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  1. ThatGuyWithTheLit's Is a Site That We Do for Fun By Hiring People That are Willing To have Content On The Site Here's How you Can Apply! 1. Send Me An Email on SBC Telling you're Wanting to Apply For TGWTL 2. Tell Me What The Spin-off/Lit is Like 3. If a Spin-off/Lit Is Accepted It Will Be Tested for a Pilot on TGWTL On The Pilots Page 4. If the Show Get's Enough Positive Reviews It Will be a Season of it! 5. Since CNF Is a Co-founder of the Site You Can Send an a Email at SBC Spots: Not Taken---- Not Taken---- Not Taken---- Not Taken---- Not Taken---- Not Taken
  2. I'd Like to Riff on The Episode Next Season But i will not be there to riff Monday So It's going to be Tuesday Edit: Need to read Sponge's Atlantis Or i Don't Have to?
  3. Plot: The One Who Made this Fan Fiction Reviews SpongeBob Episodes Including Current Episodes Like Squid Baby And The Good Krabby Name Also You Can Vote For These Chocolate with Nuts Or Waiting Note: Some Episodes May use the PG-13 Rating For Mild Language Because You can use One Rating Most May Be PG I Might See a update That you Can Have 2 Ratings Other Then That Get Voting!
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