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Snowcember Ball 2021

Jjs Goodman

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2021 reaches its final lap, and SBC closes out the year with holiday cheer.  


From December 10th to December 29th, enjoy Snowcember Ball 2021, our holiday event. The Krusty Krew (Khristmas Krew), Chum Buddies (Christmas Baddies) and Solos (Carolers) will face off against each other again in the Snowcember Cup. If you would like to be on a team, sign up here. Now, here's our list of what activities to expect during the event:

  • Stop What You Are Doing - Holiday Edition: SWYAD returns for the 38th edition. Decorate your username with a holiday theme. You may reserve a name in this thread or via Discord if you haven't already.
  • Cards Against Snowmen: Cards Against Humanity will be every Friday night during the event at 7pm EST!
  • SBC Music Jingle Bell Fridays: Play your favorite holiday songs every Friday night at 8pm EST, and earn raffle gifts by attending!
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Pictionary will be on two Saturdays during the event at 7pm EST! The game on December 11th will be 100th game so be sure to join us for that huge milestone!
  • Among Us: After Pictionary on Saturdays at 8pm EST, join us for sussy chaos.
  • Jackbox: Every Monday night at 8pm EST during the event, there will be a Jackbox game on Discord, hosted by @dmandagiraffe!
  • SBC Christmas Trivia Contest 2021: The famous Snowcember tradition returns for the 10th edition, now using Kahoot! Who will reign as champion this year?
  • Snowcember Movie Nights: On both Thursday nights at 8pm EST, @OWM will be hosting two special screenings on Discord of Happy Feet and various holiday or snow themed SpongeBob episodes.
  • SBC Secret Santa Program 2021: Our yearly Secret Santa program returns, hosted by @SpongeOddFan, but with several changes. The iWish for iFish program will be fused with it, now allowing you to request any item (with exceptions)!
  • Snowcember Advent Calendar: Unlock twelve side quests and whoever completes all twelve has a great stash of presents waiting them!
  • Holiday Contests: Both the Snowcember Story and iFish Contests will return. For you talented writers, procrastinate a great holiday tale, and for iFish, there will be plenty of new and old iFish items for you to dress up with.
  • Other Games: For this year's scavenger hunt, you'll be hunting snowmen, and look forward to an All-Nighter at one point too!
  • Snowcember Minigames: Past Snowcember minigames will return, and there will be a brand new one known as Gone Sledding!

As is another SBC tradition for the holiday, we also have a surprise Christmas present, awaiting to unwrap itself to you all on the 25th. The forums and Discord will be hit by a blizzard transforming them into winter wonderlands. Two new skins will be designed by Kieran and sbl. Three skins from previous years will return: Christmas Cookies (everyone), Christmas Sweater (LC) and Snowball Community (LC). 2021 has been a pretty great year for SBC, and we hope this event will end the year on a cheerful, high note! :xmas: 

SWYAD Reservations:

SOF --> Holly Jolly Molly

SpongeKid --> That Merry SpongeKid

dman --> Merry Dmas

Jjs --> Santa Mike

sbl --> Frosty the Snowman

JCM --> Santa Claus

Steel --> Cousin Mel

Katniss --> Wreath Witherspoon

4Ever --> Orlando Bloom

Fred --> Jingle Bell Cock

Negi  --> NegiSantie

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