Nuggets and throws him down the atrium to his death, ending his criminal legacy. In the aftermath, Cha accepts that she has failed her evaluation by getting disarmed, and leaves. Chief Mod Jjs asks OWM about Cha's performance; he responds that she has passed. Cha then rides off into the sunset on a motorcycle.

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109. Soundcloud Rapper: Please Don’t Stop The Beat

Film: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Told in the form of a musical documentary, Kevin Friel is a musical prodigy at an early age, and he forms a Soundcloud rap group dubbed "The SBC Boyz", with his Floridan childhood friends Fred and Salmon. They almost instantly gain fame in the music industry, inspiring many of today's musicians. However, after failing to receive credit for writing Kevin's guest verse on the Popheads-winning single “Please Don’t Stop The Beat", Fred leaves. After the SBC Boyz disband, Kevin becomes a solo act, taking on the name "Kev4Real", with Salmon as his DJ. Fred begins farming in Colorado after a failed attempt at going solo. Kevin's debut album Why, Surprised? rockets to the top of the charts and his fame increases. In 2020, Kevin releases his sophomore album The Last Great Kev Dynasty, which is heavily panned due to him writing every single song himself as well as using hundreds of different producers rather than Salmon's original beats. With sales surprisingly low, Kevin's manager NewLeafFan suggests having Tesla sponsor the tour. Tesla cars begin playing Kevin's songs when in use, causing a nationwide power outage that generates a wave of backlash among Kevin's fans.

Kevin begins his album tour, but the shows do not sell as well as he had hoped. NewLeafFan suggests they hire hip-hop artist Young Nug as an opening act, and the ticket sales begin to rise. Kevin starts to add new gimmicks to his act, including a robotic shark mask for Salmon, publicizing his relationship with actress Daisy Ridley, and a stage trick where he changes costumes in seconds behind a curtain. The trick only works as a result of Kevin having to hide his jewels behind his legs, but the trick is seemingly botched in Nashville, when Kevin is exposed as a live nude prankster mid-concert, and becomes the subject of mockery. Kevin's publicist, Homie, suggests he pull another publicity stunt to deflect attention from his humiliation. Kevin decides to propose to Daisy on live TV, with a display including a number of trained wolves and a performance by Ding. Ding's vocals agitate the wolves and they break loose, mauling the attendees. Ding fights off a wolf from experience, even saying his facial scar came from wolves. However he also gets mauled seconds later. The backlash against Kevin grows, and Daisy breaks up with him and starts dating Ding, who sues Kevin for his injuries. Salmon, worried about the declining quality of his friend's music, sets up a meeting between himself, Kevin, and Fred. The reunion ends poorly when Kevin refuses to acknowledge that Fred wrote the track that launched his career. Despite Kevin's poor reputation, The Yesternight Show agrees to book him on an episode. Host JCM in a cameo suddenly invites Kevin to perform the SBC Boyz' hit song “Tea Serve" along with Salmon, which is received well by the crowd despite Kevin's reluctance.

As the tour progresses, Nuggets begins to overshadow Kevin, selling more records than him and dragging out his act before Kevin's show. At a concert, Nuggets announces that he will perform as long as possible, causing Kevin to rush to the stage. A brawl ensues when Nuggets quietly admits that he orchestrated Kevin's wardrobe malfunction. Kevin demands that NewLeafFan let Nuggets go and fires NewLeafFan after finding out that he has signed Nuggets. The Last Great Kev Dynasty is later knocked off the charts and Tesla decides to pull their sponsorship. The remainder of the tour is cancelled, and Salmon decides to leave the team when Kevin questions his loyalty. After his beloved pet turtle Kev Jr. dies, Kevin sinks into a depression and moves back into his mother's house. He begins drinking heavily and starts selling crude horse drawings online. 

Homie forces Kevin to leave the house and takes him to a club featuring Salmon. Salmon's music and production are strong, though his singing is subpar. Kevin and Salmon reconcile and decide to finally make amends with Fred. Kevin gives Fred his Pophead award and apologizes, acknowledging Fred's contribution to his music. Kevin and Salmon discover that Fred owns a giant marijuana farm and a music studio in his farmhouse. As the three get high and collaborate in Fred's studio, Kevin receives news from Homie that a six-minute slot has opened for Kevin to perform at the Popheads Music Awards as a result of Billie Eillish being arrested for murder, and with encouragement from his friends, he decides to reunite The SBC Boyz.

At the Popheadies, Nuggets humiliates himself after arguing with Megan Thee Stallion on stage and NewLeafFan quits as Nuggets's manager after being insulted by him. Kevin reconciles with NewLeafFan and later finds out that the six-minute slot has been shortened to three minutes, forcing him to perform either a Kev4Real song or a SBC Boyz song. Kevin decides to perform The SBC Boyz's new song "Incredible Thots" featuring The Lonely Island (how meta). The film ends with Kevin reflecting on the lessons he has learned and the value of holding onto relationships after reaching stardom, and introduces a new baby turtle named Kev Jr. 2, before a wolf from Kevin's disastrous proposal attacks him.

