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I'm back on SBC for probably just today, so here's my review from SBM

*spoiler warning*

My review time.

The intro was so good. It was no kaleidoscope like in the first movie but it was satisfying. A little glitch in continuity by making the island enormous but I actually really like the idea of the plot taking place on the island. The seagulls seemed to just be comic relief but they actually worked. Casting Kevin Michael Richardson was a great call, along with the rest of the seagull voices, and Paul did great as Kyle, I mean, they didn't cast him just for the heck of it, he did great.

So it starts out like a normal SpongeBob episode. Plankton going after the formula. The plot for him getting into the Krusty Krab was amazing. I didn't think it was necessary to have the fart noise when Plankton ran into the mayonnaise but come to hunk of it, it kinda fit to add it when the ketchup bottle ran out, because that's a common joke to make when a ketchup bottle "farts". The subtle "Finland" that Patrick said was a perfect callback. After all that I really loved Mr. Krabs' victory dance around Plankton.

I loved the underwater animation and it looked great in 3D. It was so perfect; they even added little floating specs like you'd see underwater. The transition to the apocalypse was pretty neat actually, having it happen in a flash. It was a nice little reference to Mad Max: The Road Warrior, where they based the costumes off of, and then a little reference by making the Chum Bucket look like the oil compound in Mad Max. SpongeBob and Plankton together was super entertaining, and I've never said this about a show before but Plankton was really cute in this movie, if you feel I need to, I'll elaborate on that later.

The time travel was super cool, Nick Cross did amazing with the storyboards, it was probably the best time travel sequence they've ever done in SpongeBob. When they were building it, I'm glad Plankton actually talked to Karen before she shut down. It wouldn't have been good to me if he just cut off before he said he was glad Karen was part of his team. Squeeze Me fit perfectly in those scenes, and I actually really like the song now, along with Patrick Star when it appeared in the credits. Bubbles was hilarious everywhere they put him in, I loved his random chirps in he middle of his sentences.

The most emotional part was probably the monologue at the Krusty Krab after Plankton and SpongeBob come back, and the gags were awesome with the trash and later the "my leg!".

The traveling to land had beautiful artwork, along with the rest of the movie, and the score was incredible. John Debney was able to put in all styles of music and the flowed so well.

So the whole sacrifice scene was pretty cool, it really showed how important the Krabby Patty is to Bikini Bottom. Then how SpongeBob got the whole town to follow him and like I said, the artwork was beautiful. I liked Bubbles coming back, but I don't think it was necessary for the toilet paper to still be stuck to him. Then on the surface, when he flew up into the triangle portal, I was really hoping to see a rainbow come out the other side to make the Dark Side of the Moon reference. I was really hoping for a Slash cameo, but it worked without him. The gags on land were hilarious, and then they went to Pelican Island. Oh, and Epic Rap Battle guys had a cameo at the food truck? Awesome. I liked all of the fighting and chase scenes, and then when Plankton gave the formula back to Mr. Krabs, it was really touching.

I liked how they ended the underwater part of the story and still had the Burger Beard part on the island. It was great how they turned him into Painty and had him sing the whole theme song. It looked like they got Steve to do the mouth, like he did in the original theme 15 years ago which I was really happy about. The rap battle wasn't bad at all, it was pretty funny and may have just been a filler but it was better than I expected.

I liked Squeeze Me in the credits, I was way too hard on it when it first was released, and I loved the style of the credits with the mix of the animation and the background. I wish they didn't just have a black screen with the rest of the credits, and I really wish Sandy Squirrel didn't have to be played during them. The Ernest Borgnine dedication was really cool, and then it ends with Gary and Plankton.

Definately a 9/10

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I saw the SpongeBob movie today and I was really impressed. I thought it was as good as the first movie, which I didn't think would happen.  So spoilers up ahead....


