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The Golden Community Awards I

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Time for some Q&A

Q. What is next for SBCPU?

A. This Wednesday will be the first part of a 2-parter. Then, after that, the finals begin

Q. Oh? Care to give some insight?

A. You'll just have to find out Wednesday..

Q. Your Classics Volume 2 is going to contain a sneak peek of your next work...any hints?

A. I'll give you one tiny hint: It's a Spin-Off.

Q. I thought you retired from Spin-Offs?

A. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.

Q. Could it be Fish Politics?

A. That one was a joke.

Q. Oh, okay. So, is it true that S5 is it for RRR?

A. I'm afraid so, but it was fun while it lasted. I can assure you the show will get a decent ending.

Q. What's with the laziness with Storm Racers?

A. Eh, I just get tired sometimes.

Q. When will this new spin-off be announced?

A. Probably January 27th, just a few days after the DVD release.

Q. I'll be sure to check it out. Come back soon!

A. Farewell for now.

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You got questions? I've got answers!

Q: What's the deal with airline food?

A: Don't get me started.

Q: 942-okay-meme.jpg So, what's up with your spin-offs?

A: Future's looking peachy for Patrick's Big Break. I've already renewed it for two more seasons.

Q: And Coral Drive?

A: I was getting to that. This will definitely be renewed for a third season, but after that, its fate is up in the air. I'll have to see how the season goes, and whether I can end it successfully.

Q: Which is your preferred of the two?

A: Right now? Patrick's Big Break. Although I do have a soft spot for both.

Q: So... any plans for a new spin-off?

A: I may work my way into the lit section, actually. Maybe post some poems or something.


A: Well, Mr. Grumpypants, you'll just have to wait and see, won't ya?

Q: If you start a new spin-off, will you try to make it like Anchovy Busters once again?

A: Yeah, I'd like to try my hand at an adventure spin-off again. But I need to plan it out better.

Q: Can I touch your Wumbooty?

A: Fuck no, it's reserved for special people.

Q: One last question: What advice would you give to aspiring spin-off writers?

A: Write what's in your heart. Don't write something just because it's popular. If you don't like it, then you won't have a good time. All the fans and things are nice, but I write my spin-offs with the assumption that no one is going to read them: That way, I make them just the way I want them to be. Of course, I take criticism if somebody brings up a good point.

Q: Okay, thanks for your time.

A: Don't mention it, it'll work great in your chicken recipe.

Q: No, your time. Like, for the interview.

A: Oh... this is awks.

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Favorite Manager- jjsthekid

Favorite Cashier- teenj

Favorite Consultant-

Favorite Fry Cook- hilaryfan80

Favorite Good Noodle- Clappy

Favorite Customer- Servin' Up Smiles

Favorite Smiley- :koolaid:

Favorite Skin- Pinkberry (currently)

Favorite Feature- Awards

Favorite Forum- Off-Topic Lounge

Nicest User- CDCB

Funniest User- OMJ



(Sorry guys, but I don't think I follow them enough to vote for them :/)

Hall of Fame: OMJ


Favorite TV Show- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Favorite Film- Back to the Future

Favorite Song- Strawberry Fields Forever

Favorite Singer (or Band)- The Beatles

Favorite Video Game- Super Mario bros.

Favorite Actor- Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress- Zoey Deschanel

Favorite Book- Harry Pottah and the Goblet of Fireh

Favorite Author- JK Rowling

Favorite Meal- Lasagna

Favorite Animal- Dogs

Favorite Sport- Baseball

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Favorite Manager-Jjs

Favorite Cashier-Jelly

Favorite Consultant-terminoob

Favorite Fry Cook-hilaryfan80

Favorite Good Noodle-CDCB

Favorite Customer-Unlimitedcat

Favorite Smiley- idk

Favorite Skin-Pinkberry

Favorite Feature-User titles

Favorite Forum-Entertainment

Nicest User-Servin' Up Smiles

Funniest User-OMJ


Favorite TV Show-Swat Kats

Favorite Film-Coraline

Favorite Song- Too many to list

Favorite Singer (or Band)-Maroon 5

Favorite Video Game-Sonic Generations

Favorite Actor-Lucas Grabeel

Favorite Actress- idk

Favorite Book- Don't have one

Favorite Author- Same as above

Favorite Meal-Pizza

Favorite Animal-Cats

Favorite Sport-Basketball

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Favorite Manager-jjsthekid

Favorite Cashier-SpongeSebastian

Favorite Consultant-terminoob

Favorite Fry Cook-Not Sure

Favorite Good Noodle-Clappy

Favorite Customer-Servin Up Smiles

Favorite Smiley-:)

