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The Golden Community Awards XI: Nominations

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Yup, the Golden Community Awards are back, with the guest host with the most, Master Shake! As tradition, first up is the nominations part. As a community (hence Golden "Community" Awards haha geddit) we'll decide who makes it to the voting stage.


1.) Don't nominate yourself. (though you should definitely vote for Master Shake, the greatest person to ever strike this forum and New Jersey)

2.) You may nominate between Top 2 to Top 5 choices for each category, so you don't have to nominate exactly 5 things (However, for Hall of Fame, you must nominate 2). If you cannot nominate 5 things for a category, the lowest we'll allow is 2 if it makes life easier. You can nominate either 3 or 4 things as well, whichever works, do whatever you like.

3.) If you don't read any spin-offs/lits, then you can skip that section. Likewise, if you don't know what to nominate for the Members section, then you can skip that. You may only skip one section though, as skipping both seems kind of pointless, you feel?

4.) However, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT put "N/A" for every category. If you even think about it, then just don't post at all. You can skip a category or two if you aren't sure who or what to nominate at all, but don't skip all of them.

5.) No copy/pasting people's votes word for word. That's lazy, dawg. 

6.) Don't get upset if you aren't nominated.


I.) Member Categories

1.) Best Debater

2.) Funniest Member

3.) Most Serious Member

4.) Most Unique Username

5.) Spongiest Member

6.) Kindest Member

7.) Most Competitive Member 

8.) Maturest Member

9.) Most Contributive Member

10.) Most Creative Member

11.) Most Missed Member

12.) Smartest Member

II.) Spin-Off & Literature Categories

1.) Best Creation

2.) Best Ended Creation

3.) Best Pilot

4.) Best Episode

5.) Best Storyline

6.) Best Comedy

7.) Best Location

8.) Best Protagonist

9.) Best Antagonist

10.) Best Minor Character

11.) Most Creative

12.) Most Well-Written

III.) Hall of Fame

1.) Honorary Creator Award

Those who have had a profound impact on spin-offs/lits will be nominated and inducted. 

*(Sabre, Wumbo, Jjs, OMJ, Clappy, Steel Sponge, and teenj12 won in the past and therefore cannot be nominated.)*

2.) Honorary Show Award

Creations that have had a profound impact will be nominated. 

*("Adventures in the Underground City", "Storm Racers", "Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000", "JCMovies", "Team SpongeBob", "SBCinema", and "Community Deathmatch" won in the past and therefore cannot be nominated.)*

3.) Honorary Staff Member Award

Those who have had a profound impact on SBC can be nominated. 

*(Tvguy, Jjs, hilaryfan80, CNF, Wumbo, Nuggets, and JCM won in the past and therefore cannot be nominated.)*

4.) Honorary Member Award

For ordinary members who you feel deserve special recognition, whether it be for behavior, activity, or contributions in general. No current staff members can be nominated for this (jjs, hilaryfan80, Cream, Fred, Crush & Metal), this is just for regular members.

*(Cha and WhoBob won in the past and therefore cannot be nominated.)*

You will nominate 2 for each of those (Creator, Show, Staff, and Member). We'll then vote to see which one of those two will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. If you aren't sure what has already won (even though I stated it above silly), you can also look at Hugh Neutron's signature for a reminder.

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1) Best Debater


2.) Funniest Member

@DarknessDG @Old Man Jenkins @ooooooofy @Cream

3.) Most Serious Member


4.) Most Unique Username


5.) Spongiest Member

@NegiSpongie @Mermaid Magic

6.) Kindest Member

@Katniss @DarknessDG

7.) Most Competitive Member 

@Hayden @Cream

8.) Maturest Member

@MMM @Metal Snake

9.) Most Contributive Member

idek the admins i guess

10.) Most Creative Member

@Metal Snake

11.) Most Missed Member


12.) Smartest Member


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I.) Member Categories

1.) Best Debater

Crushingmayhem, Aquatic Nuggets, Terminoob

2.) Funniest Member

OMJ, Homie, Wumbo, Elastic, SOF

3.) Most Serious Member

Katniss, President Squidward, NegiSpongie

4.) Most Unique Username

Whobob, ooooooofy, PhantOWM (Yeah, I really liked your Halloween name :P )  

5.) Spongiest Member

Cha, Nuggets, sbl

6.) Kindest Member

Spongetron, SOF, Cha, Cream, Jjsthekid (Seriously, I'd put everyone here if I could :wub: )

