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Since tomorrow is the opening day for the new movie, I figured this topic should be used as an official review thread for it. Discuss and grade the film here whenever you see it. Please be courteous and note that everyone may not have seen it when you are writing your review, so mark any possible spoiler-y things in spoiler tags.

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Guest hilaryfan80



Overall score: 4.3/5



If there's one word that I can use to describe this movie, it's trippy. Yep, it's trippy. I absolutely love the trippy approach that the SpongeBob writers went with. Instead of being your normal situation-conflict-solution plot, now there's this situation-weird-comedy-subplot-conflict-subplot-solution-resolution mix that's oddly refreshing. I'll talk more about it in the spoiler tag below.



The bulk of the "trippyness" is during the time machine part. I actually thought this would be like the SB-129 episode when they were about go into the time machine, but boy was I wrong! It was very trippy to say the least, but it also keeps the cartoon-comedy that we've all come to expect from the SpongeBob franchise. It's like they took the modernness of 2015 (think of the flat look that apps have these days) and combined it with hipster to make an ultimate trippy aspect. It sounds weird, but they manage to make it work really well.


Another part of the trippyness is when SpongeBob and Plankton travel to Bubbles the Space Dolphin in this weird space prism that oddly reminds me of Pink Floyd.





One thing that left me hanging about the plot was that there was two "different" plots going on at the same time: the apocalypse and the secret formula. The transition between the two was a little lacking and seemed pretty random, so I have to bring down the plot rating because it did seem too random, giving the plot a 4/5.



The overall music behind the SpongeBob movie has a "hipster-Indie" feel to it. I didn't expect it from the SpongeBob franchise at all, and this is where, in my opinion, the movie excels in. 5/5.



Holy crap. The amount of SpongeBob references in this movie! Many things from many different episodes were referenced. Some examples are listed below in the spoiler.



My top 3:

  • My leg
  • "FINLAND!"
  • Squidward's interpretive dance


The only thing that the movie failed to do was reference the first movie. In fact, this is probably the movie's strongest weakness: no mentions or references of the first movie. I fully expected to see the pirates from the movie theater in the first movie to show up, but they never did. Not once. I was highly disappointed in that. However, I can see the creative side of this: the first movie was supposed to be the end-all to the series, which would mean that referencing the first movie would mean referencing the supposed-to-be ending of the series. I can kind of see why they wouldn't reference that: this would acknowledge that the supposed-to-be ending wasn't actually the ending, but the beginning of something else. It would also give to a major plot hole known as the Krusty Krab 2, but that's for a later discussion. They didn't even reference the infamous "Now That We're Men" song or the Goofy Goobers restaurant.


Unfortunately, I'll have to give it a 3/5. I was hoping to see more references from the first movie, but it didn't happen. However, there were many other references made, so that helped out the score.


Character Design

Overall, I loved the creative approach they did with the design of the characters. The shading wasn't overbearing, and it actually enhanced the feel of the movie. I saw the movie in 2D, and I felt like the shading really helped to pop up things, so that's a great aspect. 5/5



This movie was HILARIOUS. I'm not kidding. I'm freaking 21 years old and this movie is hilarious even to me. There was even an opportunity for adults to give a "That's what she said!" joke (which I'm sure is actually intentional given the history of adult jokes in the series). Holy crap. The funniest joke, in my opinion, was Squidward's superpower (which I'm going to leave a mystery - you have to watch the film to know!). I'm going to give the comedy a solid 5/5.


Replay Value

I'd say that this movie has some replay value. It's definitely not like Avatar where you watch it once and you probably never want to go through the 3 hours ever again, but it's definitely not the most replayable movie. Honestly, I think this movie has more replay value than the first movie, and that's an accomplishment! I'm going to give this a 4/5.

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You don't even have to use drugs to enjoy this movie because it's already trippy and action-packed and I LOVED IT!!!!

Grade: A (No joke)


This has to be one of the best things that happened to me in a while. I'm serious. The movie impressed me a lot and it was a lot better than most of reviews said. There's so much to talk about actually. Hmmm, lets start with the story.

First of all, the story was just another "steal the formula" story and It really feels like I'm watching a SpongeBob special but there's some really stuff that the show hadn't even used. First of all, all characters going on land. Yeah, we saw that in Pressure but here we actually see the characters meeting humans and that was really cool. There's some really trippy stuff in it like time travel, Bikini Bottom going to apocalyptic, the part with the dolphin, a human being the main antanoginist and the magic book thing. Those were pretty creative. It's not the most well-written thing that the show has ever done but still the story has original stuff in it and I really don't have anything anagist at the story, except that we didn't see the part when Burger Beard got the secret formula by writing that he got it on the magic book but that's just a minor flaw. The weird thing about the movie is that %60 of it takes places in underwater and a few stuff in the trailer like Slash or two girls talking about how our heros got musclular didn't take place in the movie but I blame Paramount Animation for this because them promoted the movie.

