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My review on the second SpongeBob SquarePants movie.

Writing: It's not as excellent as the first movie, but the writing is really great. It's a little slow paced at times, but the plot is executed well. 8/10
Humor: Some of the funny moments:
* "I just remember! I don't work for Mr. Krabs!"
* "Knock knock" joke
* Sandy going insane
* SpongeBob (from the past) asking future Plankton several questions
* Some of Bubbles' moments
* "My leg" gag
* "All secondary characters come with me."
* Patrick having a crush on an ice cream
Pretty decent even though the story matters more than the humor. 9/10
Characterization: What TVTropes has say about this is that most characters are in their old selves. I like it...no one is Flanderized whatsoever. Though I do feel like the townsfolks went too far with betraying SpongeBob. 9/10
Drama/Emotion: They handled it really well. 8/10
Animation: Compare the animation to seasons 6-9.1. It is much better than those seasons combined and it's on par with the first movie and seasons 4 and 5's animation. it is so free-flowing. I want to see more of this season 4/5 and movie-like animation in the future episodes. 10/10
Art style: It's the first animated movie in forever to be traditional animated. The 2D are more beautiful than the movie as the colors appear more brighter. The faces are a lot more expressive than usual.  The 3D scenes were well done. It did has a Flash scene and that was decently animated. 10/10
Voice acting/Live action performance: The voice actors did a great performance as their characters. I really enjoyed hearing other familiar voice on seagulls. Antonio Banderas did a great job as Burger Beard. 10/10

So, to honor the birthday of Tom Kenny, I watched this movie. It is as great as the first one and I can't really decide the better movie. In terms of humor, the first movie handled it better. There is a different though: the first movie's humor seems a lot more crude that made it worthy as a PG rating. Here, not so much. The story of this movie was better because all of the main characters (well, I'm not counting Gary) were involved. The art and animation seems to improve from the previous movie. The facial expressions and how it was animated was a lot similar to most of seasons 4 and 5 (which I believe is the show's peaked animation). It was interesting to see that the whole movie seem to be based on some sort of storybook. The seagulls were great characters and while they were annoying at times, I find them to be funny. I liked that familiar names were voice them, particularly Barnacle Boy's voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson (whose seagull sounds like Mr. Gus), and Billy West. the characters in the SpongeBob world stayed true to their old selves (with the occasional jerk Patrick). I hope fans of old seasons are happy about the show's creator being back. I thought he was done with SpongeBob for good. I hope he can remain for the remaining seasons. The soundtrack of this music were really catchy especially the time travel one (it's the first music play in the credits). The land scenes were awesome to watch even if the trailers seem to spoil too much of it (basically, the trailers relied on those scenes). So, all in all, I had a blast watching this movie and I hope the third movie is not a letdown. With this movie, I expect to see more traditional animation. 

OVERALL SCORE: 4 stars out of 5 stars (movie style) / 9/10 (from a scale of 1 to 10)
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I watched SOOW recently and here are my thoughts on it:

-The 2D animation is gorgeous and better than the first movie's animation. The CGI character models were decent as well.

-Spongebob is surprisingly more mature in this movie than in the first movie (that one fart joke aside). I like how his voice was deeper, too.

-I wouldn't say this movie was hilarious, but I got a few laughs here and there.

-Patrick wasn't brain dead or a jerk, which is a step up from how he acted in some of the Seasons 6-8 episodes

-There was definitely more toilet humor in this movie than in the first movie and that may have been due to executive meddling

-Why didn't Mr. Krabs believe Spongebob when he said it wasn't Plankton's fault the formula vanished? Doesn't Mr. Krabs consider Spongebob one of his most trustworthy employees?

-The talking seagulls were annoying and they either shouldn't have talked or they shouldn't have been in the movie at all.

-You know what else didn't need to exist? The rap battle. It was unnecessary. The movie could've ended with that scene at the Krusty Krab. Probably another sign of executive meddling.

-Plankton and Spongebob working together was an interesting setup.


Overall, it's not a terrible movie, but it's not great, either. It's not bad to the point where I wouldn't see it again, though. I'd give it a 6.5 or a 7/10.

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3 hours ago, Mikurotoro92 said:

TBH I didn't really like it

WAY too dark for SpongeBob

The only part I enjoyed was the fight sequence against Burgerbeard during the last 30 minutes

Hated everything else

Yet another sign that Nick really needs to put this show out to pasture!

Hating the second movie for being "too dark" is new to me, so I'd like to know why this movie was so intense for you while the first movie's King Neptune threatening to fry Mr. Krabs to death, Plankton's army of brainwashed Bikini Bottom citizens, and the Cyclops trying to kill SpongeBob and Patrick for knick-knacks wasn't too intense for you to get on your bad side.

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8.5/10 Great Hilarious and cool. Takes way too much time to set up the plot, it gets to the climax 3 minutes after the plot is set up!


Highlight: The tiny piano Lowlight: Krabs deciding to kill Spongebob over getting the wrong formula!


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