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110. G4ry-Doo and The Gang Solve a Mystery

Film: Scooby-Doo (2002)

*insert It's Always Sunny theme here*

Two years after disbanding, The Gang, consisting of G4ry, Steel, Fred Rechid, Katniss, and Cha, reforms after being invited to solve a mystery at Paddy's Pub, a horror-themed tropical resort owned by Mr. Eugene Krabs. Upon arriving, The Gang meets Krabs, who claims the visiting tourists have been brainwashed. Cha attends a ritualistic performance hosted by actor Danny DeVito and his henchman, The Trash Man, a famous luchador. Danny claims ancient demons once ruled the island but have been plotting revenge ever since they were displaced by the resort.

In the resort's haunted house ride, The Gang splits up to look for clues (ah, ah, he said it!). Fred and Cha encounter a school that educates inhuman creatures about human culture, while Katniss discovers a pyramid-shaped artifact called the Dayman Sun Ritus. The island's demons kidnap and possess Fred, Cha, Krabs and other tourists (one of which being JCM in a cameo), and Katniss is possessed when The Trash Man captures her and steals the Dayman Sun Ritus. Steel, in an underground chamber, finds a vat of protoplasm containing the souls of those possessed, and he frees his friends' souls. Cha discovers that sunlight destroys the demons. The Gang then encounters a voodoo priest, who explains that the demons, led by Krabs, will rule the world for the next ten thousand years if a pure soul is sacrificed during their ritual. Steel realizes that the pure soul is G4ry, who unwittingly agrees to be the sacrifice.

The Gang plots to trap the demon cult, but it fails and only Katniss escapes capture. Krabs extracts G4ry's soul using the Dayman Sun Ritus, but Steel breaks free and pushes Krabs aside, causing G4ry's soul to be released. Fred and Cha discover Krabs is actually a robot controlled by G4ry's estranged nephew Mythix-Doo, whom The Gang abandoned years ago after his power-hungry nature became uncontrollable.

Using the tourists' souls, Mythix transforms into a monster and tries to kill The Gang. The Trash Man attacks and recaptures Katniss, but she defeats him by kicking him into the ritual chamber, where he knocks over the vat and sets the souls free to return to their bodies. Katniss kills the demons by reflecting sunlight via a skull-shaped disco ball. Steel rips the Dayman Sun Ritus from Mythix's body to free the souls and finds the real Krabs imprisoned in a small underground cell, having been captured by Mythix so he could pose as his double. Mythix, Danny, The Trash Man, and their minions are arrested while the reunited gang promises to continue solving mysteries together.

In a credits scene, Steel and G4ry challenge each other as to who can eat the most Philly cheesesteaks.


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111. G4ry-Doo and the Gang Solve Another Mystery

Film: Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

*insert It's Always Sunny theme here*

Fred, Katniss, Cha, Steel and G4ry-Doo attend the opening of an exhibition at the Philly Criminology Museum, which commemorates their past mysteries with displays of each culprit's monster costume. However, an individual known as the Evil Masked Figure (that’s really the name we’re going with I guess) interrupts the event, stealing two costumes using the reanimated MissingNo Ghost. Journalist Dee Reynolds ridicules the entire gang, starting a smear campaign against them. Concluding that an old vengeful enemy is the mastermind, the gang begin revisiting old cases. Dismissing the former MissingNo Ghost, Fa, due to his apparent death during a failed prison escape three years ago, they suspect Jjs, the Jack Skellington Ghost and Fa's recently-released cellmate. G4ry and Steel, after overhearing the others criticizing their tendency to bungle every operation, and especially their most recent failure to secure the MissingNo Ghost at the museum, resolve to better themselves and act like real detectives.

Going to Jjs' mansion, the group fall through a trapdoor and into a cage targeting unwelcome callers, but escape due to Katniss's cosmetics. Inside, the gang find an ancient Celtic text that serves as an instruction manual on how to create monsters by combining magic and science. G4ry and Steel find a note inviting Jjs to visit the Ghostly Toast nightclub and are attacked by the Jack Skellington Ghost, but escape when Katniss fights him off while Cha discovers its weak spot and disables it. Before fleeing, the rest of the gang had previously discovered through the book found in Jjs' mansion that the key ingredient to creating the monsters was a substance called "pingamonium", the byproduct of certain silver mines such as Philly's old mining town. Katniss, Cha and Fred go to the museum accompanied by curator Honest Slug, but discover that the rest of the costumes have been stolen. Dee turns the city against them.