Favorite Skin-Palasis Dolly

Favorite Feature-Signature

Favorite Forum-Off-Topic

Nicest User-Servin Up Smiles

Funniest User-JCM




Favorite Spin-Off-Patrick's Big Break

Favorite Male Character-Patrick

Favorite Female Character- Pearl

Favorite Setting-Bikini Bottom

Favorite Scene-not sure

Favorite Quote: Season 3 Episode 7 of the Adventures of the Underground City- Mr Krabs: Can you help me, none of your classmates are listening to me (She covers her face) Not even that boy you have a crush on over there (He points to a boy at the back of the class and everyone laughs as she looks up) He has got to go.


Favorite TV Show-SpongeBob SquarePants

Favorite Film- Too many to choose

Favorite Song- "Perfect Day"

Favorite Singer (or Band)-Muse maybe

Favorite Video Game-Super Mario Sunshine

Favorite Actor-Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress- not sure

Favorite Book- Hatchet

Favorite Author- Carl Hiaasen

Favorite Meal-Burger and Fries

Favorite Animal-Cats or Penguins

Favorite Sport-Baseball or Bowling

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Time for T&A w/Kraka(OMJ)


T: What's crack a lackin, Kraka?

A: Call me Dino ;)

T: Alright...Well, surely everyone here wants to know the situation with Skodwarde.

A: What situation?

T: Well, you recently sold and give full reigns to Clappy with you opting to take a secondary, more relaxed, role in the running of the show. If things in Clappy's personal life go swell with his luncheon today, he may very well disappear off the face of SBC soon.

A: Ah yes, I wish him the best of luck with that. The guy has his priorities in check and I hope he gets the job. If he does "fall off the face of SBC" then more power to him, he has a full life ahead of him if he gets the job and he needs to invest his time and energy into it. I can understand that. We could very well be losing a valuable member, a true diamond, of the Skod Crew and the entire Spongebob Community as a whole, but the show will hopefully continue to go on.

T: If push does come to shove, will you take full reigns of Skodwarde again?

A: To be rather blunt, no, I don't intend on taking full reigns. Our resident Wumbologist has already thrown his name into the hat, in fact, he's the only name in the hat so I expect him to possibly take it over, and I'd be happy with that. He's a very capable writer, as shown by his other spin-offs, and his one Skod ep he wrote has me optimistic that he'll do just fine like the Clapmaster before him.

T: Any news on the Season 2 Finale?

A: It'll come when it does.

T: Season 3 in the near future?

A: Pretty sure Claps has already confirmed Season 3. In fact, Wumbo has already been confirmed to write up the premiere so that gives y'all something to look forward to even more.

T: What do you expect from you moving forward into the future of Skodwarde?

A: Oh, I'll still be around for Season 3. When it comes to me, I try to leave most eps to either Claps or Wumbs so they can have their chance to shine with lulziness. I only write up episodes that I a) personally enjoyed a lot and B) can think of something really good for that said episode. Season 3 has quite a few of my favorites so you can expect to pop in with an ep here and there.

T: Any news on the rumored Skodwarde Movie?

A: Ah yes, the Skodwarde motion picture! The Skod Krew would definitely like to get some work done on it once Season 3 finishes up production, so we still have a while to go before you can expect to see it anytime soon.

T: Will we expect any dialogue of any sort in the movie or better yet, the series as a whole?

A: Perhaps the occasional one liners here and there, but I honestly feel the story goes along much smoother and it's overall funnier with just action and no dialogue.

T: Any plans that goes beyond the planned movie?

A: I'd love to see Skodwarde survive past the movie, but thats something for whoever us in charge to decide. For me, personally, the movie may just be my big bow out from the behind the scenes workings of the series. After the movie, which I loved btw, I just wasn't that big of a spongebobbie as I was. At that time, I felt like I was growing out from the show and I just kinda stopped watching all together as time went on. I don't feel I could do any of the post-movie episodes justice so I want to to leave it to somebody or some people who can. I may pop up for a guest ep once in a blue moon, but my full-time full-episode tenure ends at the movie. I guess im sort of like Hillenburg. lol. I'll continue to write up "So and So drops by Skodwarde's House" as a side project, tho, so I won't completely abandon it.

T: What inspired you to initially write Skodwarde? And did you expect it to grow to become this cult hit?

