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  1. say whatever happened to robot jones

  2. I remember my first Krabby Patty.

  3. Danny DeVito


    Where's the leak ma'am?
  4. The people have spoken and want me to star as Pikachu, it's the only element that will make this remotely close to passable. I can only hope they make the right choice after skipping me over last time.
  5. i'm no superman

    1. spongebobhater


      i'm no soup or man

    2. Wumbo


      no soup for you

  6. in loving memory of legend john mcafee, RIP

  7. Sandy Cheeks dies in a car accident as a young squirrel.
  8. I have held this off long enough. Here's the world premiere for the festival! It probably wasn't worth the wait. Danny DeVito Cuts In Front of Italians Outside of Paddy's Pub, a line of Italian Americans are lined up, eager to get inside. Suddenly, Danny DeVito, guest starring as himself, begins to walk past the line of Italians, which understandably makes them angry. "Ay, yo, ay, yo, whoa, oh!" all yelled out from the angry line, as Mr. DeVito stops in front. "Hey yo, Copernicus, why don't you navigate yourself to the back of the line with your feet and stand there with your shirt?" one of the angry Italians asked. But suddenly, Mr. DeVito turns himself around, showing his holy image to the line. The Italians gasp in fear at his sheer might, all now regretting that they dare disgraced the ground he walked on. "THE one and only Danny DeVito? Hey hey hey whoa, we are so sorry sir-" one of the Italians was apologizing, but DeVito stops them. "No need to apologize, boys. How about a fresh round all on me?" Danny Devito offered to the group in an act of generosity. The line cheers, as Danny DeVito heads inside with them, ordering them all drinks off his own dime. The gang had a fun night. THE END

  10. I should guest star on sponegbob

  11. Danny DeVito


    can I get some tap and dye and some WD 40?
  12. glenn quagmire is a terrorist

  13. The Danny DeVito Cameo!

  14. As the star of The Lorax, I can confirm my appearance was most certainly not a "cameo" and I am offended by this notion. great riffs though, y'all are knocking these out of the park.
  15. Mr. Speaker, we are for the big.

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