Following the lead from Jjs' note, G4ry and Steel don disguises and sneak into the Ghostly Toast, only to discover it's a hangout for all the villains The Gang had previously unmasked. After speaking to Jjs, they learn that he has abandoned his evil ways. G4ry goes dancing, but his disguise falls off and the two escape through a trash chute. On their way out, they spot Slug uncharacteristically threatening someone who appears to be a member of his staff, ordering him to find out who vandalized his museum. Escaping an awkward interaction with Slug, G4ry and Steel spot Jjs leaving the club and follow him. Katniss, Cha and Fred go to the mines, finding Jjs presenting plans to turn it into a summer camp known as Kamp Koral for children to a group of investors. When they confront Jjs, he states that he and Fa hated each other for various petty reasons and that he has no connection to the museum robberies.

The gang then find the Monster Mash, where the costumes are vitalized as real monsters. Steel and G4ry play around with the machine's control panel, accidentally bringing several costumes to life, and the gang flees with the panel as the Evil Masked Figure terrorizes the city. Escaping to their old high school clubhouse, the gang realizes that they can reverse the control panel's power by altering its wiring, consequently destroying the monsters. However, Dracula Phineas emerges from the nearby lake, forcing the gang to retreat to the mines, encountering the various monsters along the way. When Cha tries to give G4ry and Steel the control panel, they refuse to take it, believing that they will once again ruin everything and admit their feelings of inadequacy compared to the rest of the gang. Cha convinces them they are fine as they are and that they have both been heroes in their own way all along. After escaping the Spooky Scary Skeleton Men, Cha finds a shrine dedicated to Fa built by Slug. Eventually, Slug finds her and proves his innocence by helping her after a catwalk gives way underneath her, but he is captured by the MissingNo Ghost.

The gang finally confronts the Evil Masked Figure as the Sauce Monster captures everyone except G4ry, who uses a fire extinguisher to freeze the Sauce Monster's body. He reconnects the control panel and activates it, turning the monsters back into costumes. The gang takes the Evil Masked Figure to the authorities, with Cha and Katniss unmasking them as Dee Reynolds. When asked about Dee's reason for committing her crimes, Cha suddenly pulls Dee's face off, revealing her to actually be Fa in disguise, who had survived his failed prison escape, then created the Dee persona to slander the gang once his thefts went public; Cha explains that she realized Fa was still alive after finding a newspaper clipping showing him in front of the museum, the construction of which had begun a year after his apparent death. Fa is arrested once again alongside his cameraman accomplice, JCM in a cameo, and The Gang are praised as heroes once more. The gang celebrates their victory at the Ghostly Toast with the reformed criminals.


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What's this, a sequel 3 years later?

112. Shit: Chapter Two

Film: It: Chapter Two

In 2016, “Shit” returns to Discord Street and kills a man named Kev after he and his boyfriend are brutally assaulted by homophobic youths. Local, the only member of the Discord Club who remained on Discord Street, calls the other members, Honest Slug, Trophy, Chaverly, Prez, RDSP, and Wintermelon to honor the promise they made 27 years earlier to kill Shit if Shit came back. All of them travel back with hazy memories except for Winter, who offs himself out of his fear of the creature. At DaRestaurant, Local refreshes the Discord Club’s memories before Shit itself reveals the news of Winter's suicide to them. Prez and RDSP decide to leave until Chaverly reveals that she has had psychic visions of their deaths if they fail to kill Shit. Meanwhile, Shit kills a young girl named Cake at a baseball game after luring her into a trap. At the Discord Archives, Local shows Slug, via a drug-induced vision, that the ancient tv.com "Ritual of Tome" can stop Shit for good.

Local explains that the ritual requires items from their past to be sacrificed. The members' searches for these past items involve traumatizing encounters with Shit, mostly in the form of Gogitawise; Gogitawise confronting Prez and telling him that he knows about his true sexuality, Chaverly being attacked in her childhood home, RDSP being attacked by the rotting troll in a medicine shop's basement. DS Guy, who was arrested for killing his father, is freed from a mental hospital by Shit. DS Guy also searches for the Discord Club and viciously attacks RDSP at the Discord Club’s hotel, and then Local at the library; DS Guy nearly kills Local, but Prez kills him before he has the chance. The Discord Club rejoin Slug—who just failed to save a young boy named Jaic from being eaten by Shit—at the XAT House, talking him out of facing Shit alone.

After three individual encounters with Shit, the group descend into a cavern beneath the sewers, where they perform the ritual. Floating bodies swirl around them once more, including JCM in a cameo. The ritual traps the Beters, Shit's true form, in a sealing jar, but a giant red balloon emerges from the jar, and explodes, revealing Shit as a spider with Gogitawise's face. Gogitawise pressures Local into revealing that Shit killed the tv.com users originally performing the ritual because their fears overtook them, a fact Local had hidden. Shit attacks the Discord Club and places Slug, Trophy, and Chaverly in individual traps, which they escape once Slug releases his guilt over Shit killing his younger brother Mythix, and when Chaverly realizes Trophy was the one who wrote a love letter to her when they originally encountered Shit, 27 years ago. Local stands up to the creature, only to almost get eaten, but Prez manages to distract Shit, getting caught in Shit's Beters in the process. RDSP saves him, but is fatally impaled in the chest. RDSP explains how he made Shit feel small earlier, giving them an idea. The Discord Club mock Shit, insulting and calling Shit various names, and bashing Family Guy, which causes Shit to literally shrink in size. Local rips out Shit’s heart, which he and the Discord Club crush with their bare hands, finally killing Shit. The Discord Club are forced to leave RDSP, who died from his injuries, while Shit's cavern implodes, destroying the XAT House.

