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  1. It was originally coming out the same day as the Lego Movie sequel, so I'm glad it got pushed back.
  2. I don't mind CGI as long as the film is mostly 2D, but I also wish the characters would stay underwater this time.
  3. Whoever did this, that is not cool. The sign was put there for a reason.
  4. At first, I thought this topic was about death of a family member or friend. Oh wait, that's grieving.
  5. Normally, false advertising bothers me, but in this case, I had a good reason not to be bothered by it.
  6. Can I do commentary for the next spin-off episode you plan to riff?
  7. I'm going with the majority by admitting this episode wasn't too hot because of three factors: Redundant wailing, weak storyline and few comical scenes, including when Patrick mimics Spongebob's blubbering
  8. Pie FTW Anyway, I thought this was one of Season 2's finest. Squidward's contribution to making Spongebob's "final day" memorable expressed sincerity:) Favorite quote: Spongebob: Hey, Squid. Knock-knock Squidward: Who's there? Spongebob: *stifles* I am! Spongebob: GARY YOU ARE GOING TO EAT YOUR DESSERT AND YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT!!!
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