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  1. So I've started to work on a new project in Squidville. With the help of crushingmayhem's WorldEdit, here are the beginnings of the University of SpongeCraftia. A comprehensive educational institution for players to party and for villagers to get smarter. It's begun with a clock tower that photographs well in brochures but serves no purpose, and the Quad is complete for now. My next step would be to build an academic building and a library on either side of it. Night View:
  2. Blaze was disabled last night. He won't be coming back.
  3. Why must I look so sexy when falling asleep?
  4. Completely out in just Three Days... THREE DAYS!!!!! People are just too desperate to buy these imaginary and pointless items
  5. It's some troll that wants me dead for being an annoyance, troll, and brony.
  6. I really want to be insulted by this but I just find it far too funny. XD
  7. Why is it that I've been the main person scoring points for the tee-yam?
  8. Well you know I already got much of the exterior layout planned and well in the works, so, yeah.
  9. There's no real reason why I'm doing this, I'm just curious to know if there's some kind of unpopular swerve going on here in which we don't follow the deemed "popular*" opinion. Just pick your "favorite by default" episode on the above poll, and explain why if you like. For me personally, I actually quite enjoy One Coarse Meal, with reasoning explained elsewhere. *The options were taken from TheTopTens.
  10. Okay we know the game by now, three times is more than enough. Won't be able to attend this one, though, but I won't really be available for anything this week.
  11. nvm I did the Mac instructions, it works fine now.
  12. That's exactly the command I used from the get-go.
  13. It still states "Can't Resolve Hostname"
  14. What if you're using the Minecraft Client?
  15. The issue for me is the fact that it "Can't Identify Hostname"
  16. So what am I supposed to do with this if I'm no longer allowed?
  17. Maybe I could help reverse-engineer some of these lost creations by the pictures?
  18. Let's make a vast ocean filled with islands to explore, and to embark on it, we'll need the "Block Bounty" to be manned only by our finest crew!
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