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Dang, so many replies so quickly. xD

Can you explain to me why you're in a fairy princess outfit, diaper, while you're eating a corndog?

Hi Unlimited!!! Since a lot of other people have asked this on other question threads, what is your honest opinion of me?

Smiles: You always serve me up perfect smiles and you're a great friend. :D

OMJ: Your like the SpongeBob pa I always wanted. You always courage me to post and you're probably one of the funniest guys here. :P

SG12: Although we met not that long ago, I gotta say you're a cool gal. Glad to be around you.

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Why are you a cha instead of a cat now?

A few months ago I created the spin-off Dolphin Warriors, well I named one of the characters Cha Phin. I decided to change my name to fit my new main character and to slowly have avatars of the character. Well, I out grew the spin-off, but I kept the name because I thought it was more unique than Unlimitedcat.

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