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  1. My go-to is always Spotify whenever I'm drawing or just on my laptop in general, although sometimes I find things on YouTube that I can't get on Spotify. Amazon Music is how I listen to music whenever I'm doing the washing up in the kitchen, or if I'm in the rare mood to use my Echo Show to play music in my room instead. I only really use traditional radio whenever I'm having a bath, although sometimes it's used as background noise in the kitchen; my favorite station used to be Kiss 100 until I noticed they started playing garbage remixes of pop songs after 9/10pm, so I switched to Capitol FM which just sticks to pop and never looked back.
  2. Yeah, so what'd y'all like to do (or rather, where would you want to go) during summer holidays?
  5. England is the only correct answer, everybody else can go home. Ta ta, good chaps.
  6. If only snow actually set in this country, that would be wonderful. Winter is already cold enough, may as well make it a little prettier and brighter.
  7. Presents are pretty much a given, although if this were multiple choice I'd also pick family and decorations. Christmas in particular always has more of an obvious change in the atmosphere that always makes me feel a little nostalgic.
  8. Now that Marvel's leaning into TV shows as part of the MCU, we've been treated to a handful of shows this year on Disney+. Which one of these shows was your favorite this year? For me, I have to say WandaVision. Funny enough, I think the best part about the show for me was actually the fact that it was something different. I liked the use of sitcom formulas over the decades per episode and the overarching mystery going on. Bonus question would be what was your least favourite? Mine was Falcon and the Winter Solider; I liked it to begin with but it lost me after the fourth episode so I ended dropping the last one. I'm aware of how it ends, and overall the show was just a mess beginning to end. Both Sam and Bucky could've had a better story, methinks. Considering I'm making this before Hawkeye comes out, I included it just in case anybody's more hyped for that than the other options for if you wanna change later when it does start airing lol
  9. They're still making SB content my dream for a Nicktoons Unite remaster ain't dead yet! I'll say that I'm...excited, I suppose, for a new game? Like, I'm definitely hyped and I'm sure they'll go with the platforming route a la early console SB games, but 7 Wishworlds? Hmm, depending on how they're doing these worlds this sounds quite short a game from the offset. Looks like there'll be at least a hub world feature if bringing back "iconic buildings" is of any indication, so that'll be cool. Can't go wrong with a good hub world. Should be a fun endeavor. Would probably buy in a sale though, honestly.
  10. Right?? Like LBP basically made the console for me and I loved all the games (Karting was pretty good even if derivative and I liked creating race tracks for myself haha)! The series basically was my early-mid teens and the LBP2 DLC just made it so much better.
  11. Do not underestimate the power of Playstation. Which of Sony's consoles is your favorite? I also incuded the portable ones since there's only two notable ones and I'm pretty sure they're never gonna make another one so may as well. I'm a cross between the PS3 and the PS4, probably more into the PS3 because it introduced me to LittleBigPlanet and LBP2 was like the best experience I ever had on the console. (Also any PS3 owners remember Playstation Home? I miss that shit so much it was so good. I had the LBP pod penthouse and I loved that thing.)
