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178. Hello Bikini Bottom

Jjs Goodman


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#178 - Hello Bikini Bottom


Monday, October 8th @ 8 PM ET/PT




Spongebob and Squidward form a two-man band, but when Mr. Krabs takes over as band manager for SpongeBob and Squidward, he threatens to bring the first show down in flames if they don't give him money.





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It looks like a good episode, with the Ned & The Needlefish references and such. Although it's another "The Krusty Krab needs money (or more like Mr. Krabs) and they come up with a scheme to get some"

episode, hopefully it'll add some new and creative things to the formula.

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It looks like a good episode, with the Ned & The Needlefish references and such. Although it's another "The Krusty Krab needs money (or more like Mr. Krabs) and they come up with a scheme to get some"

episode, hopefully it'll add some new and creative things to the formula.

^Yea this
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* Well, we finally have our mysterious episode 178, the Season 8 finale, in production order.

* A purple fish happened to be watching their band duel...hmm..

* His musical number was catchy.

* Reminds me of Altantis SquarePantis, though I think this song is more catchy so far.

* Signature, Mr. Tentacles?

* So after the musical number, we see Mrs. Puff again, with her fixing a boat bus that belongs to her school. Nice to see some new vehicles.

* Lol, sounds like a load of hoopla, much?

* Ah, Ned and the Needlefish, seen in Wigstruck, return in this special.

* Well, he sure did sabotage the sound equipment.

* So the next gig is at a supermarket?

* The Krusty Krab is gone?!

* Well, this gig is going good...so far.

* Lol at how everyone is messing around with the food, or eating it before buying it.

* That crab reminds me of one of the crabs from Kracked Krabs.

* Shady Line retirement home...that's the name of a place near me...coincidence? o_O

* Lol, this reminds me of Drake & Josh.


* Squidward, you called it.

* Pin the tail on Squidward?

* Commercial break!

* And we're back, to another road trip.

* There's Ned and the Needlefish.

* Lol at how they want Ned and the Needlefish, but got SB and Squid instead.

* Uh oh, Krabs is getting sued.

* Yikes, bad driving there.

* Looks like the band is in a huge pickle...

* I liked the little musical with Squidward and SpongeBob, very touching.

* Lol at Squidward's singing tentacle.

* A meteor shower underwater?

* One Long Angry Line Later..

* Gary's college fund? There's a snail college?

* Lol at how Plankton gets screwed over near the end.

Grade: A

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This episode didn't interest me too much.

It was okay and it was nice to see Ned and The Needlefish. I was surprised that Mr.Krabs actually sold the Krusty Krab O_o . I'm glad Plankton didn't become a main factor in the episode. It was nice to see less of him in his appearance in this episode. I like Squid's and SB's montage at the end. That was nice and the audience liked it! I think...

So, I'm just as confused about the Gary + college money thing o-o . He is pretty smart, as we've seen before. Felt bad for Plankton xD.

Where was Sandy?

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Holy crap!!! holy crap!!! holy crap!!! I LOVED this special so far. This is by far the BEST SpongeBob special that I have ever seen since "Friend Or Foe". :) It was funny in some moments, the musical numbers were amazing especially that touching musical number near the end of the special. It was just awesome as a whole and SpongeBob and Squidward sounded good together. But wait, Squidward knows how to play the clarinet perfectly now??? o_O curious

Andy Samberg guest-voices in this special as Colonel Carper, concert promoter

OVERALL: 10 out of 10

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Hello Bikini Bottom - 8.8/10

Honestly, Spongebob just really outstanded me with this episode. It wasn't perfect, but WAY better than I expected.

There were some pretty good jokes here and there, even if the "Too loud" gag got old. But the thing I loved about this episode was the fact that


Squidward actually had some character development here. Notice how Squidward's opinion of performing with Spongebob changed throughout the episode. He learned how cooperation is always better than just being alone. It also brought back his soft side, which hasn't been shown for quite a while. The songs were pretty great as well.

There was also some nice references to older episodes, such as the crowd cheering after the song (Ripped Pants), Ned and the Needlefish bad appearing (Wigstruck), and the wrestlers (Krusty Krushers).

The only true problem with this episode was how mean the fish was. Seriously though, why did that jerk get away with what he was doing?! tongbleh.gif The episode was also kinda rushed.

Overall, this episode exceeded my expectations, and is overall just great. Also, for anyone who wants to watch the episode...


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I saw the special on YouTube and man, I really really enjoyed it! I don't know why, but I couldn't help but think that Patrick and Plankton's little parts were really funny! Also, I love the scene in the retirement home, it made me lol.

Overall: A


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I enjoyed this special for what it's worth. My mind started to wander towards the end, but I think it was me being tired more than anything else. Gonna rewatch again tomorrow since I DVR'd it for the sake of it. I would probably give this a 7.5/10 with the potential for it to be higher tomorrow.

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I really loved this episode! All the music was catchy, especially Squidward and SpongeBob's duet at the end that shows just how great the two can work together, which is something I love to see.

The scenes with Patrick and Plankton were funny also.

I guess I didn't like how mean Andy Samburg's character was, but I guess Mr. Krabs had it coming since he stole SpongeBob and Squidward from him, stole his sound equipment, and sabotaged his gig. But I guess he had it coming too since he destroyed Mr. Krabs's sound equipment and took more of his money for the lulz. So I guess it's a whole circle of comuppunce.

All in all, a terrific episode, and the best of the new ones so far!

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