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122a. Chum Bucket Supreme


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I liked this episode, mainly because there really hasn't been a Plankton/Patrick episode before. Patrick worked for Plankton in "The Fry Cook Games", but this time you can actually see him trying to help the Chum Bucket.

Chum is Fum.


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This is the second-best episode of Season 6 IMO (sorry, #1 is SCITS). It has an original character pairing (the first Plankton & Patrick episode), funny jokes, and a nice premise: Plankton coming up with marketing strategies. This was a fum episode to watch on premiere and it still is very fum indeed. And again, impressive for the catastrophe that was Season 6.

Final score: 9/10

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I rewatched this one a while back, but I remember that this held up well. The jokes this one tells are actually smartly written, which is pretty much the opposite of a lot of season 6 episodes. The jokes about people bandwagon for a stupid slogan are clever, and parallel real life surprisingly more than you would think. The pair up with Plankton and Patrick also worked suprisingly well. Especially love the time card "a little more than a few moments later." The only problem I have with the episode is animation, but that is mostly what to expect from season 6. Other than that, this one is great. It manages to tell a clever story with great jokes and a good team up. Easily top 3 for season 6, which while not that tough to achieve, shouldn't discredit this episode for being great and original.

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