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Favorite to least favorite seasons

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Here's how I rank them (and I imagine that my rankings could be a little controversial).

1. Season 3 (Has so many of my favorite episodes and the humor is top notch. Definitely the best season IMO and if it had been the last season like it was planned to be at the time, it would've been a perfect way to end the show ).

2. Season 1 (Though not as hilarious as Seasons 2 or 3, I still really enjoy this season due to the charm all its episodes had and the great stories, in fact it's honestly the only season where there is not any bad episodes IMO. This season is my second favorite because it is extremely classic and was a great way to start the show).

3. Season 2 (The weakest of the pre-movie seasons IMO, but still fantastic. Even though I dislike Jellyfish Hunter and I'm With Stupid and find a couple other episodes meh, the good episodes in this season for the most part were absolutely brilliant, and this season is where the humor really started becoming excellent. It's overall just awesome and deserves all the praise it gets).

4. Season 10 (Easily the funniest season of the show since at least the first half of 4. This season has 3 of my Top 30 episodes in the whole series, and really no terrible episodes aside from the overrated "Out of the Picture". It's a weird season in many ways since it is so much shorter than all the others and also just feels quite different, but overall it is really good and easily the best season after the movie to me).

5. Season 9B (This half of Season 9 is really where the series started to get back on track for me. There's a fair amount of funny episodes, the stories in general are much stronger, and it's just overall really solid. Aside from "Mutiny on the Krusty" and "The Fish Bowl" {And even then neither of those were horrible episodes by any means}, this is definitely a good batch).

6. Season 11 (It's not as good as 10 or 9B in my opinion, but is still decent. It gets a lot of unfortunate flack due to the awful "Ink Lemonade" episode, but really other than that episode as well as a few other slightly bad ones, this season is still mostly pretty good. It has some very nice and hilarious episodes, and if it wasn't for Ink Lemonade I'm sure many people would recognize that this season is still pretty solid).

7. Season 4 (I consider the first half of this season {The episodes "Fear of a Krabby Patty" to "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired!"} to be on par with Seasons 1-3 {with the only exceptions being the meh episodes "The Lost Mattress" and "SquidBob Tentaclepants" as well as the bad episodes "Good Neighbors" and "Funny Pants"}. It had a lot of amazing episodes like Fear of a Krabby Patty, Skill Crane, Patrick Smartpants, and of course Krusty Towers and Dunces and Dragons. I could honestly see most of the first half being in the first 3 seasons. However, starting with "Ghost Host", the season quickly went downhill. The second half is mostly filled with either meh or bad episodes {Especially The Thing and All That Glitters}, and in my mind marks the beginning of SpongeBob's slow decline. It is overall a pretty mixed season for me with really good and some really bad episodes {Or I guess to put it more simply, a good first half and mediocre to bad second half}, and I do think it is overrated. It certainly is better than Seasons 5-9A, though).

8. Season 5 (This is another mixed season for me, except this time with slightly more really bad episodes than really good episodes. This season is definitely where the show started becoming a lot more childish, but I do at least commend the writers for attempting to be more experimental with the episode plots. Overall, I'd probably give it a high meh).

9. Season 9A (I had a hard time picking between this and Season 8 for this spot, but I chose this barely over 8 just by virtue of the fact that it had less really bad episodes IMO. Still, most of this half of Season 9 is quite forgettable, and feels a lot like Season 8. Still, not bad).

9. Season 8 (Just like 9A, nearly all this season is forgettable, except this time we're talking about 47 episodes rather than just a mere 20. It had a couple really good episodes such as "Hello Bikini Bottom!" and "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!", as well as a few terrible ones such as "Demolition Doofus", "Face Freeze!", "Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom", and "Pet Sitter Pat"" but aside from those 6 nothing in this season really stands out at all IMO. It is the pure definition of meh).

10. Season 6 (This season just plain sucks. It is a squid torture, gross out, unfunny mess of a season. Aside from "The Slumber Party" and "Sand Castles in the Sand", there are no amazingly good episodes in this season. Most of it is just plain garbage, and what isn't garbage is still just meh or passable).

11. Season 7 (Easily the worst season on this show for me. I can only name 4 episodes that I like from it, and none of them are even great. This season is just filled with jerkish episodes and character flanderization, and lots and LOTS of failed jokes and unoriginality. Plus it has my 2 least favorite episodes of all time, "One Coarse Meal" and "A Pal for Gary". Quite frankly, if this season became lost, I'd say good riddance to it).


And yeah, think that's it. If you want a TL;DR version though, then my rankings are:


And if I ranked 9 as a whole, it'd probably either go in either Season 4 or Season 5's slot. I'd still have to think about that one.

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Three: 10/10. One: 9.5/10. Two: 9.5/10. Four: 9.2/10. Five: 9.2/10. Nine B: 9.2/10. Ten: 9/10. Nine as a whole season: 8.9/10. Six: 8.5/10 (mostly over-hated in my opinion). Nine A: 8.5/10. Eight: 8/10. Eleven: 8/10 ("Ink Lemonade" knocked it down TWO whole points; yes, it WAS THAT bad!), Seven: 6/10, IF that! Enough said!

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8 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 10 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6 > 7 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 9 >>>> 5 >>> 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11 (Except Old Man Patrick) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 >>>>>>>>>>>> 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1 (Especially the ODIOUS Fools in April)

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