The remaining Discord Club return to their old swimming area and wash off from their confrontation with Shit, and join hands to comfort Prez as he mourns for RDSP. Shit's demise has also caused the scars on their hands to disappear. After the Discord Club part ways, Chaverly moves to Hiyaville, Trophy becomes a baseball player, Prez returns to the kissing bridge where he had once carved his and RDSP's initials, Local decides to move out of Discord Street and start a new life, and Slug begins writing his new story before receiving a call from Local as he leaves Discord Street, learning that Winter sent them all posthumous letters. The letters reveal that Winter was too scared to face It, and that his suicide was intended to strengthen his friends against Shit. He asks the remaining Discord Club to "live life to the fullest potential."

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Hey I'm back for another round!


Instagram Fact-Checking


113. Big Fat Fact-Checker

Film: Big Fat Liar


Mythix is a compulsive liar and slacker living in the fictional city of SBC. Mythix tries to get out of his creative writing essay by making up obvious lies, but gets caught by his English teacher, Mr.Wumbo, who alerts his parents that Mythix has repeatedly shared false information and that the independent fact-checkers said the information Mythix has provided is false. He is given three hours to submit his essay or he will fail English and repeat it in summer school. Mythix uses his talent for spreading obviously fake news to write a story titled "Big Fat Fact-Checker". While riding his old bike to turn in the essay, Mythix is run over by the limousine of an arrogant Hollywood screenwriter and producer, SBL, and he convinces SBL to give him a ride. SBL is in town shooting his action comedy film Crock Blocked. During the ride, SBL admits he also tells lies and that the truth is overrated. In a rush, Mythix accidentally leaves his essay in the limo when it falls out of his backpack. SBL is inspired by the story when he reads it and decides to keep it for himself. Realizing his essay is missing, Mythix tries to explain what happened, but neither his parents nor Mr. Wumbo believe him and he is sent to summer school to repeat English.

Mythix and his best friend, Homie, later discover SBL has plagiarized Mythix's essay into a fake news media propaganda when they see a trailer for it at the movie theater. During the long weekend, they fly to SBCinemaland while their parents are out of town, and Mythix and Homie sneak into SBL’s office at his eponymous studio to request that SBL confess to his parents, only for SBL to purposefully burn Mythix's essay and call security to remove them. Angered, they decide to inconvenience him until he confesses. SBL's former limo driver and struggling actor, Aquatic Nuggets, agrees to help Mythix and Homie get him back because of his own troubled history with him. They sabotage SBL through a number of pranks, like dying his skin yellow and hair pink, super gluing his headset to his ear, tricking him into going to JCM, in a cameo’s, birthday party, where JCM mistakes him for the hired clown and beats him up, and tampering the controls to his car, causing it to malfunction and play Tom MacDonald’s “Fake Woke”. SBL's car is also rear-ended by a cranky elderly woman, knocking it forward into a violent monster truck owned by a wrestler known as The Old Man Jenkins. Thinking SBL nearly hit him, The Old Man Jenkins destroys his car with his truck.

SBL plans to produce Big Fat Fact-Checker with SBCinema, but Jjsthekid, the newly-appointed president of the SBCinemas, loses confidence in SBL after the critical and box office failure of his latest film Crock Blocked. Jjs declines to approve the budget for Big Fat Fact-Checker, so Mythix agrees to help SBL in exchange for his confession to his parents. With Mythix’s advice, SBL makes a successful presentation which gets the film approved by SBCinema, but SBL subsequently betrays Mythix and calls security to remove him and Homie for the second time. SBL's assistant, Cha, has grown tired of his reporting behavior and treatment of her and decides to help Mythix and Homie to expose him. They gather SBLNN's other tormented employees and devise a plan to expose him, while Mythix has his parents fly to SBCinemaland after admitting to them what he did the whole weekend.

The next morning, SBL heads to the news network to begin filming Big Fat Fact-Checker, but his employees delay him through a number of mishaps. As SBL finally arrives, he encounters Mythix, who kidnaps his NFTs. Mythix flees across the studio, luring SBL to a rooftop where he retrieves his NFT and mocks Mythix for trying to make him confess, admitting his actions, arrogantly believing no one is listening or ever will, and proclaiming he will never tell the truth to anyone, believing the truth to be overrated. However, the entire conversation is revealed to have been caught on camera and is witnessed by Mythix's parents, the media, and Jjs, who immediately fires SBL for his actions. Mythix thanks SBL for teaching him an important lesson about the truth not being overrated. SBL insanely laughs, angrily threatens to get him back and furiously tries to attack him, but luckily, Mythix leaps off the building, and safely lands on a stunt cushion, where he finally regains his parents' trust.

