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Season 11 (News & Discussion)

Jjs Goodman

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"The Night Patty" sounds like we just MIGHT see Dinosaur Dan (from "Graveyard Shift") again! :D Hopefully, it will be MORE than just him, since it's talking about an actual crew! And a THIRD Bubble Buddy episode?! o.o That certainly sounds enjoyable! And with a whole TOWN no less! :cool: I can't wait to see them (even though I will!) :hysterical: Enough said! ;)

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Here are the plots for the last pair of S11:

241a. Squirrel Jelly: SpongeBob and Patrick have their peaceful day of jelly fishing disturbed by Sandy's competitive nature.

241b. The String: SpongeBob pulls from Squidward's shirt a loose string that never seems to end.

"Squirrel Jelly" will be another extended episode in the vein of "Feral Friends", and "The String" will be another short episode like "Don't Wake Patrick!" was.

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gonna give my thoughts for how I'm feeling about these episodes so far.

- Shopping List. Already saw.

- Whale Watching. I'm a bit worried considering they barely handled Squidward well in s11 so far and I don't wanna see Pearl as a bratty girl but if Pearl's like Mall Girl Pearl and Squidward isnt zany, it should be fine. Considering those two almost never interacted, I'm interested in this.

- Clean Livin' - ummmmm idk about this one. It doesn't excite me much but we'll see how it goes.

- Patnocchio - I'm so tired of Patrick and this doesn't feel like a fresh idea but Chum Bucket Supreme was a strong ep, so if it's like that ep, I'm all in.

- Chefbob - This is actually interesting and this could be so much fun.

- Library Cards - uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no. I don't want to see 11 mins of Patrick not knowing how to read. The episode I'm the least excited.

- Plankton Paranoia - this plot has been done before already and judging by the premise, it gives me Spy Buddies/Plankton Retires/OCM mix but it's also from Luke Brookshier. I'm so conflicted on this.

- Surf N' Turf - Sandy episodes are always a yes for me, this sounds like an actual fresh concept for the show and I'm excited to see how it's gonna work.

- Call the cops! - why is this too much like Jailbreak/The Great Patty Caper, yet the premise actually makes sense after all these years of Plankton stealing the formula and barely being arrested? sure why not.

- Goons on the Moon - this screams too much Mooncation to me but I'm also sucker for cosmic and adventurous episodes and this special could turn out to be exciting. 

- Appointment TV - this could be a great or a really annoying fast paced episode.

- Karen's Virus - huh, I'm surprised they have never done this before, consider me hooked. 

- The Night Patty - um what? You had me there with a cool premise and then you say they look for something creepy? Why? I have low hopes for this.

- The Grill is Gone - I mean why would bunch of kids wanna steal a grill? but then again, it's SpongeBob, might as well go with it. And it's always cool to see SpongeBob/Mr. Krabs centric episodes.

- Bubbletown - I can see skeptisms for this considering Bubble Buddy Returns was such a disappointing sequel but a concept of an actual bubble town seems cool.

- Girls Night out - Yes, yes, yes!!! The show barely explores female character interactions, this could be a huge step up for the crew. So many potential ideas and new dyanmics, I'm in.

- Squirrel Jelly - after how the title of this reminded us a lot of Ink Lemonade and this is written by Kaz, I had so much doubt in this but I read the premise and i know Zeus Cervas is involved and it's gonna be an extra length episode, so this could be actual fun.

- The String - Idk how this will go but I always liked 4 minute episodes, even Don't Wake Patrick, so this could be a cute little time.

a few episodes don't sound so good but most of it looks so much fun that I hope these episodes could make s11 better.

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I'm actually hyped for the rest of season 11, many episode seem interesting and have a lot of potential. Only episodes that I kind of don't care about are "Patnocchio", since I'm sick of Patrick episodes this season and "Library Cards", primarily for the same reason.

"Shopping List" already was proven as pretty great episode, so I hope that the rest of the season won't disappoint. 

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My thoughts on the leaked plots:

Shopping List: Saw via leak. Not going to spoil anything but it was really good.

Whale Watching: Also via leak. This one wasn't bad either.