Characters in the movie are actually in their character (not completely but still) with a few stuff that we don't normally expect from the show. SpongeBob is still nice and friendly (also he kept Squidward's six packs, which was a sweet and funny moment) but also serious at some points, Patrick is jerky but in a funny way and they didn't go to far with this, Squidward is still the squid that doesn't care about a crap or praise himself, Mr. Krabs is greedy but he still cares and Plankton is evil genuis. What I didn't expect was that Sandy going on nuts about religious stuff and that's weird since she is a scentist but I liked how they used her that way. She was funny when she was on nuts but there's still stuff that she is still the same squirell we know. Also Plankton's last part in the live-action scenes were unexpected. I mean I knew Plankton was going to be back to normal but that happens at the end of the movie and what happened in live-sction surprised me. Also the status quo thing works because this takes place before the movie, so it's understandable why they didn't want Plankton to change but If there weren't new episdoes that will come out in June and this was a sequel, I would definetly want him to become a good guy. Oh and SpongeBob and Plankton interacting was something that I was looking forward to see in the movie and it didn't disappoint. When there was some slow scenes in the movie, Plankton and SpongeBob interaction made everything up and it made no boring parts at all in the movie. Their interections were fun to see. Plus they singing was cool to see and a great reference to F.U.N. episodes.

Like I said before, there are more 2D animation in the movie and that was actually satisfying to see, even though Paramout lied to us and spoiled some live-action stuff (plus If %60 of the movie wasn't going to take place in out of water, why It was named SPONGE OUT OF WATER FOR GOODNEDD SAKE!!!). 2D animation here was really colorful and character designs are cool, plus 3D glasses works for the 2D animation too, so I gave animation directors of the movie a huge credit. Character's CGI designs were cool and fights in live-action were really well-done. Also Antonio Banderas's action was pretty great. So yeah, this CGI/live-action movie is better than any cartoon movies that were live-action/CGI mixed adaptions.

The enjoyment of the movie was well-done. There was probable one or two scenes that I was bored or annoyed in the movie. Rest was just fun. The action parts in live-action and 2D, Bikini Bottom going down, the bike scene, the teamwork song; all of them were enjoyable, Not the mention time-travel sub-plot in the movie was excellent. It was trippy, it was bizarre and I loved it. I love trippy sequences in TV shows or movies and trippy sequences we got here was awesome, even more than the nightmare in Squidward's Clarinetland.

The humor in the movie was for the most part was great (though the enjoyment was better). There were a few jokes that I didn't like such as the running gag of Plankton not saying "teamwork" correctly, SpongeBob's laugh torturing Plankton but most of them were funny. The reviews said there were fart and poop jokes in the movie but don't worry. There were like 3 or 4 of those in the movie and those parts were separate and the poop jokes were got were 2 and there weren't bothersome because one of them was from seagulls and a lot tv shows make jokes like these, so it wasn't bothersome and the other poop joke was Squidward inking but I can let it slide because they use his ink to write the last page that they become superheros. I won't mention funny parts of the movie but there were a few that I can mention like the part when Squidward was in a lady back (an adult joke, HAPPY? tongue.png ), the conversation between future Plankton and past-SpongeBob, the tiny piano gag (it was in the trailer but what part they used was totally unexpected and hilarious) and some parts with Patrick.

There were a few references to old episodes like F.U.N., Sailor Mouth, Rule of Dumb and Spongehenge and those were pretty cool. I'm glad there weren't so many refences though because that would lower the humor.

There were some heart in the movie too like Plankton saying sweet things to Karen, Plankton giving the secret formula to Krabs in live-action scenes and SpongeBob keeping Squidward's six packs and i'm glad to see those moments in it.

There are a few nit-picks though like Karen was actually forgotten after Bikini Bottomies going to sacrifise SpongeBob and the way Burger Beard got the formula wasn't seen and there were a few annoying moments here but those don't ruin the grade, I gave to the movie.

