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  1. Managers

  2. A pretty cool guy

  3. For being as cool as Wendy

  4. Pictionary Champion

    Given to the winner of the latest SpongeBob Pictionary.

  5. Cashiers

  6. An awesome developer

  7. Ice cream and cakey cake member

  8. Featured Employee

    Given to the current Featured Employee.

  9. Fry Cooks

  10. lmao

  11. For being a robot overlord

  12. Jeopardy Final Champion

    Given to the winner of the final SpongeBob Jeopardy game.

  13. A decent GFX designer

  14. Obey the sugar llama king!

  15. Wheel of Fortune Final Champion

    Given to the winner of the final Wheel of Fortune game.

  16. Omair is Werth it!

  17. ALS

    Given to whoever donated to the ALS Fundraiser for Stephen Hillenburg.

  18. Artist (2013)

    Given to the winner of the Art Contest during Christmas 2013.

  19. Retired Employees

  20. The best overlord ever in SBC's life

  21. Artist (2014)

    Given to the winner of the Art Contest during Snowcember Ball 2014.

  22. For being time lord victorious on SBC!

  23. Fry Cook Champion (2015)

    Given to the winner of The Fry Cook Games II.

  24. Member when WhoBob was an overlord of SBC? OH I MEMBER!

  25. Spin-Off Scholar

    Given to whoever won the Spin-Off/Lit Trivia Contest from Spin-Off Festivals 5-8.

  26. For being the #1 Fan

  27. Glove King

    Given to whoever purchased it from the Prize Store during Spin-Off Festivals 5 and 6.

  28. For living in Squidward's Paradise

  29. Survivalist

    Given to the winner of the Kelp Forest Survival roleplaying game at Camp SBC.

  30. Loyal Customers

  31. For being as trashy as Bold and Brash

  32. Sheriff

    Given to whoever successfully killed The Fisherman at an Octerror Fest.

  33. For being the most froggy queen!

  34. Fisherman

    Given to whoever was The Fisherman at a Hooky game during an Octerror Fest.

  35. The Mad Titan and God of SBC

  36. Sleigh Racer

    Given to the winner of The Great Sleigh Race during Snowcember Ball 2015 or 2019.

  37. For being as kind as Steven

  38. Christmas Trivia Champion

    Given to whoever won the SBC Christmas Trivia Contest during a Snowcember Ball.

  39. For writing SpongeBob Literature

  40. Pirate King

  41. Ghost Catcher

  42. Fry Cook Champion (2016)

  43. Double Overlord

  44. Skodwarde

  45. Krusty Krew

  46. SBC's Resident Kebab

  47. Spin-Off Legends Winner

  48. Mediocre Clarinet Player

  49. Medieval Artist

  50. Survived the British reign

  51. SBC Music Master

  52. For being as generous as Rarity

  53. Fry Cook Champion (2017)

  54. For being as godly as Jigglypuff!

  55. Xat Time Travelers

  56. Chum Buddies

  57. The gnarliest stuff in the ocean

  58. Super Games Champion

  59. Insomniac games is wrong about old ratchet

  60. Trick or Treat!

  61. Quilava Fan

  62. Dr. Frankencheeks

  63. Creator of the H-pocalypse!

  64. Krampus

  65. Proud Geeks + Gamers fan

  66. Space Racer

    Given to the winner of the Space Race at Futuristic February.

  67. 13/13 User!

  68. Fry Cook Champion (2018)

  69. Silver

  70. Secret Agent Snail

  71. Hatsune Miku

  72. Community Deathmatch

  73. Super Sonic

  74. Trivia Cowboy

  75. Pony Pal

  76. Artist (OF18)

  77. Unova Starters

  78. Present Protector

  79. GCA Winner

  80. Artist (SCB18)

  81. Customers

  82. Fry Cook Champion (2019)

  83. Feelin fine and dandy!

  84. Feelin not so good!

  85. Fist O Pain

  86. Festival King

  87. Spin-Off Scholar 2019

  88. Artist (SpongeBash)

  89. Lord Poltergeist

  90. Dutchman's Curse

  91. Halloween Jep

  92. 12 Quests

  93. Treasure Hunter

  94. Fry Cook Champion (2020)

  95. Smash Bros

  96. Animal Crossing

  97. Twistery Detective

    Given to the winner of Mystery with a Twistery at Noirgust.

  98. Pumpkin King

    Given to whoever won the Trick or Terror! game at Octerror Fest 2020.

  99. Snow Fort Champion

    Given to whoever won the Snowcember Snow Fort War 2020.

  100. Pet Race Champion

    Given to the winner of The Great Pet Race at Pet or Pests Festival.

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