  12. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/312nHiNrdJuy1UXYClrUiV?si=1f9a13c44fb0410b
  13. Hey, all you people! Hey, all you people! Hey all you people, won’t you listen to meeeeeee… We’ve just got an update, no ordinary update - an update filled with jellyfish jellyyyyyy! It’s that time again, Mr. Krabs. Time for a brand new SBC version as our Easter present, and this time, we’re in the season of the jellyfish! We’ve upgraded to the newest version of Invision Power Suite, 4.5, which is a lot more bolder and brasher. To get expectations in check off the bat, don’t go into this new version expecting a parade of new features, as that kind of backfired on us last time. One key theme of this version was “spring cleaning”, where we polished up on a lot of subtle details and cleaned out some unnecessary filler here, making the site more streamlined. Now, here’s what’s goodies we have for you... New Skins V14 Jellyfish Time to get out Ol’ Reliable for the V14 default skin, V14 Jellyfish! Bikini Bottom’s finest find themselves turned into jellyfish in this new skin, featuring a new SBC logo and new forum headers courtesy of Cha! What’s more, with the banner we have brought back the slick, rounded corners of yesteryear! V14 Jellyfish Dark Enjoy Jellyfish Fields at any time of the day! The dark version of V14 Jellyfish takes you into a nice quiet evening in Jellyfish Fields. But hold on, who’s in that jar over there…? Steppin’ On The Beach! Fancy a more summery look? Then try Steppin’ On The Beach, a new theme based on Goo Lagoon! With this skin, you’ll be livin’ like Larry in no time! New Features Return of turntable.fm - SBC Music 7: The legend returns. That’s right, the original music sharing site, turntable.fm is back from the dead, serving as our SBC Music room from here on out! This will be a nostalgia rush for 2012-2013 users, and new members will also finally get a chance to have fun here. The site is accessible for desktop and mobile. Our room is located here, and the password to access turntable is “speakeasy”. You will need to make an account there, which is a simple process. To celebrate the new version and for everyone to see the room, we’ll be hosting an SBC Music party tonight at 8pm EST after Pictionary! Come on down! .fmbot: A new bot related to music and last.fm data has been added to the Discord! Please read sbl's Google Doc for information and an all-in guide as to how it works and how to use it! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kjMa-2ZVtn_lmS54_HO7aAR8Yv9SP45Q-Jy1D7ERG-U/edit Emojis: 21 brand new emojis have been added to the forums. 5 of them are imports from our Discord, thanks to our Loyal Customers who voted for their favorite emojis. 10 are new SpongeBob stickers made by Cha, and the other 6 are new default emojis also made by Cha. Topic Summary: Any thread that reaches 10+ pages will now get a nifty statistics widget detailing cool facts about the topic, showing under the first post on every page! New Store Items: Each store section has new goodies in stock, so here’s a run-down of what each section added. Community Store: 2 new items: The first is Change Username Color (5,000 doubloons), which allows you an easier way to change your username color to any of our fancy groups. The second is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock (200 doubloons), a gambling item that takes the place of lottery. Note you can only use this item once every 12 hours. Skin Store: 3 skins are now purchasable: Episode Explosion Extravaganza!, Sea Legs (LC only) and Midnight Sponge (LC only). iFish: 23 brand new regular items have been added to celebrate the new version, 7 of them being Loyal Customer exclusives. The following items have been added for everyone: Ink Lemonade, Kelp Nougat Crunch, Bran Flakes, Hatty Patty, Scooter Pants, Baby Yoda Head, Baby Yoda Cloak, BLM Flag, Pansexual Flag, LGBTQA+ Flag, Bisexual Flag, Nonbinary Flag, Transgender Flag, Lesbian Flag, Wheelchair, and Hearing Aids. The following are Loyal Customer exclusives: Igor Wig and Glasses, Tyler the Creator Golf Hat, Classic John Lennon Wig, Classic George Harrison Wig, Classic Paul McCartney Wig, Taylor Swift Wig and The Weeknd Suit. Special thanks to Cha and sbl for creating these. Collectable Pins: Our collectables category has been revamped with a fresh new slate to choose from. For those who aren’t aware, you can use these “pins” on your iFish characters now instead of them solely being collectables that gather dust in your inventory. These default pins are all reused Moods images; we like to recycle! Updates Revamped Rules Page: Our rules have received a major overhaul accompanied by neat category images created by sbl. Forum Changes: The Kelp Forest section has now been renamed to Jellyfish Fields for V14 skins. Posts also now officially count in the Industrial Park and Ask Me for good starting today, as we did not see a point in this restriction anymore. Skin Changes: V11 Starfish, V11 Starfish Dark and Battle for Bikini Bottom Community are all now Loyal Customer exclusives. The Stephen Hillenburg Community has also received a brand new banner in the V14 format. We have also fixed an issue mobile users may have had where the backgrounds on several skins were squashed and stretched too much. Farewells Skins: The following skins have all been permanently retired: Orca 8.4, Attack on Bikini Bottom, Midnight in Bikini Bottom, Jellyfish Fields, Tropical Sandy, V11 Rose, and The Gay Brothers Community. Emojis: We’ve done a major cleanout to our list of emotes, getting rid of outdated and unused ones. Quizzes: Due to lack of interest, we’re discontinuing the Quizzes application. However, we are going to be replacing it with something even better in the future: Kahoot! That’s right, we’ll be hosting official Kahoot games for our trivias, streamed through Discord, coming soon! We hope you enjoy the update. If you have any problems, please let us know and we’ll resolve them in a timely manner.