At the end of the film, SBCinema produces Big Fat Fact-Checker after SBL's firing while using the skills of people whom he had abused. The film becomes a critical and commercial success, with Mythix receiving full credit for writing his original story, pleasing his parents and Mr. Wumbo. Meanwhile, SBL declares bankruptcy and begins a new job as a birthday clown.




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114. Memeagascar: Escape 2 Afurrica

Film: Madagascar: Escape 2 Afica

In Afurrica, RDSP the lion tries to teach his son Imrustyokay how to fight, but the cub is more interested in dancing. Rival male OBAB challenges RDSP for the title of alpha lion, and during their fight Imrustyokay is captured by poachers. The crate containing Imrustyokay falls into the ocean and drifts to New York City, where he is renamed Rusty and grows up at the Central Park Zoo with Omair the zebra, Dman the graph-ahem, giraffe, and Katie the hippopotamus. 

Years later, following their adventure in Memeagascar, the zoo animals—Rusty, Omair, dman, Katie, the penguins jjs, Clappy, Trophy, and Storm, and chimpanzees OWM and JCM in a cameo—prepare to return to New York aboard a battered airplane piloted by the penguins, accompanied by the lemurs King 4EverGreen, Renegade, and Appy. The plane runs out of fuel and crash lands in continental Afurrica. The animals find themselves at a watering hole on a nature reserve, and are excited to meet others of their species. Rusty is reunited with his parents and impresses them with tales of his status as "the king of New York". Omair fits in with a herd of other zebras who look and sound just like him. Dman, a hypochondriac, is distressed that the reserve has no doctors, so the other giraffes appoint him their witch doctor, Salmon. Seeking romance, Katie attracts the attention of the smooth-talking male hippo Hippy the Hippo.

Meanwhile, the penguins set about repairing the plane, assisted by numerous chimpanzees recruited by OWM and JCM. They steal vehicles from several groups of New Yorkers who are on safari and strip them for parts. Betty White, a tough old woman who slapped Rusty around during the events of Memegascar (which I didn’t show oops), takes charge of the stranded tourists and helps them survive in the wilderness.

The zoo animals' excitement soon turns to disappointment. In a scheme to oust RDSP as alpha lion, OBAB insists that Rusty complete a rite of passage which Rusty mistakes for a talent contest. It is actually a fighting contest, and OBAB tricks him into choosing the strongest lion as his opponent, resulting in Rusty's humiliating defeat. Faced with the duty of banishing his son, RDSP relinquishes his title as alpha and OBAB takes over, with his first decree demanding everyone simp for Hatsune Miku. Meanwhile, Omair is dejected by the realization that the other zebras can do everything he can, believing himself no longer unique. Dman comes to believe that he is deathly ill, and Katie's interest in Hippy saddens him since he has secretly loved her for a long time. The four friends argue heatedly with one another. Katie has a date with Hippy, but loses interest when she realizes he is only attracted to her because of her size. After a pep talk from King 4EverGreen, Dman finally reveals his feelings for Katie.

The next day, the animals panic when the watering hole dries up. Determined to redeem himself, Rusty mends his friendship with Omair and they leave the reserve to investigate upriver. King 4EverGreen suggests that offering a sacrifice to the nearby volcano will restore the water. Dman, forlorn and believing he is dying, volunteers to be sacrificed. Katie stops him from jumping into the volcano, and realizes that he is the perfect guy for her. Rusty and Omair discover that the stranded New Yorkers have built a camp and dammed up the river, and Rusty is captured by them. RDSP rushes to his aid, but Rusty saves them both by dancing for the tourists, who remember him fondly from the zoo. Omair, Dman, Katie, the penguins, and the chimpanzees arrive in the repaired airplane and help Rusty destroy the dam, restoring the water. OBAB angrily makes a stand for control, but Rusty tricks him into being subdued by Betty White. RDSP offers Rusty the title of alpha lion, but he declines, and father and son become co-leaders.

jjs the penguin marries a bobblehead doll from the plane, and he, the other penguins, and the chimpanzees head off to honeymoon in Monte Carlo. Rusty, Omair, Dman, Katie, and the lemurs happily decide to stay on the reserve for a while.