A: It was initially inspired by those crazy YouTube vids with ole Skod and all the YouTube Poops that followed. I always tried to imagine what it would be like if Skodwarde were in Squidward's shoes, or lack thereof, and just went from there. Things were entirely for the lulz and shits and giggles at first, but once I started to realize that this spinoff was actually, miraculously, accumulating some sort of fan base, I kinda took it up a notch a bit to help appease my newfound fan base. I then started doing those dares to get some people involved with craziness and proved for some good showings by some of SBC's finest and I was pleased with how it turned out. All in all, did not expect it to get to this level at all. I was sorta expecting myself to just give up after the first few eps, but a few people changed that.

T: You also sold off the rights to Post Fiction at the same time as Skodwarde? Why was that?

A: Lack of inspiration and motivation for one. Writing Post Fiction is entirely different from Skodwarde. Whereas Skodwarde is more lulzy, Post Fiction, despite it's humble beginnings, got a whole lot serious as the show went on and the potential it had became more apparent to me. Skodwarde, I can almost instantly write on the fly. Post Fiction has a lot of factors to take into when writing it. Storyline consistency, action, actual dialogue, and all that jazz. Top it all off, I wrote pretty much every episode on an iPhone/iPad, but despite all that shit, it was fun to write and play around with. The past couple of months has been somewhat straining emotionally for me, especially when I got back home from my trip, and the drive and inspiration was just sucked out of me. I couldn't go on with it anymore despite all that had planned for the second season and ultimately, I sold the rights to Steel, who I feel is very capable of upholding the things I had established for PF and take it to a whole new level with his writing skills that I feel exceeds mine by a long shot.

T: Any rumors from Steel regarding PF: Season 2?

A: Not really, but I predict things to run smoothly and stay roughly on the same overall path I had established. Not expecting a total overhaul or reboot. I safely await the premiere. Should be good.

T: Any other projects for spinoffs or lits coming from you in the near future?

A: Nah, don't expect anything coming from me outside of Skodwarde. I'm fine with my current workload right now and I'm having fun with it while I can.

T: Your thoughts on your HOF nomination?

A: Oh, it truly is a great honor to even be nominated! As much as I'd like to enter that prestigious plane of greatness, I feel Libraman deserves to go in. I actually knew the guy from another forum and he is one hell of a writer from some of the stuff he linked me up with. He's also a pretty cool cat who tolerated my craziness back then.

T: Thank you for taking the time to chat!

A: Don't mention. Somewhat srs interview OVER

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Favorite Manager jjs

Favorite Cashier Jelly

Favorite Consultant terminoob

Favorite Fry Cook hilaryfan80

Favorite Good Noodle SOF

Favorite Customer ServingUpSmiles

Favorite Smiley :P

Favorite Skin Pinkie Pie

Favorite Feature Arcade

Favorite Forum Industrial Park

Nicest User CF

Funniest User Elastic


Favorite Spin-Off UWS

Favorite Male Character -----

Favorite Female Character -----

Favorite Setting The Temple (UWS)

Favorite Scene Person loses the first round on UWS.

Favorite Quote ----


Favorite Literature SBCPU

Favorite Male Character ---

Favorite Female Character ---

Favorite Setting Parallel Universe (SBCPU)

Favorite Scene The fight scene in SBCPU between SOF and GBF.

Favorite Quote ----

Hall of Fame:









Good Old Krabby Days

Rock Star!

The New Adventures of SpongeBob and Friends

MermaidMan & Barnacle Boy: Unite!

Hitting Rock Bottom

My Leg!: The Adventures of Fred The Fish (NEW)


Favorite TV Show

Favorite Film Forrest Gump

Favorite Song Suspicious Minds

Favorite Singer (or Band) Elvis Presley

Favorite Video Game Super Mario 64

Favorite Actor Jim Carrey (at least in some of his older movies)

Favorite Actress -------

Favorite Book Harry Potter series

Favorite Author J. K. Rowling

Favorite Meal Hawaiian Pizza

Favorite Animal Cat

Favorite Sport Golf

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Favorite Film- Back to the Future

Stop making me love you even more :P



Favorite Manager - jjs

Favorite Cashier - Jelly

Favorite Consultant - terminoob

Favorite Fry Cook - hilaryfan80

Favorite Good Noodle - Clappy

Favorite Customer - Unlimitedcat

Favorite Smiley - :P

Favorite Skin - Pinkie Pie

Favorite Feature - Arcade

Favorite Forum - Off Topic

Nicest User - CF

Funniest User - OMJ


Although I write a few spin-offs (Lits too) I hardly read any so voting on this would make it kind of unfair...


