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What Did You Get For Christmas?: 2018 Edition!

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Will edit it later, but so far:

- Money (hi)

- Exfoliating masks??? (so that I can look epic)

- Pioneer CDJ (woa)

- MPK mini (synth)

- Sony headphones (Bluetooth and oh my FUCK they are amazing)

- Gift card for Long and McQuade (music store) (25 Canadian Maple Syrup Bottles)

- A canvas painting of a DJ (so I can replace my New Super Mario Bros. Wii poster and Minecraft poster which idk why I still have them but ANYWAYS)

- A mini drone (the tiny tiny quadcopter one)

- A USB stick (:D)

- Black Ops 4 for PS4

- Destiny 2 for PS4 (but I already have it since it was free for PS Plus so like...does Santa do refunds? lol)

- Candy (bubblegum AND everyone's favourite film adaptation of The Grinch)


I think that's it! :D

Merry Christmas everyone, hit the dab like Santa Claus


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I got an early Christmas present today so I might as well share it here. I got a 2 pack of Corsair Vengenace 8 GB memory sticks for my computer and she is as fast as ever now after I got it installed! :D 

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In terms of regular gifts:

  • A Miss Mindy Ariel Vinyl figure (which I technically knew about and picked up, but...).
  • A Christmas SpongeBob POP.
  • A Christmas Patrick POP.
  • A KH2 Riku POP.
  • A Brave Little Tailor Mickey Mouse POP.
  • A Hercules POP.
  • A Voldemort Wand Prop.
  • Assassin's Creed Origins for PS4.
  • An Evil Queen Pillow (which I've known about since October).
  • A Winnie the Pooh Trinket Dish
  • A Tigger Bedset.
  • Wireless Headphones.
  • Elf Slippers, that have bells on them (all five of us in this house have a pair; mine are different cuz the store didn't have my shoe size apparently)
  • A shirt that reads, "I Went Outside Once; The Graphics Are Not That Good".
  • Money. (Maybe around £40-50?)
  • A Gift Card that I can use in a variety of stores.

And in terms of Disney pins, cuz I got quite a few:

  • An Ursula Bowling Pin.
  • An Yzma Bowling Pin.
  • A Captain Hook Bowling Pin.
  • A Jafar Bowling Pin.
  • A Maleficent Bowling Pin.
  • A Flounder Laughing Emoji.
  • A Round Pooh.
  • A Round Piglet.
  • A Tigger Round Head.
  • A Cute Pooh & Piglet.
  • Jafar's Hat.

Apparently, my mom also ordered Rock Candy figures of Ariel and Belle based on their Comfy outfits in Ralph Breaks The Internet, but the site's delivery wasn't reliable so they may be here sometime in January.

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-Other food/drink stuff

-$25 in Dunkin Donuts gift card

-$50 in Amazon gift card


-Sand thingy

-Two calendars

-Nintendo Switch

-Super Mario Odyssey

-Switch pro controller

-Switch screen protector

pretty good, I can’t complain :)

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-$200 in cash

-$20 Starbucks gift card

-A silk scarf

-4 pairs of earrings

-A set of lavendar bath bombs

-Ferrero Rocher chocolates

-Assorted Japanese candy (KitKats in...odd flavors, Fujiya LOOK, Puchao, etc.)


Moar presents coming in a little bit!

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-Food processor
-Fantastic Mr. Fox (Criterion Collection)
-The 1975 - I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it (vinyl)
-Gift cards for a movie theater, GameStop, and Playstation
-A Pokemon TCG deck featuring one of my favorite 'mons
-Spyro journal
-Cool Spyro shirt
-Cute SpongeBob shirt
-Black Coat Riku vinyl figure


Also got a Nintendo Switch along with both versions of Pokemon Let's Go, which was not just for only me.

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Stocking Stuffers:

- Warheads Candy

- Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

- $15 Burger King Gift Card

- $25 Target Gift Card



- Hypergear V30 Stereo Headphones

- Pocky

- SpongeBob Gummy Krabby Patties

- New copy of Uno Attack! since my old one is collecting dust at my old house and I lost some cards


I plan on buying a Switch next month (so I can finally play the new Smash!!!)


heres images for both stocking stuffers and presents:


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A Nintendo Switch system AND "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" to go with it! :D

A new t-shirt showing off the place where I volunteer as a Radio D.J.

A Cookbook on how to make salads.

A Crossword Puzzle book.

D.V.D.'s of the movies "Epic; The Princess Bride", and a three in one Tom Hanks collection.

A Movie Theater ticket.

Some money.

Some chocolates.

And for SOME reason, a 2 CD set of Bob Dylan Live 1962-1966. Enough said! :cool:

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So I got...

- a Razer LED gaming keyboard

- a Funko Pop of both Mega Man and Rocket Raccoon

- a fidget cube in the shape of a NES controller

- a Flash Kanji wallet

- a huge 24" Pikachu plush

- some cool as fuck shirts

- a pair of thin long pants I have needed for a while now

- a $50 GameStop gift card

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