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115. The Snowcember Express

Film: The Polar Express

On the night of Christmas Eve in Pennsylvania, a young boy, Winter, who doubts the existence of Santa Claus, notices a steam locomotive riding on the street while on his bed during the night. Named the Snowcember Express, the train is on its way to the North Pole in Canada, eh. Initially reluctant, Winter jumps aboard and meets a spirited girl, Jane, and a smart know-it-all boy, Coffee Lover. The train then picks up a boy named Mythix. At first, Mythix declines to board, but changes his mind, prompting the Winter to apply the emergency brake, allowing Mythix to board. The children are given hot chocolate by a team of waiters, and Jane stows one cup under the seat to reserve for Mythix, who is alone in the observation car. The conductor, Trophy, and Jane give Mythix the cup of hot chocolate, but the Winter notices that Jane's ticket hasn't yet been validated. When he tries to take it to Jane, the wind blows it out of his hand. After flying around and being stumbled on by several animals, the ticket slips its way back into the train. After Jane discovers that her ticket is missing, the Trophy leaves with Jane, presumably to throw her off the train; although the Winter offers Jane his ticket, Trophy stops him, as they are not allowed to give away their tickets. Before the Winter can stop the train again to prevent this from happening, he finds the ticket and traverses the rooftops of the train to follow Jane and Trophy.

Winter encounters a hobo, JCM in a cameo, who proclaims that he is the king of the North Pole and helps ski Winter down towards the driver's quarters of the train before it enters a tunnel, where Jane is put in charge since the driver Hawk, and his assistant Steel, have to replace the light. After the light is replaced, they see something up ahead and order the train to be stopped, which the Winter does, leading to a herd of caribou blocking the tracks. Trophy pulls Steel's beard, causing him to let out animal-like noises, and the caribou herd clear the tracks. As the train continues on, it moves at extreme speed due to the controls getting stuck, and the split pin shears off. After traversing through numerous roller coaster-like obstacles and a frozen lake covering the tracks, Steel uses his hair pin to replace the control scheme, and Hawk narrowly gets the train onto the tracks on the other side of the lake after a massive ice break.

The train arrives at the North Pole, where Trophy announces that one of the passengers will be chosen to receive the first gift of Christmas from Santa himself. Discovering Mythix still alone in the observation car, Jane and Winter persuade him to come along. However, Winter accidentally uncouples the car; sending it hurtling along a route towards a railway turntable into Santa's workshop. The children make their way through an elf command center and a gift sorting office facility sliding down a massive slide that leads them to a funnel before being dumped into a giant sack of presents, where they discover that Coffee has stowed away. After the sack is loaded onto Santa's sleigh, the elves escort them out before Santa and his reindeer arrive.

A bell flies loose from the galloping reindeer's reins; Winter initially cannot hear it ring, until he finds it within himself to believe. He returns the bell to Santa, who selects him to receive the first gift of Christmas. Santa agrees to let him keep the bell, and Winter places it in his robe pocket. The rear car is returned to the train by the elves as the children board to go back home, but Winter discovers that he lost the bell through a hole in his pocket he unintentionally ripped while getting out of bed. He returns home and awakens on Christmas morning to find a present containing his lost bell with a note from Santa. He and his younger sister joyfully ring the bell, while their parents, not believing in Santa, do not hear the bell and lament that the bell is broken. Winter reflects on his friends and sister eventually growing deaf to the bell over the years as their belief faded. However, despite his now old age, the bell still rings for him, as it does "for all who truly believe.”

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116. Captain Hawkbit

Film: Captain Phillips

Hawkbit takes command of The Delta Queen, an unarmed container vessel from the Port of YSFlight, with orders to sail through the Discord Channel to SBC. Wary of pirate activity off the coast of Goo Lagoon, he and First Officer Rugratskid order strict security precautions on the vessel and carry out practice drills. During a drill, the vessel is chased by pirates in two skiffs, and Hawk calls for help. Knowing that the pirates are listening to radio traffic, he pretends to call a warship, requesting immediate air support. One skiff turns around in response, and the other – crewed by four heavily armed pirates led by jjs – loses engine power trying to steer through Delta Queen's wake.

The next day, jjs's skiff, now fitted with two outboard engines, returns with the same four pirates aboard. Despite valiant efforts of Hawk and his crew, the pirates secure their ladder to the The Delta Queen. As they board, Hawk tells the crew to hide in the engine room, just before the pirates storm the bridge and hold Hawk and the other crew members at gunpoint. Hawk offers jjs the $30,000 in the ship's safe, but jjs's orders are to ransom the ship and crew in exchange for millions of dollars of insurance money from the shipping company. While they search the ship, Rugratskid sees that the youngest pirate Kev does not have sandals and tells the crew to line the engine room hallway with broken glass. Chief Engineer JCM in a cameo deactivates the power to the ship, plunging the lower decks into darkness. Kev cuts his feet when they reach the engine room, and jjs continues to search alone. The crew members ambush jjs, holding him at knifepoint, and arrange to release him and the other pirates into a lifeboat. However, jjs's right-hand man Slug refuses to board the lifeboat with jjs unless Hawk goes with them. Once all are on the lifeboat, Slug attacks Hawk, forcing him into the vessel before launching the boat with all five of them on board.

