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102a. Penny Foolish

Minty Car

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In this episode, Mr. Krabs sees Spongebob pick up a penny, and is obsessed with getting Spongebob to give it to him via spending it. I absolutly hate this episode because Mr. Krabs is just WAY too cheap in it. Yes, he's supposed to be cheap, but there's a difference between being a greedy cheapskape, and watch his cheap plan to get money fall apart (Krabby Land, for instance), and spending 11 minutes attempting to get a single penny from Spongebob. It's simply a filler concept, and it shows through it's spotty execution. The only time I really laughed was when the penny turned out to be a 500 dollar bill, but then groaned when Spongebob acted like it was nothing and threw it out. Simply one of the worst episodes of the series IMO.

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Quite underrated IMO.

I actually liked the plot. I think it showed how obsessive Mr. Krabs' addiction can be, he obsesses over one thing and ends up spending much more money than that penny trying to get it. That's the JOKE! And to anyone who says Mr. Krabs became unbelieveably money obsessed post-movie, he sold SpongeBob's soul for spare change in I believe Season 2(?). That is far worse than anything he's done post-movie.

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This episode is probably the definition of all S6 episodes - blegh, uninspired, and bad. I will admit, though, this episode wasn't as bad as say The Splinter or Dear Vikings. However, in truth, the entire episode was just Mr. Krabs obsessing over a penny for 11 minutes.

OK, I'm just gonna check out the SpongeBob wiki and check out who wrote this piece of -




Anyway, there's not much else to mention here. The jokes were uninspired and bland, for sure. I didn't laugh at all, not at one bit. I didn't even laugh at how bad the jokes were. It's a blegh episode.

Rating: D+

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I don't understand people who say Mr. Krabs is a lot cheaper in post movie and use this episode as an example. Sure Krabs goes cuckoo for a penny for 11 dull joke minutes, but it's nothing compared to the things he's done in Born Again Krabs, Clams, Nasty Patty and etc. It's main flaw again is being kinda pointless. We can go on a joke that lasts like 30 seconds about Mr. Krabs looking for money, but a whole episode on it? It does do some semi interesting things, like Mr. Krabs opening a cinema (did anyone get a Krabbyland vibe? I wish we could have gone into the movie theater, that could have saved this a little more.) and the slideshow night just to get SpongeBob to give him that one penny. It's fascinating to see the lengths Krabs will go for a single piece of money, (aka Can You Spare a Dime and Clams as examples of ones where he didn't want anything but that one piece). I think the problem is with comparing to those two episodes is that Penny Foolish didn't have much going for it like the others. Clams takes place in the ocean on a fishing trip while Dime was about Squidward's unemployment (or should I say funemplo_ *gets a tomato thrown at*). Sure, a penny is the smallest amount of the three, so I can kinda let it slide for how unwhelming the episode was because it's a such a small amount. While I don't think this episode is terribly bad, I just think it's a dull from most of its' jokes. I can really see this episode trying to be like another cheapstake episode, I really do. I commend it for trying at least to get the old feeling.


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