Overall, this movie became one of my favorite animated movies now and it was better than what I heard in some critic reviewers and a few audiences in the trailer (they were kids and their parents surprisingly, I respect their opinions though). Surprisingly though I actually enjoyed watching this more than the first movie but this one and the first movie were actually a tie to me. While, this movie used more characters and this movie was more enjoyable, the first movie is almost flawless (with the exception of SpongeBob being more childish than pre-movie era and lack of other main characters), the plot was more well-written and it was a perfect way to end the franchise (unfortunatley Nickelodeon got greedy and started making some infamous episodes ). If Hillenburg wrote this masterpiece with Paul Tibbit, then I'm pretty sure him returning to focus on SpongeBob more will make redeem the show for it's future. I can't wait for the new era.


Oh and my studies for the first university exams are improving and I'll continue to impove more.


Can't wait to get high and watch this.

Read my first sentence.

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So yeah, if you wanna know what it's like to use acid, watch this movie.

All jokes aside, I can agree with most people here when I say it is a really trippy movie. I loved it tho. The sense of action and adventure really held my interest the entire time. There were some genuinely funny moments, my favorite was


when Plankton said something to upset Spongebob in front of everybody so he just started going crazy and kicked a trash can over and started mixing it with all these recyclables. Everyone gasped and was like "DEAR NEPTUNE, HES MIXING THE TRASH AND RECYCLABLES TOGETHER!"

I dunno, I thought some of the jokes were really well thought out, but at times I found myself saying wtf is going on hahaha. Not only that but to be honest, towards the end I thought it was dragging on a bit, especially with the rap battle. THE MUSIC SCORE THO. It felt like I was in an epic pirate film. LOVED IT, and it fit the feel of Spongebob perfectly. So all in all, as a diehard Spongebob fan, I loved it. It was a fresh and new adventure unlike any other and I highly recommend it.


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Now that I've had the day to process more, there is something else i want to add. This is just my way of thinking, and I don't want to go all pre-movie vs. post-movie here, but I feel like the earlier episodes had this sort of "charm" to it. And I feel like in the movie there were moments when I felt that charm again, but to be honest, there were times when I was thinking "oh my god this can't be spongebob what is this". Some of the time, it was just so odd... I don't know how else to explain it but that's just a lil thought I had earlier today. Still love the movie tho, would see again.

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Ok so I think I have my thoughts compiled about this movie in such a fashion that I can translate them.  Oh and as everyone else has mentioned, spoilers ahoy!



It was fine.  It was not bad in particular nor was it good.  It had it's moments that made me very nostalgic as to why this will be the Nicktoon that I will always be most passionate about.  I really adored making this centered primarily on SpongeBob and Plankton showing that they can be friends just as much as they are enemies.  F.U.N. is one of my favorite episodes of all time and watching these two interact that heavily again really made me happy.


But man...that plot.  I was always skeptical about this plot from the moment I saw it.  And watching Bikini Bottom turn into a post-apocalyptic war zone really made me shake my head.  Once again, my skepticism about the importance of the krabby patty to a functioning society is just facepalm worthy.  I get that it's a cartoon, but that's just such an extremity that it makes me question why would they not have the secret formula memorized by now.  Granted that question gets answered in one of just many trippy moments in this movie, but I digress.


I do appreciate that they spent a majority of the movie underwater and that the land portion was pretty much the bare minimum of time given.  The animation sequences in general for this movie were fantastic and hopefully this shows that 2D animation can still be well done in this CGI cinematic landscape that's been primary for the past decade or so.  As for the acting, Antonio Banderas hammed it up to such extremities that I feel like he was probably paid a ton for agreeing to do this role.  The voice actors were their usual selves so I don't really have any complaints with how they did, although I have to admit, I really want to know who voiced Bubbles the Dolphin because he sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch and Patrick Stewart had a love child.


But back to that plot, there were so many instances in this movie that made me feel like....actually the woman above me worded my thoughts correctly.  What the hell was I watching?  Yes SpongeBob has thrown lord knows how many sequences that were entirely out of left field, but this movie takes the cake more so than anything they've done on the show.  I couldn't believe that this was a SpongeBob movie with so many ball tripping sequences like all the time traveling scenes, Plankton tripping major ballsack in SpongeBob's brain, that entirely out of left field rap battle between the seagulls and Bubbles, the sacrifice of SpongeBob.....I could go on and on.  30-40% of this movie felt nothing at all like SpongeBob....and surprisingly, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  That rap battle was atrocious and they should have left that sequence out of the movie entirely...so terrible.  But as speechless as a majority of these trippy sequences were...I liked it for it's weirdness.  Especially the time travelling.  I laughed at how screwy it was and how much it messed with my thoughts on this movie.


