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What's an unlimited cat?

Heh heh, so we get to this question first! It's a cat who is one of a kind and unlimited. It's also a name that I created back a year ago when I didn't want other username on a game, which happened alot. I've been thinking for months of making an actual character out of my user and retiring SpongeBob from wearing the outfit that my character would wear.

P.S. Thanks for the first question! Here's your lollipop!

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Is seahorse radish the "gnarliest stuff in the ocean?"

Yes, because it's made of sea ponies shoo be doo shoo shoo be doo.

This is a serious question. Why do I keep going to some topics and I notice that you deleted a comment you made? Why art thou deleting thou's own posts?

Most of the time it is for correcting errors, let's say there were two people on a game page, and by accident after I post someone posts the same thing to answer the same person.

Why is Clappy seeing dead posts?

He could be a demi god. :P

Were you a tv.com member?

No I wasn't, but it could have been cool if I was one.

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