]I really enjoyed how it focused on SpongeBob and Plankton working together to find the formula, like building the time machine, going through different periods of time, and SpongeBob trying to explain the concept of teamwork. I also thought the scene of Plankton being inside SpongeBob's mind to be both trippy and hilarious. I also had a feeling the live action scenes wouldn't be in the movie as much as the commercial played it up. Though I'm disappointed the scene with Squidward getting stuck in the soda can rings was taken out, along with the scene of Patrick looking at the lady with the ice cream. Though it was actually really entertaining. I also thought the animation was beautiful and I even saw it in 3D, which was even more incredible.

I thought all the jokes were clever and hilarious. Along with SpongeBob's adult line, "Time for some aft-kicking!" I was surprised at the end when Plank-TON gave back the formula and how Squidward admitted that SpongeBob was "okay in my book".

The only parts I didn't care for were the seagulls who I thought were annoying, I didn't think the soundtrack was all that good, I thought the ending with the rap battle was kinda weird, and I was disappointed that it didn't have the "Thank Gosh It's Monday" song. The other characters like Burger Beard and Bubbles were good though.


Spoiler ends here....


Overall, a really amazing and hilarious movie.

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I can agree with Seb in feeling like I was watching two different movies. I liked the idea of the Krabby Patty famine/apocalypse (tho the idea of them choosing not to even remember the formula is pretty ehh) and it made me sorta wish the movie focused mainly on that end instead of the whole "becoming the Avengers mumbo jumbo". I also thought it pretty weird seeing Patrick, Squidward and Krabs just suddenly be thrusted onto SpongeBob's side when they do finally go about going on land after trying to flat-out kill em, they could've handled that turn a bit better to get the tee-amwork message across, but it's SpongeBob so I shouldn't look much into it I guess. I was pleasantly surprised that much of the movie was spent underwater and the whole SpongeBob/Plankton dynamic (Plankton was probs my favorite thing about the movie in general) was pretty great and even kinda emotional at times, especially leading up to him giving the formula back despite being like the most powerful out of them all at that moment. Shows how big of a change he's made from being the big bad main antagonist he was in the first movie. That and all the references and callbacks I could spot. Burger Beard was pretty forgettable as the baddie, sorta makes me wish Bubbles turned out to be the big bad guy given his god-like status. I can't hate the seagulls too much, they gave me a few laughs. I didn't mind the rap battle as much, I expected something crazy to be the cherry on top of all the other crazy this movie made me experience. Overall, Sponge Out of Water turned out to be pretty better than what I was expecting, but there was some room to improve. It didn't leave as big of an impression on me as the first movie did.

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I definitely felt that the biggest plot twist was that Plankton was NOT the big bad this time around (which definitely surprised everybody in Bikini Bottom, considering how many times he HAS been the big bad) and the fact that Spongebob would be persecuted for trying to defend Plankton. It almost seemed like a metaphor for how some people (both fictional and real) have been persecuting Spongebob for the way his show and the characters on it have been handled for the majority of seasons 4-9. This movie seemed like the "Return to Normal" (or what CONSTITUTES as normal for the show, anyways) for all the major characters. I'm glad to see that Sandy got a lot more screen-time in this movie, and completely GASPED at how even Bubble Bass got a brief cameo appearance in!  :o Only downsides (for me) was that there was STILL not enough Pearl and Mrs. Puff in the movie, and even Larry got relegated to the sidelines.  :( Still, I felt the movie was really solid, better than the first!  :) (And initially, I felt like I was going to be lucky if this movie WAS just as good as the first movie!)  :P Can't wait to see Stephen Hillenburg back in the captain's chair full time!  B) Enough said! ;)

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This was...interesting. I saw it from a Spanish CAMRip of the film, and while there's a few jokes I must've missed, I got the bulk of the plot down.



+ I love the small visual gags littered throughout the film. A lot of them were really cool and gave the film a more cartoonish and exaggerated vibe (as opposed to the stiff and flat style of the newer seasons), as well as displaying some nice callbacks for the fans.

+ The animation overall is superb. Obviously, seeing this movie's budget. But I think they used it fairly well, to amplify the zany plot and off-modelness. 