As the lifeboat heads for SBC, tensions flare between the pirates as they run low on the plant-based amphetamine khat and lose contact with their mother ship. Slug becomes agitated and tries to convince the others to kill Hawk. They are later intercepted by the navy destroyer S.S. GourmetGourmet's captain Trophy is ordered to prevent the pirates from reaching the SBC coast by any means. Even when additional ships arrive, jjs asserts that he has come too far and will not surrender. The negotiators are unable to change his mind, and a team from DEVGRU parachutes in to intervene, while Hawk makes an attempt to escape from the lifeboat before being quickly recaptured and repeatedly beaten by Slug.

While three DEVGRU marksmen get into positions, Trophy and DEVGRU continue to try to find a peaceful solution, eventually taking the lifeboat under tow. jjs agrees to board Gourmet, where he is told that his clan elders have arrived to negotiate Hawk's ransom. In the lifeboat, Hawk prepares a goodbye letter to his wife in case he is killed, while Slug decides to take full control. Slug spots Hawk writing the letter and snatches it. Hawk retaliates by beating Slug until Kev subdues Hawk by striking him in the back with his AK-47. Slug beats Hawk further and tries to convince Kev and WhoBob that he must be killed. The pirates tie up and blindfold Hawk, leaving him to say his final goodbyes. As Slug prepares to shoot Hawk, Gourmet's crew stops the tow, causing WhoBob, Kev, and Slug to lose balance. This gives the marksmen three clear shots by which they simultaneously kill all three pirates. jjs is arrested and taken into custody for piracy. Hawk is rescued from the lifeboat and treated. Although in shock and disoriented, he thanks the rescue team for saving his life.

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117. Finding Salmon

Film: Finding Nemo

Kieran is a clownfish who lives in an anemone in the Great Barrier Wife. His husband, Coral, and most of their eggs are killed in a barracuda attack. Only one damaged egg remains, which Kieran names Salmon.

Years later, Kieran is overprotective of Salmon. On Salmon's first day of school, Kieran embarrasses Salmon, and the two fight. While Kieran is talking to Salmon's teacher, Salmon defiantly approaches a nearby speedboat, where he is captured by a pair of scuba divers. Kieran pursues the boat in vain and meets Cha, a blue tang who suffers from acute short-term memory loss, who offers her help. The two encounter three sharks (Wumbo, OMJ and Clappy) who’ve sworn to abstain from eating fish. Kieran discovers a diver's mask that fell from the boat; he accidentally hits Cha with it, giving her a nosebleed. The scent sends one of the sharks into a feeding frenzy, but they flee after accidentally setting off a ring of old naval mines, which knock Kieran and Cha unconscious.

Salmon is placed in an aquarium in the office of dentist Renegade in Sydney, Australia. He meets the "Tank Gang", including yellow tang Mythix, starfish sbl, cleaner shrimp Appy, blowfish Winter, royal gramma OBAB, and damselfish Cake, led by RDSP, a Moorish idol. Salmon learns he is to be given to Renegade's niece, who has killed her previous fish. RDSP devises a risky escape plan: Salmon, who can fit inside the aquarium's filter tube, will jam the filter with a pebble, forcing Renegade to put the fish into plastic bags while he cleans the tank, giving them the opportunity to roll out the window and into the harbor. Salmon attempts the maneuver, but fails and is almost killed.

Kieran and Cha wake up unharmed, but the mask falls into a deep trench. They descend after it and encounter an anglerfish, JCM in a cameo, which chases them. Cha memorizes the address written on the goggles, and they escape. Cha and Kieran receive directions from a school of moonfish, but Kieran disregards them to take what he believes is a safer route. They stumble into a forest of jellyfish, the stings of which knock them unconscious. They awaken in the East Australian Current with a group of sea turtles including Steel and his son, Trophy. Kieran tells them about his quest, and the story is relayed across the ocean to Sydney where a pelican, OWM, tells the Tank Gang. Inspired by his father's bravery, Salmon makes another attempt to jam the filter and succeeds, and soon the aquarium is covered in green algae.

Kieran and Cha exit the East Australian Current and are consumed by a blue whale. Cha tries communicating with the whale, which expels them through its blowhole at Sydney Harbour. They meet OWM, who helps the pair escape from a group of seagulls and takes them to the dentist's office. Renegade has installed a new high-tech filter, foiling the Tank Gang's escape. His niece arrives, but Salmon plays dead to save himself. OWM causes a disturbance, terrifying the niece and throwing the office into chaos. Kieran, seeing Salmon's act, believes Salmon is dead. After Renegade throws OWM out (along with Kieran and Cha), RDSP helps Salmon escape through a drain that leads to the ocean.

Despondent, Kieran bids farewell to Cha and begins his journey home. Kieran's departure causes Cha to lose her memory. Salmon reaches the ocean and meets Cha, but she does not remember him. However, her memory returns when she reads the word "Sydney" on a drainpipe. Cha reunites Salmon with Kieran, but a fishing trawler captures her in a net along with a school of grouper. With his father's blessing, Salmon enters the net and he and Kieran instruct all of the fish to swim down. Their combined force breaks the boat’s net, allowing them to escape. Kieran and Salmon reconcile.

