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083b. Waiting

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I don't think we already have a thread for this episode--if we do, I didn't see it on the list.

Anyway, I think this is a meh episode. Not the best, not the worst. What about you guys?

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Wow. I think I'm the only one who doesn't totally hate this episode. When I'm in the mood for it it's actually kind of amusing, though other times it's a bit grating.


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This episode basically shows what is wrong with Season 5. Do we really need to see 3-5 minutes of SpongeBob and Patrick crying over a toy? It just shows how idiotic these short episodes are from Season 5, IMO.

LOL! this post was made exactly a year after the previous post!

Anyways, This episode is a good example of why the writers should only make these short episodes into a short. This episode was pointless, and it was incredibly boring.


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Wow, was this a bad episode.  First, let's look at the plot. So, the plot of this episode is that SpongeBob waits for a toy. Yep, that's the basic plot of this episode. Most of the episode is just so childish! I find it really stupid that SpongeBob couldn't do things with his friends because he HAS to be there to get the package. Can't the mailman just leave it for SpongeBob to pick up later? I also hated the crying part. The only thing I liked in the episode was the fork joke. Overall, I give this episode a 3/10.

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