+ The plot itself is what seems to get a lot of people mixed reactions. Personally, I loved it. Yes, it was extremely disjointed. Yes, it didn't make sense. Yes, it was crazy and off-the-wall. But do those aspects really matter here? This is SpongeBob SquarePants, a show about an anthropomorphic sponge living in a pineapple under the sea. I appreciate they're having fun with its absurdity, using it to its advantage for a multitude of gags. Now don't get me wrong, SpongeBob can have good plots every now and then (Friend or Foe is one of my favorites). But overall, it's a comedy. It should try making you laugh before telling an avant-grande tale (which the first movie already did anyways).

+ Speaking of which, I liked how this didn't just retread the steps of the 2004 film. Now that would've been lazy. 

+ I thought Plankton's character development was well-handled. It was subtle, not in-your-face but not totally nonexistent either. It didn't take itself too seriously, yet it was still a part of the experience.

+ I heavily enjoyed the presence of the main six altogether. Something that's always bugged me about the original is the lack of variety in the characters, and this did a good job of fixing it.

+ I liked the machinery and weapons in this, in both the beginning and the Burger Beard scene. Gave me a very Kids Next Door vibe.

+ Oh, and it was funny. How could I forget that?


- While I loved the nonsensical story, I did feel it wasn't enough to fill the runtime. Some scenes, such as the final battle, kinda drag, and others, like the random rap session, came out of nowhere and felt like padding. It could've easily been a TV movie. 

- The live-action scenes were as awkward as I anticipated, though thankfully they weren't too long.

- I thought the characters were a bit flanderized, which somewhat bugged me throughout. Patrick was slightly jerkier, SpongeBob may have been a bit too happy, ect. They seemed to have retained their post-movie personalities, which is unfortunate since everything else was so well done.


In conclusion, I really liked the movie. It had its fair share of flaws, but it was a fun, wacky escapade. The writers did a good job of capturing the feel of the series on the big screen. I would give it an 8/10. Does it compare to the first one? I don't know, it's been a couple of years since I've seen it. But it stands up well enough by itself, so who cares?

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Could've written a review myself earlier, but being lazy and all, as well as not being the usual reviewing type of guy, I haven't given myself the chance until now....


I saw it on the first day it came out in theaters (right after one of my community college classes, no less), and I had a blast. Obviously, the movie did not disappoint for me, but it did have some minor flaws along with a major one.


Anyways, my biggest compliment for this film other than the really good looking animation is that it managed to deliver its jokes and make me laugh, and it managed to retain the old Spongebob charm. I also liked how it was able to introduce some new things/aspects for the show, even if there are parts where the movie didn't have that "Spongebob feel." (I'll get to that later) What's else about the charm is how the characters were likeable, trying to keep to their original selves. With Sandy taking a more important role, I'm glad she gains more screentime.


To discuss the plot, my thoughts on it are between good and could've-done-better. The secret formula suddenly disappearing? Seems exciting. However, I don't know how to feel with a good chunk of the plot centering Spongebob and Plankton being forced to team up after their accusations of betraying Krabs for Plankton and hiding the formula respectively. The set-up between the two worked though, especially with Plankton going inside Spongebob's mind, but I felt the apocalyptic setting dragged on for a bit.


To go even further, I'll say one thing about the movie I'm sure everyone else on SBC has already said: it's insanely trippy. Over the top crazy. With moments such as the time machine bits and Spongebob & Plankton ending up in Bubbles' universe, it's no wonder.


Aside from the doses of callbacks, standard silliness, and usual setting, there are moments where I feel that things were in a different direction. Burger Beard tops that. His character and lack of association stands out as my major flaw with the film. He feels so obviously evil, and I could only wonder what he wanted to do with the secret formula and the book, because he doesn't seem to have much of a motive. The seagulls were there too to build up the storyline. I don't feel they help with the "Spongebob feel," but I can pretty much say that Burger Beard's interactions with the birds make his character less forgettable. Of course, there's that out of nowhere, infamous rap battle by the end of the movie.....totally uncalled for, but I don't mind that much about it.


