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  1. Wow, a Plankton version of "Squid's Defense". Should be interesting.
  2. Looking forward to "Spatula of the Heavens" and "My friend Patty aka The Return of Patty" LOL I know it's a different Patty, but two krabby patties that SpongeBob gets attached to that are named Patty, coincidence?
  3. Just the Patrick Star Show....
  4. Looks like they retconned Mrs. Puff's first name from "Poppy" to "Penelope".
  5. I was hoping for a game that was as fun and challenging as BFBB and The Movie game, and I definitely got what I wanted. It's a real challenge trying to 100% complete this game, and I did have fun with the gameplay and the story. If there were some things to complain about, it would be the bugs I encountered while playing that required me to close and reopen the game, and despite getting all the tokens and golden spatula, I didn't get anything else like a secret ending, which was a tad disappointing (unless I missed something). There's also the fact that the game doesn't let you leave in the middle of a boss fight or mission, which brings me back to the requiring to close and reopen the game. Other than that, it was the best SpongeBob game in years. I do hope there's more.
  6. We finally know it's coming out January 31, 2023
  7. Is it true that the SpongeBob Tidal Zone crossovers that were scheduled to air on the 25th were pulled as well?
  8. God, I can't believe that clip. I'm dying of excitement!
  9. Great...Narlene is still here...
  10. Why are their voices different? I didn't mind it happening to Huey, Dewey, and Louie in DuckTales 2017, but why give Chip and Dale non-helium sounding voices? Who's next Mickey Mouse?
  11. Let us remember that while Betty White died short of her 100th birthday, she still lived a long life full of success and excitement.
  12. Leave it to Nickelodeon to spoil the episode's biggest surprise in their previews.
  13. This episode was kinda boring for me. The beginning with SpongeBob singing the F.U.N song was the highlight of the episode. Everything after that up until the Chum monster attacking Mr. Krabs in the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob not noticing was pretty uninteresting, including the chum cuz the only thing about them is that they worship Plankton and that's it. Hate to say it, but it's partner episode has more going for it. So this one is just okay.
  14. I feel like I would've liked this episode if it weren't basically a promotion for Kamp Koral. I really had to fight hard not to grab the remote. Given that I don't watch it, I didn't really know whether I should like the narwhals or not. I figured out that it would be a "thing that would not leave" plot from the beginning, though it was a surprise that the rest of the narwhals that showed up weren't really narwhals or Narlene's family. The episode's one saving grace was seeing Plankton's family again, though it was kinda random to have one of the Planktons look like Ma Angler. So, I'm kinda torn between this episode being bad and just okay.
  15. Who was with you at the punch bowl before the lights went out?
  16. Where were you during the blackout? Did you see anything suspicious with those two?
  17. Where were you during the blackout? Did you see anything suspicious?
  18. Did you see anything suspicious?
  19. First new SpongeBob in a while and it's a crossover with Kamp Koral?
  20. Did you see anything suspicious? Where were you when the lights went out?
  21. Where exactly were you when the blackout happened?
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