Favorite TV Show - Futurama

Favorite Film - Back to the Future

Favorite Song - "Who Wants to Live Forever" - Queen (At the moment)

Favorite Singer (or Band) - The Beatles d'uh

Favorite Video Game - (Don't play many if any)

Favorite Actor - Patrick Stewart

Favorite Actress - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Favorite Book ---

Favorite Author ---

Favorite Meal Anything with chicken

Favorite Animal Penguins

Favorite Sport Badminton

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Here's a little sneak peek for the next SBCPU:

Narrator: This Wednesday..

Dradius: Fight to the death!

Mothra: I will gain the grand prize! *swings sword at Ex*

ExKizuna: MOTHRA, DON'T!

Narrator: Who will come out victorious?

*Mothra and Ex clash with their ships*

Narrator: Who will fall..?

*Ex is seem falling out of his ship*

*Dradius blasts dark balls at Ex*

*swords clash in the dark cloud*

Grand Ruler: And the teams advancing to the finals are...

Narrator: Tune in Wednesday, January 25th for the conclusion of the first half of SBCPU S2!

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Favorite Manager jjs

Favorite Cashier Jelly

Favorite Consultant tvguy

Favorite Fry Cook Spongygirl92

Favorite Good Noodle Clappy

Favorite Customer Unlimited Cat

Favorite Smiley :cool:

Favorite Forum Skin Patrick's House

Favorite Feature Arcade

Favorite Forum Off Topic

Nicest User Servin' Up Smiles

Funniest User OMJ

Spinoffs/Lits Don't really read that much


Favorite Show Spongebob

Favorite Film The Wizard of Oz

Favorite Song Mayberry (Rascal Flatts)

Favorite Singer/Band Rascal Flatts

Favorite Video Game Guitar Hero

Favorite Actor Tom Kenny

Favorite Actress Tara Strong

Favorite Book ---------------

Favorite Author ----------------

Favorite Meal Tacos

Favorite Animal Cardinal

Favorite Sport (Does WWE count?) If not then Basketball.

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Favorite Manager jjs

Favorite Cashier Jelly

Favorite Consultant tvguy

Favorite Fry Cook Spongygirl92

Favorite Good Noodle Clappy

Favorite Customer Unlimited Cat

(Hang on I'll have to do the rest of this from my phone. Someone else post real quick so I won't have to post twice)

You can just edit your post.

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[align=center]Adventures in the Underground City Interview


:) :) :)[/align]

Interviewer: I'm here to talk with this nobody about some show he writes called "Adventures at the Underground Farm"

Sabre: It's actually "Adventures in the Underground City"

Interviewer: I'm the one who asks the questions, Ok? Not that anybody cares, well I don't, but do you have any upcoming episodes that may interest people airing in the next few weeks?

Sabre: Well for the 70th episode coming out next week, Spongebob can't do anything but reveal the truth putting the secret formula at risk...

Interviewer: ...Yawn, anything else?

Sabre: Well Patrick discovers God and is submitted into an insane asylum, not at the same time obviously, Mr Krabs gets trapped in a highly dangerous warehouse, there's also a mystery a few businesses going broke and a seriously messed up family tree...

Interviewer: It's all about you and your show, isn't it?

Sabre: Well that's what we're here to talk about, isn't it?

Interviewer: Nobody ever asks me questions ... So anyway, I've heard your show is about SpongeBob SquarePants, do you prefer to write for certain characters?

Sabre: Well I do enjoy writing for Plankton and Mr Krabs, mostly because they are quite easy to write stuff for...

Interviewer: Are there any that are more difficult?

Sabre: Patrick is quite hard as you have to find the right level between funny and down right stupid

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite episode from the past season or whatever?

Sabre: I had a lot of fun writing the two 'An Assassin for Sandy' chapters...

Interviewer: Nobody cares... Do you write the episodes in stages or the whole thing out at once?

Sabre: I usually write out the plot and then the whole episode with basic, unfunny stuff...

Interviewer: Then you post it?

Sabre: Not funny, no, I then go back through and add the jokes and other stuff, I do this process two times, then post it with the time cards, music and other stuff...

Interviewer: Well I'm getting bored, anything you have to say before I leave?

Sabre: I'd just like to thank the fans of the show for being loyal and reading all the episodes I write, thanks

Interviewer: Great, cut, throw in a few shots of me looking interested and put it on air...

Sabre: What do I do now?

Interviewer: Get the hell out!

Sabre: But this is my house

Interviewer: It ain't anymore

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