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What do you want for Christmas?: 2018 Edition

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Like the title says, what do you want for Christmas this year. Here's what I want...

- The Nintendo Switch (with possible Gamecube port and controller but mainly SMASH and the other two can wait)

- Uno Attack since my old one is collecting dust and I lost some of the cards at my old house

- Disney Tsum Tsum Series 10 and 11 since I never collected much of them since my Target stock is shit

- for Squnschpunsch to last until new year

- For Karl Hadrika to answer my email so I don't have to worry about whether or not I scared him away by coming off awkwardly obsessive with past emails or responses I just really want to be on good terms with an artist I admire :(

- some food and gift cards, or FOOD gift cards

- for my health to get better

- The Night of Wishes book (not a necessity but as a Wunschpunsch fan I would love to get it one day)

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Nothing of this is going to happen, but it isn't hurt to wish for something, am I right?

- Nintendo Switch

- SpongeBob Comics: Treasure Chest Collection

- Wobbuffet plush.

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Anything on this moodboard I make/update bi-annually in place of an actual wishlist, but out of all of these I really want the Ariel Rock Candy, Christopher Robin, the Pooh POP, the Patrick Christmas POP, Black Panther, and the Aurora POP.


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