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Unpopular Opinions You Have About SpongeBob Episodes


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I actually don't hate Boating Buddies that much anymore, because if you ignore the squidward abuse it's actually funny

I never really liked It's A Spongebob Christmas

I loved I'm With Stupid

I didn't really like Sailor Mouth as much as you guys do

The Bully is better than Just One Bite in my opinion


My Pretty Seahorse > Club Spongebob

and a few other things i cant remember

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I don't find One Coarse Meal as bad and offensive at all.

-Guess who doesn't hate Dear Vikings?

Laying in a street to get run over just feels more comical than serious. I just imagined it like someone saying "kill me" but not actually meaning it. I guess its' sort of depressing, but Are You Happy Now is much worse.
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I actually like some of Patrick's "jerky" moments in the show. I feel like they add a certain level of obscurity/sass to him. Unless the episodes go to far like Patrick taking SpongeBob's money repeatedly in Yours, Mine and Mine.

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