7.) Most Competitive Member

Fred Rechid, Hayden, DarknessDG

8.) Maturest Member

Cream, Katniss, Teenj, Clappy, Spongetron

9.) Most Contributive Member

hilaryfan80, Fred, Jjsthekid

10.) Most Creative Member

NegiSpongie, Spongetron, 4EverGreen, Renegade, Jjsthekid

11.) Most Missed Member

ExKizuna, CF, Sabre, CNF, CDCB

12.) Smartest Member

Mermaid Magic, Elastic, Whobob, Homie, OMJ


1.) Honorary Creator Award

Negi and Renegade

2.) Honorary Show Award

Power Rangers: Multiverse Force and Mystic Guardians

3.) Honorary Staff Member Award

Clappy and Fred

4.) Honorary Member Award

JCM and Steel

Edited by Metal Snake
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Better get through the member categories sooner than later so I would have more time going over Spin-Offs/Lits unlike last time:


Best Debater: Clappy, Metal Snake, Nuggets, terminoob, hilaryfan80

Funniest Member: Wumbo, OMJ, Homie, Cha, E.V.I.L.

Most Serious Member: crushingmayhem, jjsthekid, Metal Snake, SOF, Katniss

Most Unique Username: Spongetron Robotpants, Sunshine Banjo Face, crushingmayhem, Mermaid Magic, CyanideFishbone

Spongiest Member: Spongebob's #1 Fan, 4EverGreen, Mermaid Magic, Cha, NegiSpongie

Kindest Member: SOF, Sauce Mama, Cha, Spongetron Robotpants, Wendy the Witch

Most Competitive Member: Hayden, Sunshine Banjo Face, Fred Rechid, DarknessDG, Cream

Maturest Member: jjsthekid, Clappy, Katniss, Metal Snake, JCM

Most Contributive Member: jjsthekid, hilaryfan80, Fred Rechid, Cream, Renegade the Unicorn

Most Creative Member: Cha, jjsthekid, OMJ, NegiSpongie, teenj12

Most Missed Member: CNF1, Sabre, CDCB, Patty Sponge, Brady Corduroy

Smartest Member: hilaryfan80, terminoob, Clappy, Dr. WhoBob, President Squidward


Honorary Creator Award


Honorary Show Award

Mystic Guardians and Gary the Snail's Undersea Adventures

Honorary Staff Member Award

Metal Snake and Clappy

Honorary Member Award

SOF and Katniss

Edited by Steel Skeet
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Here are my nominations; I hope they are acceptable! /

1.) Best Debater: Terminoob, Crushingmayhem, Clappy.

2.) Funniest Member: Wendy the Witch, Renegade the Unicorn, Kiyozu.

3.) Most Serious Member: Negispongie, Metal Snake, JJStheKid.

4.) Most Unique Username: Renegade the Unicorn, Kiyozu, Wendy the Witch.

5.) Spongiest Member: Kiyozu, Spongebob's #1 Fan, Cream.

6.) Kindest Member: Kiyozu, Cream, Renegade the Unicorn.

7.) Most Competitive Member: Hayden, Terminoob, Crushingmayhem.

8.) Maturest Member: JJStheKid, Kiyozu, Metal Snake.

9.) Most Contributive Member: Kiyozu, JJStheKid, Cream.

10.) Most Creative Member: Kiyozu, Renegade the Unicorn, Cream.

11.) Most Missed Member: Sabre, CDCB, CartoonCF.

12.) Smartest Member: Kiyozu, Renegade the Unicorn, JJStheKid.

1.) Best Creation: "Squid; Mystic Guardians."

5.) Best Storyline: "Squid; Mystic Guardians."

6.) Best Comedy: "Squid; Mystic Guardians."

7.) Best Location: "Squid; Mystic Guardians."

8.) Best Protagonist: Squidward ("Squid"); Gary ("Gary the Snail's Undersea Adventures").

11.) Most Creative: "Squid; Mystic Guardians."

12.) Most Well-Written: "Squid; Mystic Guardians."

1.) Honorary Creator Award

Renegade the Unicorn; Metal Snake.

2.) Honorary Show Award

"Squid; Mystic Guardians."

3.) Honorary Staff Member Award

Fred and Terminoob.

4.) Honorary Member Award

JCM and Katniss. /

There you go! Enough said!

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Gonna pass on member categories and give spin-offs some love:

Spin-Off & Literature:

Best Creation: Team SpongeBob, Miss Appear, Community Deathmatch, Doody Era, and SBCinema

Best Ended Creation: Pisces Moon, SBC Honest Trailers, JCMovies, Person: Boy Nincompoop, and One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now?

