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The Golden Community Awards I

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Time for some more T&A w/OMJ where I shed some light on one of cancelled projects!


T: So let me get this straight. You MARRIED your CAR?

A: Yup, and she takes me up 30 miles to the gallon, I reckon.

T: Switching subjects here, you had this somewhat hyped up lit project that was planned for the month of October last year following the Post Fiction season one finale. You dubbed it, "Chicken Skin for the SBC User's Soul". Care to shed any light on why you decided to can this project?

A: Lack of proper motivation and the usual laziness I constantly find myself falling back on. I had so much going for this lit, but in the end, I couldn't pull the trigger on it and it was ultimately shelved.

T: Care to shed any more light on what could've been?

A: I may as well put it in the spotlight here and shed all light on it since I don't think I'll ever get to properly write it out and do it real justice.

T: Ooh, sounds interesting!

A: It should be.

T: So, the characters. You announced that Pakasa, Beach Bob, Deli, Steel, and Sabre would be the stars of this lit. Interesting to say the least. Why did you pick these individuals in particular.

A: Because they were all apart of something that apparently happened on SBC during the during the time before I came here and I wanted to work in that particular event into this story and it helps connect the dots better that way.

T: Since you're shedding all light on this, what did you have planned for these five in the lit?

A: Well all five know each other right from the get go. They're a tight-knit group of friends from different backgrounds who have one thing in common, they like Spongebob. They feel safe when in each other's company and they feel they could tell each other just about anything. That is, until individual events begin to take place that faces each of them against the impossible, and in the end, their undying friendship is what helps them survive the lit.

T: What's the overall story here?

A: This story spans a few weeks going into All Hallow's Eve. But before I get into the story more, I feel there are two more characters you need to ask me to address.

T: SOF and Teenj?

A: Bingo. SOF is a hardened do gooder. He works for SBC News as an investigative reporter, doing a report on the supernatural for the month of October. I kinda tried to give him a Kolchak-vibe in this story. SOF's story in this, although separate from the main five, is connected to their story in that he too is facing the impossible that is somehow connected to what's happening to Deli and the gang. SOF is portrayed as a skeptic here, and does not bear mind to anything supernatural, which is why his report is all about debunking it. But as the story goes on, SOF is made a believer in the end. As SOFchak reports his investigations he runs into Special Agent Teenj many times along the way. Teenj is a moderator who takes his job with the upmost srsness and is a skeptic, as well. He is an antagonist and foil to SOF almost every step of the way. He usually is tasked to investigate the same cases that SOF covers.

T: So, story time?

A: Story time. This is a prologue of sorts. Goosey introduces our story and the lit starts off with the discovery of Jeremy Creek's mutilated corpse, where it's found out that his body has been drained of it's blood. SOF is called upon the scene to report when he notices that it's Jeremy Creek. SOF causes a scene, gaining the attention of Special Agent Teenj, who begins to question him on how he knows the deceased. Teenj starts getting suspicious of SOF, but is not given much to take him in so they part ways for now. SOF is baffled as to who could commit such a crime on his old friend, so he sets out into the night looking for answers. SOF looks into the bizarre circumstances surrounding his friend's death, especially the whole blood draining thing. SOF's search leads him to believe that Creek was the victim of a serial killer known only as Whale Blubber. Meanwhile, Teenj has conducted his own investigation and is out on a manhunt for Blubber, as well. SOF finds out that the last place Creek was at alive was the Xat Club, matching the Blubber's M.O. In that he followed each of his victim's from the Xat. At the xat, SOF witnesses a suspicious stranger following a couple (at the time, this couple was to be Calvin and Sara, which is kinda ironic) outside the club. As SOF gives chase, he loses track of the man, but is knocked down from behind. The man appears before and says that he knows SOFchak has been following him before taking out a switchblade to finish the job but SOFchak puts up a fight before whipping out some pepper spray, driving the man to escape into the sewers and shake SOF off his trail. SOF reports his findings to his friend and colleague, spongebobs1fan, who scoffs at the thought of SOF capturing Blubber. After work, SOF purchases a pistol for protection, but is once again ambushed by who believes to be Blubber. After shooting his assailant, it is revealed to be Calvin (70s). Wounded, 70s makes his leave again, but while chasing after him, SOFchak comes across pieces of dead skin before discovering a heaping piece of shedded skin/blubber at a dead end. SOF conducts more research to discover he may be dealing with a trollish ghoul of some sort that can shape shift. After reading up on it's weakness being silver, SOF snaps back into reality and disregards all the magic mumbo jumbo as just smoke and Mirrors on Blubber's part.

Sbs1fan calls SOF to watch a hockey game and unwind. At sbs1fan's sharing time, SOF discovers him tied up. SOF unbinds him before brandishing his pistol, scoping the place out before finding Sbs1fan's dead body in the fridge, making him realize that the one he just untied is Blubber. SOFchak shoot a few rounds at Blubber, who doesn't seem affected by it much any more. Blubber knocks the gun out of SOFchak's grip before beating him around. SOF comes across a silver baseball in Sbs1fan's closet and uses it to pound Blubber in and tear him a new, but leaving him alive still, this reverts Blubber back to his real form. SOFchak calls the authorities and Teenj apprehends Blubber, taking SOF's thunder, yet he is still suspicious of SOF. In prison, Blubber openly confesses to his crimes but claims to have not killed Jeremy Creek. Leading us to the main story. But that is for part two of this Q&A.

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Thank you all for voting. Here are the winners!


Best Manager - jjsthekid

Best Cashier - Jelly

Best Consultant - terminoob

Best Fry Cook - hilaryfan80

Best Good Noodle - Clappy

Favorite Customer - Smiles

Favorite Smiley - :P

Favorite Skin - Palais Dolly

Favorite Feature - Experience

Favorite Forum - Off-Topic Lounge

Nicest User - Tie between Smiles and CF

Funniest User - OMJ


Favorite Spin-Off: Adventures in the Underground City

Favorite Male Character - CDCB (CDCB’s Bikini Bottom Adventures)

Favorite Female Character - Tie between Sara and Sandy (Patrick’s Big Break and Adventures in the Underground City)

Favorite Setting - The Temple (Underwater Survivor: SBC Style)

Favorite Scene - All nominees that got one vote

Favorite Quote - “Let’s talk about Canadian killers, those are pretty interesting don’t you think?” - Hassan, UWS SBC

Favorite Literature - Tie between SBCPU and RRR

Favorite Male Character - Tie between SOF and Rusty

Favorite Female Character - Mary Doo (My Mortal Phoenix)

Favorite Setting - Tie between The Great Race (SBCPU), Opposite World (SBCPU), Porn Studio (X-Rated Porno) and Rusty Train (RRR)

Favorite Scene - All nominees that got one vote


User: OMJ

Show: My Leg! The Adventures of Fred the Fish


Favorite TV Show - SpongeBob SquarePants

Favorite Film - Toy Story 3

Favorite Song - All nominees that got 1 vote

Favorite Singer/Band - Tie between Beatles, Muse and Gorillaz

Favorite Video Game - Pokemon White

Favorite Actor - Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress - All nominees that got 1 vote

Favorite Book - Harry Potter

Favorite Author - J.K. Rowling

Favorite Meal - Pizza

Favorite Animal - Dog

Favorite Sport - Basketball


Thank you all again! All the winners received their prizes, and I'll leave this open for cheers and all.

(If you fear there is an error in counting, please PM me)

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