After returning home to the reef, Kieran is more confident while Cha has remained friends with the sharks. Kieran and Cha see Salmon off as he goes to school. At the dentist's, the filter has broken, and the gang, having been put in bags, have escaped into the harbor. Still stuck in the bags, they ponder what to do next.

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118. SBC Wars Episode VII: The Force Goes Woke

Film: The Force Awakens

Thirty years after the Internet Civil War, the First Order (aka discount Empire) has risen from the fallen SBC Empire and seeks to end the New Universe Republic. The Community (aka discount Rebels) backed by the Republic and led by General Cha, opposes the First Order. Cha searches for her brother, Fred Skywalker, who has gone missing.

On the desert planet Instakku, aka discount Xatooine, Community pilot Slug Dameron receives a map to Fred's place from Sebby. Stormtroopers commanded by Kylo Renegade raid the village and capture Slug, while Ren kills Sebby. Slug's droid, Chuu, escapes with the map and encounters a scavenger named Katniss (Hunger Games in space?). Ren tortures Slug using the Force and learns of Chuu. Stormtrooper FN-4052, disillusioned by the First Order, frees Slug, and they escape in a stolen TIE fighter. Upon learning that FN-4052 has no other name, Slug gives him the name "FinnDinner". As they head to Instakku to retrieve Chuu, a First Order Star Destroyer shoots them, and they crash-land. FinnDinner survives and finds only Slug's jacket in the wreck, leading to the assumption of his death. FinnDinner encounters Katniss and Chuu, but the First Order tracks them and launches an airstrike. Katniss, FinnDinner, and Chuu steal the Millennium Hellcat and escape the planet.

The Hellcat is discovered and boarded by Hawk Solo and G4ry. Gangs seeking to settle debts with Hawk attack, but the group escape in the Hellcat. At the First Order's Starkiller Discord, a planet converted into a superweapon, aka discount Death Discord. Supreme Leader Joker allows General Hayden to use the weapon for the first time on the New Universe Republic. Joker questions Ren's ability to deal with emotions surrounding his father, Hawk Solo, who Ren states means nothing to him.

Aboard the Hellcat, Hawk determines that Chuu's map is incomplete. He then explains that Fred attempted to rebuild the Jedi Order, but exiled himself when an apprentice turned to the dark side, destroyed the temple, and slaughtered the other apprentices. The crew travels to the planet Metadana and meets with cantina owner SG, who offers help getting Chuu to the Community. (Note: JCM makes a cameo as one of the cantina patrons) The Force draws Katniss to a secluded vault, where she finds the lightsaber once belonging to Fred and his father, Kevin Skywalker. She experiences disturbing visions and denies the lightsaber at SG's offering. She then flees into the woods, confused and terrified. SG gives FinnDinner the lightsaber for safekeeping.

Starkiller Discord, much like the original Death Discord, destroys the New Universe Republic and its fleet leaving just the Community left. The First Order attacks Metadana in search of Chuu. Hawk, G4ry, and FinnDinner are saved by Community X-wing fighters led by Slug, who survived the crash. Cha arrives at Metadana with MEE6 and reunites with Hawk. Meanwhile, Ren captures Katniss and takes her to Starkiller Discord, but she resists his mind-reading attempts. Joker orders Ren to bring Katniss to him. Discovering she can use the Force, Katniss escapes using a Jedi mind trick on a guard.

At the Community base on Invision, Chuu finds Robot Jones, who had been inactive since Fred's disappearance. As Starkiller Discord prepares to fire once more, the Community devises a plan to destroy it by attacking its thermal oscillator. Using the Hellcat, Hawk, G4ry, and FinnDinner infiltrate the facility, find Katniss, and plant explosives. Hawk confronts Ren, calling him by his birth name, and implores him to abandon the dark side. Ren seems to consider this, but ultimately kills his father instead. Devastated, G4ry shoots Ren and sets off the explosives, allowing Slug to attack and destroy the base's thermal oscillator.

The injured Ren pursues FinnDinner and Katniss into the woods. FinnDinner fights Ren with the lightsaber to protect Katniss before Ren knocks him unconscious. Katniss takes the lightsaber and channels the Force to defeat Ren in a duel; they are then separated by a fissure as the planet's surface begins to splinter. Joker orders Hayden to evacuate and bring Ren to him to complete his training. G4ry rescues Katniss and the unconscious FinnDinner, and they escape aboard the Hellcat. As the Community forces flee, Starkiller Discord implodes. Robot Jones awakens and reveals the rest of the map, which leads Katniss to the oceanic planet Spotify-To in the Hellcat.

On Spotify-To Katniss finds Fred atop a cliff on a remote island. Without a word, she presents him with his father's lightsaber.

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