  14. Well, if you're going to include it, I'm going to say June. Spring is nice but if June's an option it's a no brainer for meee. And yeah I'm looking forward to more dry, warm weather; I get to get out my yellow Converse again and not have to worry about them getting ruined! Also the vaccine, but I've already gotten one shot and will probably get the second one late-May/early-June time. So my summer's gonna be somewhat exciting provided my friends are also fully vaccinated by then too. Joy!
  15. I have too many things on my desktop but dammit it was fun organising them around the image.
  16. Oh, Golden Retreivers, darling! They're the most adorable things in the world...isn't their fur absolutely splendid? Of course, dalmations also work too; their spots are to die for!
  17. I would argue that resusing a good deal of audio assets and gameplay is sort of the point, since the remaster's main mission is to just make it look prettier than before judging by how much more refined and detailed everything in the game looks in general. Although I must say, that I'm still a wee bit sad that Mr. Krabs' line weren't re-recorded for this game, but I'm sure they had their reasons, probably your aforementoned timely release for SotR. The primary issue really lies not in how much it feels like an aged game in an industry that's moved on (for lack of a better way of putting it...I hope you get what I mean XD), but really in how I feel like it was just lackluster in promising us cut content being restored this time around. I don't think I'll ever not be pissed about Patrick's Dream not being restored. And putting it in Horde Mode isn't good enough for me...if you have the assets and the textures, and even a literal build of the level at the ready, I don't see why you can't implement it into the game; this could even be done through a patch at a later date if deadlines are an issue. And I don't think "preserving everything from the original game" is a good enough reason to keep the version of Patrick's dream that we get in both versions at the end...I'm pretty sure people would've loved to have that dream expanded. The assets were there for the original to have it, and yet was never used, and while there was an opportunity for Rehydrated to give us this...they did not. I mean, I don't know maybe that's just my personal feelings on that particular matter and I can respect if that wasn't a possibility even if I believe it could've been. It really just exemplifies how the "bonus/additional content" selling point wasn't really delivered as well as it could have been or maybe I expected a little more than I ought to have. Also they'll deadass put time and money into making a mobile port - why would you want that, I do not know for the life of me -and still not add the Dream? Okay, I see how it is... In thinking of ways the remake actually had additional content or major changes, because admittedly it's been a while since I played it and from what I remember it basically played the exact same as the original to a T, I came across this list which solely seems to point out aesthetic changes. Nothing about anything substantial added into the remake, just...the fact that its attempt at a glow-up has its pros and cons. Well, they do mention the multiplayer mode as the single worst change from the original, which I honestly agree with a lot. The multiplayer mode had potential, and was the only thing I recall being drastically different from the original game, and yet I find it quite an aggravating addition; time was spent on adding a multiplayer mode that could have been spent on adding new elements in the new game; add to the experience everyone already loves to give them more to go back to and more to do before actually adding anything that diverges from this experience. Quite frankly, I am a firm believer that the idea of a multiplayer could have been scrapped entirely and everything that was gonna sell it to players - the Robo-Squidward fight, additional characters (or maybe just Squidward) - could've been added into the main game. How many people are buying the remaster for an opportunity to play a separate multiplayer compared to those who actually want to play the game again? Not many, I'd wager. Mutliplayer was an odd decision, incorporating the few bits of actually substantial cut content from the original into something that isn't worth it. The game is still fun and enjoyable, definitely charming enough for me to replay whenever I wish (especially when my PS4 is readily accessible), and it's great that this game is available to kids today on consoles they'll have today. But all it is objectively is the same game, made up and repackaged in hopes of making a comeback on newer consoles. And that's all this game is at the end of the day; a polished version of the original. It shines; it's got a prettier face, gorgeous and pleasing to look at...but outside of that? Not much else.
