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  1. Danny DeVito


    are you feeling it now
  2. would you like to reconsider teaming up with paddy's pub
  3. my first immediate thought upon seeing footage of this show: why do we still have 4kids productions in almost 2022
  4. What kind of man continues to stalk SBC and rejoin their Discord when they don't want him there? No man. No man at all.

  5. "Doing Time" is now called "So What's For Dinner Tonight, Puff Mama?"
  6. thank you to whoever got me this box for my birthday

  7. which It's Always Sunny Character would you spend the day with
  8. No, I'M the chimp with the machine gun.

  9. 7/10 In "The Paper", there was going to be a scene at the end showing Squidward getting his house back, but this was removed as it ruined the point of the ending.
  10. what really gets me about these remakes is how disconnected they seem to be from gen 8 as a whole. say what you will about ORAS, but it was absolutely a gen 6 game and incorporated XY's features, even improving upon some. these on the other hand don't seem to take anything whatsoever from SWSH (although how much people would've enjoyed a Dynamax Sinnoh is...up for debate). love or hate them, it's jarring to have a remake in the same generation not take any features from its predecessor and further adds to the uninspired cash grab vibe on display. "DP but ported to the Switch" these truly are. but at the same time, I guess this is what the fandom deserves with how they've acted the past few years
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