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  1. This the tea spillage of a lifetime @kev
  2. kylie

    So peanuty you won't even taste the chicken! 

  3. They could've fixed everything by making Bomako canon
  4. They tried to get PR with the lesbian ending but the fact of the matter is that Avatar STOMPS Ms. Korra to smithereens. The world building and characters are a damn mess and the series proves that Avatar writes can NOT do romance and shouldn't attempt to. Book 3 is a classic in the Avatar franchise (outside of the dreadfully written Zaheer) and I actually do enjoy Kuvira but the rest of it was a mess. And YES season one was bad because no one cares about pro-bending sorry.
  5. The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (2006 TV debut): 7.3M iThink They Kissed: 7.56M Why did an episode that wasn't promoted as a special outperform the television debut of this film?
  6. Rotten Tomatoes: iCarly (2021): 100% The Patrick Star Show (2021): 8% Spongeinators told me that SpongeBob was more acclaimed than iCarly, but the 92 point discrepancy between these two spinoffs doesn't lie. They also told me SpongeBob is more popular, but if we look at the 10 most watched premieres of all time on the network by series: 1. Rugrats 2. iCarly 3. SpongeBob 4. iCarly 5. FOP 6. iCarly 7. SpongeBob 8. SpongeBob 9. iCarly 10. iCarly iCarly: 4 FadBob: 3
  7. iGo To Japan managed to accrue over 16M viewers which is very impressive against a front-loaded movie like that, in fact it's only 2M less views. Looks like iCarly can compete where it DOES compare.
  8. Two massively anticipated specials that introduced new ideas to their respective shows, with the only difference being that one SMASHED and one did not. Have a look: iSaved Your Life: 12.4M Truth or Square: 7.7M What went wrong? Is iCarly simply THAT much bigger? Discuss.
  9. The iCarly revival is being SWARMED with acclaim on Twitter from its legendary trailer alone, which shows promise as one of the strongest revivals in television history. Meanwhile, Mein Kampf Koral is being eviscerated by audiences and the Fadtrick Star Show, which only has one teaser out, is being similar panned. WHY is SpongeBob, which is supposedly the biggest and most well-liked Nick show of all time, failing so hard at creating iconic spinoffs while iCarly does so with ease? Discuss.
  10. kylie

    save this showmie

    This relic from the loser era
  11. PANNED with audiences (54% audience score). Looks like the general public disagrees! It wouldn't win then or now. Poor fad of 2013.
  12. The fact that the A:TLA movie was more panned than any SpongeBob movie so they wisely chose to stop making them, while FadBob has had 2 flop movies in a row which BOMBED with critics and the box office alike. Looks like Mein Kampf Koral isn't the only thing the GP is saying no to.
  13. Global force iCarly is currently sitting at #40 on the iTunes Kids & Family chart with the episode iPilot, released 13 years ago. Meanwhile, SpongeBob's highest charting episode is only at #42, despite still airing today. Why can iCarly achieve a top 40 pure sales smash in almost 2021 but SpongeBob can't say the same?
  14. Spill bestie FadBob fell off after 2004, Britney teas. We were all busy streaming A:TLA since then, which served longevity on Netflix. When will FadBob?
  15. I'm gonna have to agree that the gp has DECLINED the invitation to Kamp Koral. 90s fad Nickelodeon shipped it, but it got shipped back!
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