  18. Oooh this is a toughie. I think Sunny more than the others cuz I get to go out in shorts and I don't have to wear layers upon layers of clothes.
  19. Oooooooh these are so good; I especially love the sad widdle padlock one, it's so cute! Nice to see you posting after so long, man! Keep up the good work! ??
  20. (it's been basically a year since this got an update holy damn...and ironically enough this first part I've had written for about more than half of that time but never got around to uploading cuz I was originally going to do Downtown Bikini Bottom as one chapter but hey, it'll be two chapters long now so...enjoy this first part!) - Chapter V – Downtown Bikini Bottom (Part 1) SpongeBob: Finally, I thought I’d never be able to leave that damn level. Taxi Stop to Downtown: Congrats, you have enough spatulas to proceed. SpongeBob: Whatever, kthx. - French Narrator: Downtown Bikini Bottom…which for a downtown is small as fuck. I mean sure, there’s only like 500-something people in this place but what the hell is with that anyway? This ain’t a town, it’s a village. And oh, it looks like these idiots can’t even keep their tiny-ass “town” safe as it is cuz it looks like shit. Sign: HEY SPONGEBOB PAY ATTENTION TO ME! Mrs. Puff: AUTOMATIC DIVERSION TO A CONVERSATION WITH ME! Sign: FUCK YOU! Mrs. Puff: Oh, SpongeBob, just the man I wanted to see! SpongeBob: Well, I’m more of a sponge, but…wait, are you ecstatic? Mrs. Puff: You bet your ass I am, boy! Just look at all this destruction! It’s just…just…ohhhhhh… SpongeBob: Um…should I come back later, or…? Mrs. Puff: Waitwaitwait hold on…I need you to do me an errand. SpongeBob: An errand? Mrs. Puff: Yeah, yeah. See those weird impractical shiny things just to your right? Steering Wheels: Coo-ee! SpongeBob: Yeah? Mrs. Puff: These sexy robots have been taking all of the wheels from the boats whilst rampaging and shit. SpongeBob: Oh no, that’s terri-wait, did you just call the robots sexy? Mrs. Puff: Shut up. Anyway, I want them. SpongeBob: I dunno if I can do that, they tend to fade away once I tear them a new one. Mrs. Puff: Not them, you damn fool. SpongeBob: Okay bitch, I get it now. But what you need them for? Mrs. Puff: Puff Mama wants herself some keepsakes. SpongeBob: But wh-you know what, I’m not even going to dare ask that question. Mrs. Puff: I’ll throw in a Golden Spatula if you can help me out. SpongeBob: Okay then, I’ll help you fulfil your fetish, Puff Mama. Mrs. Puff: Call me that again and I’ll cut you. SpongeBob: M’kay. *prances off* Sign: Look at the pretty shiny thing in the middle of the road. Pretty shiny thing in the middle of the road: *exists* SpongeBob: Hey, look, another path I can go down, byeeeeeee! Cannon: *exists for absolutely no fucking reason…what even is this part of the level?* SpongeBob: My thoughts exactly. Cannon: Nyah nyah you can’t touch me! Now taste sink, bitch! SpongeBob: BOING BOING BOING! Cannon: Uh… Statue: *looks on in disgust* SpongeBob: Explosions! Button smashing! …excitement? Anvil: *comes into existence* Cannon: CURSE YOUUUUUUUU! SpongeBob: Wait, that thing was being held up by a thin-ass pole, how… Anvil: Shhh…video game logic. Statue: Ugh, just please take this shiny thing away from me and go away already. SpongeBob: But I don’t wanna go back to the siiiiiiiiignnnn, ugh! Spatula Obtained – A Whole Lot of Random Shit Apparently Wins You Stuff? #1 SpongeBob: “#1”? Konquest: Yup, there’s more down the road, I promise you. SpongeBob: O…kay then…moving on with the plot at long last. Sign: Thank god, so this shiny ball thing is a power up or whatever that turns you into a ball. SpongeBob: Is it even useful? Sign: Fuck if I know. It’s not even that cool, it’s just here cuz the devs decided to add another mechanic