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  1. This relic from the loser era
  2. PANNED with audiences (54% audience score). Looks like the general public disagrees! It wouldn't win then or now. Poor fad of 2013.
  3. The fact that the A:TLA movie was more panned than any SpongeBob movie so they wisely chose to stop making them, while FadBob has had 2 flop movies in a row which BOMBED with critics and the box office alike. Looks like Mein Kampf Koral isn't the only thing the GP is saying no to.
  4. Global force iCarly is currently sitting at #40 on the iTunes Kids & Family chart with the episode iPilot, released 13 years ago. Meanwhile, SpongeBob's highest charting episode is only at #42, despite still airing today. Why can iCarly achieve a top 40 pure sales smash in almost 2021 but SpongeBob can't say the same?
  5. Spill bestie FadBob fell off after 2004, Britney teas. We were all busy streaming A:TLA since then, which served longevity on Netflix. When will FadBob?
  6. I'm gonna have to agree that the gp has DECLINED the invitation to Kamp Koral. 90s fad Nickelodeon shipped it, but it got shipped back!
  7. jfc those pictures with hals avatar make me cry
  8. kylie✨

    That Poppy

    That Poppy is currently one of my favorite musicians/youtubers. Her personality & music is based on modern celebrity culture. and shes really cute just saying
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