Krusty Kleaners: Also via leak. Not spoiling anything here either but this one was just... ok. It did have some funny lines here and there however.

Patnocchio: I'm a bit wary about how this'll turn out. Hopefully it won't be bad but considering Kaz's track record as of late...

ChefBob: Not really intrigued by this plot but we'll see. I guess if they do it well enough it could turn out to be good but this is another instance of how it's probably best to wait for the episode to air first.

Library Cards: Ehh... This doesn't sound like a good idea. But then again, Pat the Horse (an episode which I like for some reason) had a horrible premise and yet I liked it so...

Plankton Paranoia: I'm morbidly curious about how this will turn out. With Brookshier being the strongest writer of Season 11, it could turn out well but it could turn out not that great.

Surf & Turf: I'm neutral on this idea but it doesn't sound too bad...

Call the Cops: That plot sounds sort of cool ngl. I wonder how it'll turn out...

Goons on the Moon: Er... other than the godly description, I can't say I'm too interested in this, especially given the length and Kaz's track record as of late ?

Appointment TV: Huh, this doesn't sound too bad. I guess we'll have to see with this one also.

Karen's Virus: This one also sounds rather interesting.

The Night Patty: Er... I can't judge it yet but it doesn't sound too bad...? I don't know for sure.

The Grill is Gone: Meh. This doesn't sound that interesting either.

Bubbletown: Meh. Not interested in this.

Girl's Night Out: Huh, interesting. I wonder what the character dynamic between Sandy, Mrs. Puff and Pearl will play out as, seeing as how they rarely interact with each other.

Squirrel Jelly: Hey look, another one that we'll have to wait and see in order to judge! But anyways, it doesn't sound all that bad.

The String: Yawn. This doesn't sound promising.

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Okay, I want to write down thoughts about recent leaked episodes somewhere else beyond status updates.

Shopping List - 8/10, really balanced episode with veriety of different jokes and interesting locations, awesome cameo of the Flying Dutchman and overall it's nice to see SpongeBob and Sandy focused episode.

Whale Watching - 9/10, actually this episode is kind of amazing and one of the best ones in season 11. It was wholesome, funny and fresh. Mr.Krabs felt like a decent father for once and I liked how they established that Squidward was babysitting Pearl before, what makes a lot of sense.

Krusty Kleaning - 7/10, it's just mindless string of loosely connected gags, but those gags are good, so I'm not complaining.

Patnochhio - ...7/10. Probably a controversial opinion, but I, as a hater of "Pat the Horse" and "Ink lemonade", actually kind of enjoyed this one. Of course it's kind of random, but to be honest, Patrick wasn't too bad here. He wasn't malicious and since he bouncing off Plankton, his stupidity doesn't feel too annoying. There's a bit or good humor and creativity too, so while this episode isn't a masterpiece, it was at least entertaining and not insulting.

ChefBob - 9/10, I like the message of this episode and many of the jokes. For once it's a dialogue heavy episode, so there's a lot of amusing exchanges and quotes. While it felt kinda similar to "SquidWood" and "Squirell Jokes", it was just it, similar. Concept and the message was different entirely.

Second half of the season looks good so far!

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On 7/25/2018 at 10:28 AM, jjsthekid said:

Here are the plots for the last pair of S11:

241a. Squirrel Jelly: SpongeBob and Patrick have their peaceful day of jelly fishing disturbed by Sandy's competitive nature.

241b. The String: SpongeBob pulls from Squidward's shirt a loose string that never seems to end.

"Squirrel Jelly" will be another extended episode in the vein of "Feral Friends", and "The String" will be another short episode like "Don't Wake Patrick!" was.

I've amended this post since it appears the previous two plots listed were inaccurate. 

Edited by jjsthekid
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"Despite the flaws I like Feral Friends, another 16 minute 'defend the civilians' ep may be a bit too similar this soon but there's a good chance I'll like multiple Sandy eps for the first time in a while!"

*sees new shitty plot that sounds like a bad pre-hibernation week and makes me wish it was Sandy's Nutmare+Ink Lemonade like I predicted by the title instead*


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Welp, time for new thoughts.