Best Pilot: "Pilot" (Apartment 406), "Same" (Post Fiction V12), "Photographic Memories" (Future Shock), "Walk Sideways Unto Yourself" (Bikini Bottom Adventures), and "Mother and Kat Reunion" (SBCgrassi)

Best Episode: "The Emote Movie" (SBCinema), "The Time Jewel" (Team SpongeBob), "Healing" (Miss Appear), "Content Destroyer" (Community Deathmatch), and "Fantastic Reality of True Imagination" (Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky)

Best Storyline: Doody Era, Team SpongeBob, Miss Appear, Future Shock, and Xat Time Travelers

Best Comedy: Community Deathmatch, Post Fiction V12, Total Cartoon Global Cruise, Xat Time Travelers, and Apartment 406

Best Location: Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Team SpongeBob, Miss Appear, Doody Era, and Total Cartoon Global Cruise

Best Protagonist: Katherine Cross (Miss Appear), Peter Chang (The Quickster), SpongeBob (Future Shock), Joe (Apartment 406), and Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force)

Best Antagonist: Triton (Team SpongeBob), Plankton (Future Shock), Seid (The Quickster), Claudia Khan (Miss Appear), and S Team (Doody Era)

Best Minor Character: Lucky Numbers (Apartment 406), Mr. Krabs (Future Shock), JCM (SBCinema), Patrick Peterson (Miss Appear), and Spike (Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky)

Most Creative: Apartment 406, The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy, Doody Era, Poetry by hilaryfan80, and Future Shock

Most Well-Written: Poetry by hilaryfan80, Apartment 406, Future Shock, Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, and Doody Era

Hall of Fame

Honorary Creator Award: tvguy and Metal Snake

Honorary Show Award: Underwater Survivor: SBC Style and Doody Era

Honorary Staff Member Award: Clappy and teenj12

Honorary Member Award: SOF and Steel Sponge


Edited by jjsthekid
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Guess I should do these now :P


Best Debater

@Wumbo @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick @Katniss @Clappy

Funniest Member

@Homie❤  @Kiyozu♡ @Master Shakezula

Most Serious Member

@Katniss @Clappy @Metal Snake

Most Unique Username

@Spongetron Robotpants? @terminoob @Renegade the Unicorn @a_shot_here_we_go

Spongiest Member

@SpongeBob's #1 Fan @SBC & Knuckles @NegiSpongie

Kindest Member

@Kiyozu♡ @Dr. WhoBruh @SpongeOddFan @Spongetron Robotpants? @Katniss

Most Competitive Member

@Homie❤  @Hayden @Master Shakezula

Maturest Member

@jjsthekid @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick @Metal Snake @Katniss @Clappy

Most Contributive Member

@jjsthekid @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick @Kiyozu♡ 

Most Creative Member

@Kiyozu♡ @Bada Bing Nuggets

Most Missed Member

Gonna skip over this one.....funny how there's still nobody I really miss after a year.

Smartest Member

@Katniss @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick @Clappy

Honorary Staff Member

@Clappy and @Master Shakezula

Honorary Member

@SpongeOddFan and @Katniss

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Still haven't got caught up with the reading, but I've still made some generous nominations because this category still needs some love:


Best Creation: Skodwarde, Squid, Miss Appear, SBCinema, Mystic Guardians

Best Ended Creation: SBC Honest Trailers, SBC Falls, Storm Racers, JCMovies, The Modernization of Bikini Bottom

Best Pilot: Post Fiction V12, Apartment 406, The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy, SBCgrassi

Best Episode: The Emote Movie (SBCinema), The Price of a Messiah (Squid), Healing (Miss Appear), Operation: Darkest Hour Parts 1 & 2 (Mystic Guardians), Plankton vs. Gary! Decisive Pineapple Battle!? (Skodwarde)

Best Storyline: Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, Miss Appear, Mystic Guardians, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, The Yellow Avenger

Best Comedy: Skodwarde, SBCinema, Community Deathmatch, Stuff Happens to SpongeBob, XAT Time Travelers

Best Location: Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Squid, Doody Era, Apartment 406, Mystic Guardians

Best Protagonist: Katherine Cross / Miss Appear (Miss Appear), Jake (Mystic Guardians), Peter Chang / The Quickster (The Quickster), Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force), SpongeBob (The Yellow Avenger)

Best Antagonist: DarkEvil LaserPants (Future Shock), Seid (The Quickster), Claudia Khan (Miss Appear), Bulma Briefs (Total Cartoon series), Helga Wobbegong (Squid)

Best Minor Character: Valina (Mystic Guardians), Lucky Numbers (Apartment 406), JCM (SBCinema), Pintar (Team SpongeBob)

Most Creative: SBCinema, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Doody Era, Mystic Guardians, Post Fiction V12

Most Well-Written: Miss Appear, Mystic Guardians, Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, Poetry by hilaryfan80

Edited by Steel Skeet
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