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  1. Uhh, sorry i haven't been getting on for a while, been very busy in real life. Chimps Ahoy: One of the better season 4 episodes, has some pretty funny jokes too. 8/10 Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy II: It's okay, totally an improvement of the first MM & BB episode. 7/10
  2. Hall Monitor: Great episode, the part with Patrick and the policemen always makes me laugh. 10/10
  3. 10/10 That scene with him was hilarious. Patrick's pet ''Rocky''.
  4. Band Geeks: I liked it, but i think it's kinda overrated. 8/10 Naughty Nautical Neighbors: Haha i love this one, the ending was great. 9/10
  5. Kracked Krabs: It was just ok, nothing special about it. 5/10
  6. Heal Patrick Hurt Kevin cucumber SpongeBob-22 Patrick-29 Squidward-30 Sandy-22 Mr. Krabs-17 Plankton-24 Gary-25 Mrs. Puff-18 Mermaid Man-21 Barnacle Boy-20 Pearl Krabs-12 The Flying Dutchman-20 Karen-20 Patchy the Pirate-20 Squilliam Fancyson-20 Mrs. Krabs-20 Man Ray-19 Larry the Lobster-15 Bubble Bass-14 Flatts-16 Mama Krabs-21 Dirty Bubble-21 French Narrator-20 King Neptune-19 Mr. SquarePants-20 Mrs. SquarePants-20 Nancy Suzie Fish-20 Fred-21 Gill Gilliam-20 Harold-23 Johnny-20 Mable-20 Old Man Jenkins-22 Nat Peterson-20 Tom-20 Lou-20 Lenny-20 Monroe (aka Timmy)-21 Dennis the Hitman-19 Realistic Fish Head-23 Alaskan Bull Worm-19 Annette-20 Bubble Bass-16 Bubble Buddy-29 Carl-20 Clamu-19 Craig Mammelton-20 Jack M. Crazyfish-20 DoodleBob-23 Dr. Marmalade-20 Filthy Phil-19 Milo J. Finkerfish-20 Gene Scallop-19 Glovie Glove-21 Gorilla-27 Grandma SquarePants-21 Horace A. Whopper-21 Horace B. Magic-20 Jim-18 Mindy-24 Mr. Seaweed Monster Man-21 The Moth-19 Ned and the Needlefish-21 Perch Perkins-23 Smitty Werben Jaeger Manjensen-22 Spat-16 Squid Wood-21 Mrs. Tentacles-21 Nicholas Withers-19 George the Zebra-19 Painty the Pirate-22 Dr. Manowar-21 David Hasselhoff-56 Kevin C. Cucumber-16 Nosferatu-24
  7. Boat Smarts: Not bad, one of the season 5 episodes i can find really funny. 8/10
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