Despite everything that I just said, I don't think this movie will have nearly as much replay value as the original to me.  Sure if I sat through it a second time, there will be a good chance that some of the good jokes will probably make me laugh again.  But I don't know if I could handle those trippy sequences a second time and enjoy some of them as much as I did without some sort of substance to make me not think as much.  That's probably going to effect my score for this more so than anything else because while this was definitely money well spent, what affects my opinion of any movie is would I sit through it again.  There's just not that much replay value for me with what I just watched.  I did like this, but not enough to sit down and watch it again anytime soon.


Whether you decide to read my spoiler tab or not, I still think this movie will satisfy it's fan base here on the forums enough to leave everyone happy.


3/5 (Yes I'm the only one so far that clicked the 3 button above :P)

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Saw the movie yesterday and I might as well review it while it's still fresh in my head.

This movie definitely took it up a notch from the original - and from someone who absolutely adores the first movie, that's saying a lot. Honestly, I was expecting it to be of "meh" quality, especially after seeing the trailers, but it ended up blowing me out of the water in the best way possible. 

First I must address my three major worries that I had before seeing the movie:
- The animated scenes were going to be of season-4-and-beyond quality.
- The live-action scenes were going to take up the majority of the film.
- The movie was going to mainly rely on cheap jokes and would try too hard to be hip and relevant.

Instead I got:
- The kind of SpongeBob storytelling that got me and everyone else into the fandom in the first place.
- About two-thirds of the movie taking place in good old 2D Bikini Bottom (I guess 2½D in the 3D version)
- The movie keeping me in stitches with its dialogue, jokes, and the right amount of randomness that was superb, even for pre-season 4 standards.

One criticism that I would have in terms of the plot is that the movie seemed to be dealing with two conflicts: the Krabby Patty famine apocalypse and Burger Beard the Pirate. Even though they did a good job intertwining them, it kind of felt like I was watching two different movies at certain parts. That aside, I was very pleased to see that every main character-- especially Sandy, who was snubbed in the first movie-- had an important role to play.

If I had to pick some of favorite moments, they would have to be the parts with SpongeBob and Plankton. And yes, those time machine scenes were TRIPPY AS HELL (that 
Pharrell song kept making me want to dance in my seat). The best scene had to be when they meet Bubbles the Dolphin. That was simply the most epic WTF moment in SpongeBob's history.


I could go on and on about this movie, but to sum it up: two thumbs through the roof! I definitely want to make a point of seeing it again during its 3D run and maybe catch some stuff that I may have missed. Seriously, go see this movie. Even Mr. Krabs would agree that it's worth every penny. ;)

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Okay, so I got home a few minutes ago, and i've already formed my opinion.


When I saw the trailers, I was excited, but I was worried the live action wouldn't hold up the best. I thought it was great animation, I liked the NERD song. I thought it would be 8.5/10? Now....




This movie is great. Normally, I explain the plot, but....yeah. You're reading this cause you've seen the movie, and even if you haven't, you probably know the plot.


Anyways, is the movie funny? Definitely. It's a great mix of dialogue humor, visual humor and...what is it called....event humor? You know, like when stuff happens that sorta sets off a reaction, In this movie, it's more of circumstance, and it's a lot like classic Spongebob humor. I don't have much for favorite moments. 


Alright, how about the characterization? It's good. No one was out of character. Each of their specific kinds of humor were there. As for new characters, they're good. The pelicans....I guess they're maybe decent (Kevin Micheal Richardson's voices are so distinct), but they didn't add much substance, but that wasn't the intention. Burger Beard was good...I was sorta disappointed Patchy wasn't anywhere....it was a chance to meet Squarebob. Bubbles the Dolphin (THIS GUY IS ILLUMINATI. Three words, one with three letters, one with six letters. 6 / 3 = 2. Also, he teleports with a triangle and that's where his job was...a triangle. He watches over the cosmos and WATCHES over it, and plus, HE HAS THE SYMBOL ON HIS JACKET) his cool. he's pretty interesting. 


The live action parts were pretty cool, they turned about better than I thought they would be. I think it added a sense of relatability to me, cause that's a lot like how real beaches and urban areas near them are like...a lot of tourist stuff, I suppose. Also, I like all the powers the characters got, specially The Rodent. I thought it was pretty cool, and there some humor there too. Good direction.


I noticed a lot of callbacks. The "toast" fish said one of his most famous lines, Patrick uttered "Finland" right after, and during the credits, Squidward reuses his interpretive dance from Culture Shock and does it to Squeeze Me, and it's just....slowly going across the screen...looping...and then it goes. ALSO, OH MY GOD. MY LEG! HE SAID THE LINE! FREDDO IS BACK IN THE BIZ....for a few short seconds. Soon enough, he'll be back out of the hospital with whatever he job he has, and most importantly, Tom.