Before that, there's the live-action/CGI blending and all the action that takes place. For the CGI, it was nice to see a different perspective of the characters, even though the CGI 'wasn't needed' as one SBC member pointed out. The action scenes were really good and at a fair length. Detailing the book that is explained further on during Burger Beard's point of view, or MacGuffin for that matter, I'll add that it kept the storyline interesting and added up to the reveal of the secret formula's disappearance.


It's as great as I wanted for it to be and a breath of fresh air after the negativity of Spongebob that I've witnessed in 2014. Still, it has its flaws. I loved this movie, but not as much as the first one (that is technically the ending).


I give it a 8.5/10.

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Okay, I saw the movie online (Don't pester me for the link) and here's my opinion.





I hated it. This movie sucked. This is probably the worst SpongeBob movie I've ever seen in history! I hate it!



NOT! This movie was actually pretty satisfying for me. There were a few gags that I didn't particularly like in the film, but it was still a pretty great movie. Let me talk about the goods and the bads.

The Krabs:
- Antonio's performance as Burgerbeard was very funny and wacky as well. Same with the seagulls as well.
- The return of Bubble Bass.
- Not to mention the return of previous SpongeBob gags (Hold the Mayo, Finland, etc.)
- "Ha ha. Victory dance. Booyah." - Robot Plankton
- Jimmy. Back. My. Formuler.
- stmdNNZ.jpg
- "So is he an anemone or a plankton?" - Squidward
- Gary, King of the Snails.
- Also, the part where Gary's snail army attempts to chase SpongeBob and Plankton.
- I couldn't help but laugh at those three guys beating up on the tire.
- The tiny piano gag worked even better when it played while Plankton was tiptoeing.
- The part where they try to get the key reminded me of The Secret Box.
- The Teamwork Song was pretty catchy.
- Plankton's farewell to Karen was really sweet, despite how abrupt it ended.
- The trippy time machine scenes.
- "What year is this?!" "It's Thursday." :hysterical:
- Even though it wasn't Patrick Stewart, I really liked how Matt Berry voiced Bubbles. I can still hear Volcano George when I hear his voice.
- Squidasaurus Rex. Enough said.
- "Oh my Neptune, he's mixing garbage with recycling!"
- I heard "My leg" again. Classic "My leg". It wasn't some other character who said this. No, it was Fred Rechid. Fred ::dolphin noise:: Rechid. Bless this film.
- "All secondary characters, come with me."
- I think the ice cream cone on Patrick's head was a callback to Hall Monitor, which I liked.
- The cotton candy scene had the old SpongeBob music in it. What else do I have to say?! Also, the part where SpongeBob and Patrick are on cotton candy reminds me of this.
- The cannonball scene was pretty fun to watch. I still wish they used "The Blue Danube" though. Still, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" was a good song and I wouldn't mind putting it on my iPod.
- Plank-Ton and Invincibubble defeating Burgerbeard was epic.
- Squiddy's rock hard abs.
- I was actually impressed with the CGI scenes. I mean, some of them may have had their flaws, but they turned out epic.

The Plankton:
- I didn't like most of the toilet humor in the film, but some jokes worked.
- Even with SPENGEBAB, the bicycle scene still looked awkward to watch.
- The beached porpoise scene. I like how they kept Sandy's line, but it still looked gross.
- The part where Squidward massages a woman's back (with sexy music) still made me uncomfortable.
- Sandy's real design creeped me out a bit. Gave me traumatic memories of G-Force.

So overall, it was a pretty great film. It gets an 8.5/10 out of me.

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For those who were disappointed about the Thank Gosh It's Monday scene not being in the movie (like me), apparently it was supposed to be included, but got deleted for some reason and can instead be found on the soundtrack.

So here's the full version of the song, and I do hope that it will be included on the blue-ray release.


