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  1. What's on my mind? Nothing.

    1. Viggio Morgenstein
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      Hey look everybody, sbs1fan is back!

  2. Wow what a surprise. Hilarious jokes, great older spongebob references, and overall so enjoyable. Patrick was spot on, it felt like every time he spoke I was laughing Should only be funnier the second viewing Saw it in 2d gonna see it in 3d this weekend hopefully 4/5
  3. that credit goes to Derek Drymon If he came back he would probably not have the same exact role as he did pre-movie. maybe so? who knows.. I get what your saying though the current batch of writers are fine when you become used to slightly lower quality episodes= When I saw a tweet by Vincent Waller (or Paul Tibbitt, don't remember which) a while ago that said: "we all try to make each episode as funny as possible" the b.s. alarm goes on in my head.
  4. Exactly. the point is now I think he would be willing to get back in the swing of things
  5. At this point I would say things are looking pretty promising the door is wide open for Hillenburg to get more involved in the show again, which of course would be a good thing. I could easily see Sherm Cohen coming back along with Erik Wiese Add in a few writers from the Spongebob Comics + couple of others (pretty sure Blake Lemons hasn't left) I think we have a good possibility of ending up with a good writing team..
  6. sigh, it feels like another transformers movie
  7. It exceeded my expectations, there were a few moments that were actually pretty funny (Sponge-Blob). I don't think they needed the part with the formula but whatcha gonna do. Not spectacular, but an enjoyable episode 8.4/10
  8. Don't support gay marriage personally, though everyone has their own right to do as they please in this country and that includes the Disney channel
  9. Well in 3030, the planet's atmospheric make-up changed so rain is not a common occurrence,. If one of the flames was caught in a rare storm, lets just say they would be in deep trouble
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