Great animation on both 2D and 3D. it seemed so fluid and the designs worked really well. The 2D was pretty cartoony but well done, and the 3D fit in well and didn't look ugly, Yay.As for the other media stuff, like whatever in god's name was going on when they were time traveling (that was favorite part by the way) and Spongebob's....brain


The music is amazing. John Debney's score really is grand. It adds new levels of suspense or excitement to the scenes. It made everything feel more...grand....more cinematic. Good job. Also, hats off to NERD for Squeeze Me, it's pretty darn catchy...it's better than pillows! And pillows are amazing. Also, that other song from the credits. I don't know what it's called and it's the first i've heard of it, but it was catchy. 


Oh yeah, and the credits were good to. Seeing a lot of familiar names (the main actors, the head staff, and people like Luke Brookshier, Marc Ceccarelli and Robertryan Cory) was pretty cool. It was sort of like my moment of so much going through my head about the movie. How this movie has been an essential part of SBC for me, keeping up on it, waiting for the day when I get see it, and now...i've seen it. It didn't disappoint. It went over my already high expectations, too. 


Season 9 of the show has been going on for...two and a half years. It's a little over halfway over, if i'm wrong, though. Hopefully, things will go back to the normal schedule, sort of like Season 4 with the post-movie hiatus. Bob Camp, Sherm and Stephen going back to certain points in the show is really exciting.


I hope you're ready, Spongebob. I am.


Hey, I wanted to end with something like that. It sounds sappy and kind of weird out of context and pretty stupid. Okay, anyways. Your turn.

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This is my SBM post:


Anyway, this movie was freaking amazing. I loved it. Loved it. This just might be the greatest movie I've ever seen. Everything worked. EVERYTHING. I loved it to death and I could watch it any day of the year. The movie beginning with the food fight was amazing and hilarious. The later part with Spongebob and Plankton on the run was great. I loved the Teamwork song and Plankton's inability to pronounce team right. And then the scene when they make the time machine was great. It was trippy when they were time traveling. That was psychedelic but cool at the same time. When they time travelled, it was cool to see that glimpse of the future. Which made the story stronger. And then Bubbles was great. I kept thinking of Austin Powers when he was shooting the laser "SHARKS WITH FREAKING LASERS" :P. When they got back I laughed at Plankton's note. And then the really great joke HE'S MIXING TRASH WITH RECYCLING! THAT was comedy gold. For real, I was dying of laughter. Then the Squidosaurus thing was so wtf that it was awesome. When they tried to sacrifice Spongebob I actually thought he was gonna die for a second. It was that intense. But then, when he smelled Krabby Patties, they freed him. THEY BROUGHT BACK MY LEG! I was relieved and laughing for a second. And then there was The Lord of The Rings parody when they were making the journey up to land. I was the only one in the theatre (besides my dad) who understood that. :P. After the semi-trippy Bubbles sequence, they got to land. This is where people would've gotten worried, but I wasn't. It was pretty impressive. The whole action sequences were very intense and great. Burger Beard was funny. And when Sour Note played the note, I was soooo relieved it wasn't a fart noise. Really I only noticed one fart joke in the movie, and that was in the traditionally animated part. Everything was pretty great in the scene. But when Plank-Ton came up and saved everyone, THAT was epic. That was a great scene in the movie. And then the seen with two Gary's was a great joke. And then, the best part. When the seagulls and Bubbles had the rap battle, I literally almost lost all my breath and imploded of laughter. THAT WAS :dolphin noise:ing the best thing ever. And in general, I loved how many old references there were. Bubble Bass, My Leg, Finland, you name it. AND THEY KEPT SPENGHEBAHB! I would have never noticed that in the movie if it weren't for SBM and that trailer. This hiatus was worth it for the amazing movie. As for the Burger Beard segments, the seagulls were hilarious. Burger Beard was funny himself. I was expecting pirates like the first movie, but this was even better to have them CROSS OVER with the characters! And Squeeze Me is now gonna be stuck in my head forever. I actually liked it. Sure I may have ranted on it earlier, but that was before I actually heard the track. Anyway, what else can I say? I think I've fully praised this movie enough. 10/10, if you have not seen it and you are reading it, THE :dolphin noise: are you waiting for? WATCH IT!


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So this was a epic movie. I loved how there were references to older SpongeBob episodes, and I loved it all basically.


What I hated were the live-action scenes. Those were a hour in. It was featured a lot in the commercials, so the whole movie wasn't really just them outside there world.

Also, I loved the trippyness.


When they went in the Time Machine to go back in time, Squeeze Me played and I loved it.


My rating - 10/10 Go watch it now!

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