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(This was my original review on SBM, but now, I guess it deserves a 9.5 or even 10 out of 10) :)


So, I saw the movie the day after it came out, and I loved it! Seriously, I couldn't stop talking about it. Not sure if the first one is better or if this one is, but the important thing is that I enjoyed both movies. So, I'll tell you some pros and cons of it:



  • The seagulls, I thought people would like them as much as I did, they were hilarious!
  • I loved the "In Depth" look on the island that we always see in the theme song
  • Non Stop jokes. I loved the constant jokes we got throughout the movie. I was really laughing a lot too. Most of them were actually funny despite a few. One that I didn't like was "Gary's Litter Box". I found it kinda corny.
  • Character development. Pretty much all the characters got their time to shine in this movie. Maybe they could've added a few more lines for Squidward and sandy, but that's okay.
  • Teamwork theme, I thought it was really nice to see Plankton and SpongeBob work together as well as the whole cast (And the song)
  • Animation. The animation was really REALLY good for this movie. So bright and colorful. Also, I liked the CGI parts and didn't mind them at all
  • Time Machine/Time Travel scenes. These were really amazing from Patrick saying it's thursday, to the Squeeze Me song, to Bubbles and the planets colliding etc.
  • Super Hero Fight. I think it was really well done and we did get a fair amount of time to enjoy the battle between Burger Beard and the gang.
  • The rap battle. I loved it for sure, it was unexpecting yet hilarious and awesome at the same time



  • Deleted Scenes (There was some great content that ended up not appearing in the movie like "Thank Gosh It's Monday" sad.png )
  • No emotional moments, there may have been one or two tiny moments, but too bad there wasn't a real huge sentimental moment.
  • A little bit sloppy-ish. Yeah, that's not a word but what I mean is that it was kinda all over the place with the plot.


That's all I got. I can't think of any other cons but I feel like there is one more I can't name at the moment.... Oh well, nonetheless, the pros definitely overpower the cons and the movie was just great. I do wish I could see it again so I can have a better judgement on it, but for now, I'll give it an 8.5/10

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This is just a reaction after watching it for a second time, and I won't be doing a full, in-depth review quite yet. (That's in the works with my countdowns)


This movie was pretty good. Really far from one of my favorite animated movies, but still good. I mean, the big thing I noticed were how many ties and references to the show there was. Sure, there's the obvious extension of FUN, Pressure, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V, Back to the Past and Sponge-Cano, but there's even a lot of little things, with quotes like the mispronunctiation of words or "Hold the Mayo" or even "Do you Have any sevens?", and settings like sitting on a cliff by the fire (Life of Crime) or riding a big bubble (Atlantis SquarePantis). There's a lot of them and I can't pinpoint them all, but it's really pushing the boundary of "referencing the show" and "ripping it off," which leads to some on-the-edge comedy. What's also great is the animation. The traditional techniques, which we haven't seen in like, forever, combined the crisp brightness of the ninth season with the shading and depth of the first movie, and it's a very appealing combination. The CG really retains that feeling. I MEAN LOOK AT CUTE WITTLE PATRICK DON'T YOU WANNA SQEEEZE 'IM 'TIL HE POPS!?!?




But in all seriousness, they did a really exceptional job incorporating the CG with the live-action and created some fun jokes and awesome action. Antonio Banderas did very well with his very believable role. Even the background feel right, it really felt like it was underwater and bright. The soundtrack was also really original and upbeat. "Thank Gosh it's Monday" (which, despite my theory, I still wish was there) gave it a taste of the character's personalities and the good attitudes of the people before the apocalypse. "Teamwork" really brought SpongeBob and Plankton together and developed thier relationships. As for the characters, it gave a much more wide perspective on thier world and gave more attention to the other characters. It really built up to a great lesson of what selfishness could lead to. It also retained SpongeBob's style of humor and put jokes all the way through. Even the CG parts, which were heavily advertised, were still just as funny, as for one, I love slapstick a lot, and two, most of the jokes in the trailers were taken out of context. By the way, nice job at parodying the Avengers.


Although, according to the behind the scenes video, they said that it was going to bring us to a whole new SpongeBob, going to places they never went before and bettering them ten-fold.


