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Muhammad Ali Dead


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I'm not much of a boxing fan, but from what I heard, he sounded like such a great guy.

With the way 2016 is going, They'll probably have to put all celebrities that are 57 and over on a boat and hide out at sea for the rest of 2016, so they can also escape the grim reaper.

In seriousness though, RIP


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Guest hilaryfan80

Louisville is practically crying. :( He's pretty much considered a god here because Muhammad Ali is from Louisville. Even the Louisville news stations reported the news differently than any other source.

It's still sad though. Growing up, I always heard how much of a legend he was. How a lot of people grew up wanting to be just like him. I wasn't one of those people, but I did know quite a few people that were like that, and they loved him. I've come to respect him.

RIP to perhaps the greatest boxer of all time.

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