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What did you get for Christmas? (2020 edition)

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Mom went crazy this year lmao

Stocking Stuffers:

- $15 Burger King Gift Card

- $40 Target gIft Card

- Mom and my sister both gave me Walmart giftcards, both $25

- a shitload of candy

- some animal crackers

- Mini chips ahoy

- some mini wooden game i forget


- Tabletop Foosball, which I never played before but looks fun

- CD player, thank god I had a lot of CDs from Proswell I wanted to listen to

- tall set of no name unlicesned diecast cars but im fine with it lol

- 2 Matchbox single cars

- 2 Hot Wheels 5 Pack

- 1 Matchbox 9 pack

I'm gonna have lots of fun hunting for some upcoming Matchbox/Hot Wheels with the Target/Walmart cards next week...

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Let's go:


-Brownie baking set
-Measuring cups
-2 prepaid gift credit cards
-An Amazon gift card with the amount attached to it
-Inuyasha manga volume 16 (in the omnibus edition)
-Beastars manga volume 2
-A phone case
-Kingdom Hearts III cup
-Rina Sawayama - Sawayama CD
-The Killers - Imploding the Mirage CD
-Gorillaz - Song Machine Season 1 CD
-Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends CD
-Shark Tale, Ice Age 2, Madagascar, and Meet the Robinsons, all for the PS2 (This was not actually a serious gift, as the one who got this for me told me, but knows that'll I appreciate the humor in it.)

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I got myself Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeKonnick and David Lopez, Sandman Vol 10 and Daredevil by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark Vol 2, even though I don't celebrate Christmas

Oh and a year subscription of Marvel Unlimited from someone


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- Confectionary

- Clothes (T-shirts (one of them is a SpongeBob one!) and a sweatshirt)

- Games (this version of Uno that involves something shooting a card out at random and some Speak Out games)

- A vinyl player with some LPs (first time experiencing this—pretty cool!)

- This light box thing that you put letters in so it looks like one of those cool signs

- A Best Buy gift card

And with that one gift card, I said fuck it, and bought MK8D with it. Even though it had been something I was hesitating to buy for SO LONG because...WHY IS IT STILL 79.99!!!! But now we're good so yay!!!

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-a spongebob time card thing to go on the mirror in my car

- spongebob pictures to go on the wall

- a spongebob pen

- candy

- nail polish

- a disney dog journal

- a patrick sponge on the run funko pop

- gift card to barnes and noble that is $25

- shiba inu slippers

and some other stuff, we usually go all out for christmas lol


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Some chocolate.

Some brand new t-shirts (including one that is a reproduction of the cover art of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon")!

Some Lotto Tickets.

Some Books (Including "Visual History Of The Peanuts", just released earlier this year)!

Some Activity Books.

The B-52's album "Bouncing Off The Satellites"!

Some Puzzles.

The Deluxe, 2-CD edition of The Rolling Stones "Some Girls" album!

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