I disagree with that very thoroughly. While I'm not a fan of a show "pulling an Adventure Time" and changing styles immediately, it didn't really do much that we haven't seen before. Aside the references taking up most of it, we already saw a hero's journey between two characters (The Original Movie), we already saw time travel (Back to the Past), we already saw an apocalypse undersea (Sponge-Cano), we already saw the gang going to land (Pressure), we already saw them becoming superheroes (MM and BB VI), and we already saw SpongeBob and Plankton's bond (FUN). It's not neededly a bad thing, though, it's a good taste of SpongeBob, only longer. Isn't that all we really need?


But what don't I like about this movie?

  • Thank Gosh it's Monday's removal. I already talked about this in another topic so I don't have much to say, but it was fully animated, fully recorded, fully composed, written and sung, and fully ready to go for the release, and they just got rid of it. I mean, why is that? Given that I just saw the full music video, I feel it would've been a great way in.
  • There was no transition between normal life and apocalypse. I know it was a joke, and I know it was funny, but it somehow feels jarring to see it be so--like that.
  • It honestly felt that it could have been shorter. Not even counting the excessive time before and after the SpongeBob segments, I don't even know why, but it felt like somehow, it could've fit into a TV Movie.
  • Sandy's Superhero design sucks. Not only does the realism look unfitting next to the colorful cheeriness of the rest of them, it's unsettling to hear Sandy's voice come out of it and to have her power pretty much be galloping and spitting nuts.

Yet those are all remedial compared to how it ended. No, I'm not talking about the climax, that was pure awesomness. And I'm not talking about the rap battle, as I feel like I'm the only one who actually loved it. It was so out of nowhere and silly that I just had to laugh. I mean, they literally censored stuff! I'm talking about that they ultimately decided that after all the devolpent the two went through, all of the problems with society, all of the point of going to land to actually stop this problem, or literally every last thing in the movie... they decided to just completely forget it, because, you know what, "the status quo is God." Normally, with an episode like Nautical Novice I don't really mind it because it's really just an eleven minute comedy that the decided to use 30 seconds of just so it can fit with the show's lack of continuity. This ending is of a movie, where it needs a strong story to keep you interested. When you decided to not end every little thing you built up, all of the rest goes with it and it feels insulting. Even if it isn't at the end of the timeline, there still, needs, to be, SOMETHING!!!


Anyways, as a whole, this movie was a fun and enjoyable extension to the show. By movie standards, this would get something of a 7/5/10 for me.

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Honestly disappointed. The puns, the fact that the plot took so long to get rolling, the cringey jokes, etc. all made this film so lesser than the first. The animation was beautiful, but there were so many things that appeared to me as the plot going off on an irrelevant tangent that only detracted from the bigger plot. It felt like it was just being prolonged for a lot of the movie. They've already been above water, the formula has already been stolen... this just felt so rehashed and recycled. It could've been so much better and it just fell flat in my opinion.


EDIT: I also feel like it tried so hard to be like "Look how hip we are" in its randomness and animation style because SpongeBob is old now in comparison to the newer wave of cartoons. I feel like it was trying emulate Adventure Time, etc. 

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So I got to see most of the movie online (so I still want to catch the full thing on dvd sometime) and

I think both movies were good in their own ways. One had a more emotional message of excepting who you are and another was just interesting to look at and to follow. Like wow, the animation looked like it was painted at times and I did like seeing the mix of CGI and live action. The settings for Gary and Sandy were very visualizing appealing. Though I do prefer the original movie's jokes, this second movie did bring some new things to the table. And who would have thought that the main villain and the hero would be cooperating together? I felt like the premises of this movie was actually more creative than the first. Literally the time traveling part between times is my favorite part, trippy stuff. The universe thing was so cool you don't even know. But they did overdo some ideas, having Bubbles and superheroes, pirate and talking seagulls AND a rap battle felt like hot mess at times. Tim Wilson's cameos. <33

SB replaying his voice, OH MY NEPTUNE HE'S MIXING GARBAGE AND RECYCLING and Squidasarus were the best.


Stupid nonsense which sums up the current series and some of the old, I don't mean this in a bad way at all.

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