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Patty Rose

SBC News is Back!

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I'm pleased to announce that after 5 years of being rolled under the grill, The SpongeBob Community News has made it's grand return, hosted, produced and edited by yours truly!

What is SBC News?

SBC News is a monthly (or fortnight) video new series, taking a look at the latest in SpongeBob news, forum news, and showcasing a chosen spin-off/lit and episode.

Where are the previous 26 episodes?

All episodes (except for 6 since that's spending eternity in Davy Jones' locker with his gym socks) have been re-uploaded on to the new channel. If you needing catching up, you can either watch them through video-by-video, or view them through the playlists.


I think that's about it. Hope you enjoy the new reboot, with more episodes to come into the future! 


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