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  1. Dan Vs is probably the most underated show of this millennium in America. It deserves more attention. Also, I happen to run the Dan Vs forum, where the show's co-creator is a proud member, so that's here https://dan-vs.freeforums.net/
  2. https://dan-vs.freeforums.net/

    You wanna meet the creator of Dan Vs? Me and him have been talking for some time

  3. It's uh.....been quite some time, I believe. Fall 2018? Boy I've been up to alot. Made a Dan Vs Forum, met both co-creators, got Chris to join my forum, I did a collab with Joshscorcher and I've got a top secret plan for both co-creators I can't get into yet. https://dan-vs.freeforums.net/ if your curious. How have you all been? I look back on my years here with both fondness and cringe...so..yeah
  4. I'm alive.


    I changed my name to Captain Jerk after a failed stint in the Daria Fandom, took leadership of the Dan Vs Fandom, made a forum, some other stuff, meet both creators of Dan Vs and got one of them on my forum, collabed with Joshscorcher. It's been interesting.


    How you all been since 2018

  5. Still, it's always nice to be featured
  6. Well almost.....like i said, i have the game, i am done with that, that trick would never work. Also how did you know i really secretly like Atlantis Squarepantis?
  7. You wrote me very well. Although now I have found Underpants slam, that trick won't work on me. ? Although i do like power!!!!!!!
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