into the game cuz why not amirite. SpongeBob: So you continue to be useless. But seeing that it’s the only way I’m gonna make my way through the town, I guess I have no choice. *turns into SpongeBall and does the thing* G-Loves: *exist now* SpongeBob: What’s that? Sign: I could tell yo- G-Love: CUTSCENE TIME! Sign: OI! G-Love #1: Robot Gloves, Robot Gloves, great for feeling up anyone…like that guy! Random-ass fish: Say what now? G-Love #2: Hey baby, I’d love to get all these hands over you. G-Love #1: Maybe we can have some three-way action… G-Loves: *slapping mode activate!* Random-ass fish: I DID NOT CONSENT TO THIIIIIIIS! Deus Ex-Machina: *takes the form on an anvil* Gary: Meow. (“Oh yeah. I totally rule.”) Random fish: RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! G-Love: Okay, buzzkill. I’ll look for someone else. SpongeBob: *is allowed to move again* Hint: Haha you have to read me. Anyways, this dude will attack you from any angle. Especially from behind. I wouldn’t wanna know where those hands have been if I were you. SpongeBob: Disgusting, but SKIP! G-Love: Hey there sweetcakes! Park that square ass within arm’s length! SpongeBob: Well… G-Love: Fine. SUPER SPIN CYCLE! SpongeBob: *bubble-bounces on this creep* G-Love: Impossible…I’m never…the bottom… SpongeBob: First time for everything. Moving on. SpongeBall: Hello again. Hot sauce: Yo. SpongeBob: UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. *does the shit needed to get across* Bubble Buddy: This is a lighthouse. SpongeBob: I can see that. Bubble Buddy: It is locked from the inside. SpongeBob: I’ll take your word for it. Bubble Buddy: … SpongeBob: … Bubble Buddy: … SpongeBob: …WELL WAS THAT IT? Bubble Buddy: … SpongeBob: Fuckin’ useless as always, Jesus Christ… *moves on* Oh hey, a clamshell! Clamshell: Hey hey hey! Wanna go this way instead of furthering the plot? SpongeBob: Well I can see that I’m gonna need to turn into that annoying-as-hell ball form again to reach that part so hell yeah I do! *pays the shell* Clamshell: *does nothing* Barrier: *lowers* Clamshell: Excuse me, does that not count as doing something in this universe? Barrier: Bitch sit down. - Establishing shot of the Sea Needle: *exists for absolutely no reason and doesn’t even have narration* Narrator: lolz I don’t know her. Mr. Krabs: SUDDEN APPARITION! SpongeBob: GOD WHAT THE FUCK??? Also pretty sure you were just out of the shot as it was panning but that doesn’t explain why I had to suddenly just apparate right in front of your ugly ass and uglier-ass vocal cords. Mr. Krabs: Shut up and just get the shiny stuff hanging outside already that’s all I’m hear for. SpongeBob: Is that it? Mr. Krabs: Nahhhh you totally need to smash your fucking face in when it comes to it. And make sure every tiki is destroyed so that I-er, you can have all the shiny objects you could ever want…or a least get from here. SpongeBob: And why can’t you just do it considering you seem to love these things more than me. You send that note and everything. Mr. Krabs: My ass ain’t what it used to be, lad…unless…you wanna see me try…? SpongeBob: Ugh, no…no no no…no. I’ll do it… *does the things* Mr. Krabs: Lovely work, boy! Have this as a reward! Golden Spatula Obtained: Hope It Was Worth Smashing Your Face In Mr. Krabs: Cool, now hand ‘em over! SpongeBob: Umm W.T.F. no. And this is the wrong level for that kinda transaction. Mr. Krabs: So…I sent you out to do some labor and I get nothing in return? SpongeBob: Welcome to the life of an NPC, bitch! Mr. Krabs: DAMN YOU! SpongeBob: *leaves promptly* - (In the next part, Sandy and her wonderful arsenal of abilities will make their debut! Will our porous dumbass share the limelight with dignity?)
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