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When did you learn how to ride a bike?


I want to become a palm tree  

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  1. 1. That stupid moth on my window better not come inside my room my house my rules jk parents house but they don't want a moth in here either tbh

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    • 18+
    • Never learned (sorry humans I forgot this option)

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I'm trying to learn one right now. It is very frustrating, but I hope I can safely say that I will eventually learn it and qualify to vote for my 18+ option. :/

How about you guys. You adults who are trying to learn please validate me.

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3 hours ago, Reverse-Flash said:

how come "never learned" isn't an option?

oh fml it was 11 Pm and I was tired and I forgot (and I remembered it in the SBM one too wtf Omair)


I have fixed it :Laugh:


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hilaryfan80 and I learned when we were really young.

I remember us crying a lot. We did not have the patience for it, so it took quite a bit of time. :Laugh:

We learned though, and I had to use a bike for a little bit of time during my freshman year of college before we got a set of wheels.

P.S. If you want to become a palm tree, you do it. I believe in you. Just as long as you're not weird and want to become a sofa.

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Guest hilaryfan80

@Face and I were either 4 or 5 when we learned how to ride a bike. We had this awkward year between preschool and kindergarten when we were not allowed to enter school because our birthday fell after October 1st. Instead of having us not learn anything for a whole year, our mom decided to teach us a bunch of life skills, like how to read and ride a bike. It was very useful!

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