Squirrel Jelly: Meh. Not looking forwards to this.

The String: Gah, this sounds even worse than the incorrect one! I guess we'll have to wait and see for this but calling it right now that it won't be that great.

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Now that Season 11 is over, new top 10:

1. Karen's Virus

2. Goons on the Moon

3. Plankton Paranoia

4. Squid Noir

5. ChefBob

6. The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom

7. Appointment TV

8. Krusty Kleaners

9. No Pictures Please

10. Mustard O' Mine

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Okay, S11 is finished at last! If you thought that S10 was divisive, hoo boy, S11 is even more divisive. Some like it, some hate, I personally really like it. I will continue doing my ranking topic a bit later, where we I will write a bit more elaborate reviews, but I will leave my opinions on each episode here.

"Cave Dwelling Sponge" - 6/10

"The Clam Whisperer"  - 3/10

"Spot Returns"  - 8/10

"The Check-Up"  - 8/10

"Spin the Bottle"  - 7/10  

"There's a Sponge in My Soup" - 9/10 

"Man Ray Returns" - 8/10

 "Larry the Floor Manager" - 8/10

 "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom"  - 9/10

"No Pictures Please"  - 7/10

"Stuck on the Roof"  - 7/10  

"Krabby Patty Creature Feature" - 7/10

"Teacher's Pests"  - 9/10

"Sanitation Insanity"  - 8/10 

"Bunny Hunt"  - 5/10

"Squid Noir"  - 10/10

"Scavenger Pants" - 8/10

"Cuddle E. Hugs" - ???/10 (but I like it?..)

 "Pat the Horse"  - 1/10

"Chatterbox Gary"  - 8/10

 "Don't Feed the Clowns" - 5/10

"Drive Happy"  - 8/10

"Old Man Patrick"  - 3/10

"Fun-Sized Friends"  - 4/10

"Grandmum's The Word" - 9/10

  "Doodle Dimension" - 5/10   

 "Moving Bubble Bass"  - 6/10

 "High Sea Diving"  - 9/10

"Bottle Burglars" - 10/10

"My Leg!" - 9/10

"Ink Lemonade" - 0/10

 "Mustard O' Mine" - 8/10

"Shopping List" - 8/10

"Whale Watching" - 8/10

"Krusty Kleaners"  - 7/10

 "Patnocchio" - 7/10 

 "ChefBob" - 10/10

"Plankton Paranoia" - 10/10

 "Library Cards" - 4/10  

 "Call the Cops" - 7/10

 "Surf N' Turf" - 9/10

 "Goons on the Moon" - 8/10 (I liked episode a bit more on rewatch)

"Appointment TV" - 9/10 

"Karen's Virus" - 10/10

"The Grill is Gone" - 8/10

"The Night Patty" - 7/10

"Bubbletown" - 8/10

"Girls' Night Out" - 8/10

"Squirrel Jelly" - 5/10 (6/10 was a bit too much for this one)

"The String" - 9/10

Overall rating for the season: Good season. I know, it's my entirely subjective opinion, but this season legitimately impressed me. It's the first season, since season 4 no less, that I can call good. Is it great? No. Is it flawless? Also no. But it was entertaining, funny, clever (most of the time anyway) and superbly animated. It's the first season that in a long time I felt like creators had passion working on the show. S10 felt more like an animation test, while 9b isn't even a full-fledged season.

Of course there will be disagreements, some people like this season, some hate it. Even people who like this season praise entirely different episodes for entirely different reasons. Personally, I was entertained, I was delighted, I was happy to watch this season. I'm happy to call modern Spongebob a good show, sometimes even great show. Of course, there are things that need to be improved upon, I'm not gonna lie. Patrick is the main flaw with this season, dragging many episodes down by his terrible characterization. Sometimes episodes are created only to pander to older fans and nothing else, like Doodle Dimension (despite having distinctive, different style from pre-movie), some episodes feel like filler that exist only to fill up season to ordered number of 50 episodes. "Fun-sized Friends", "Library Cards", " The Clam Whisperer" are prime examples of that. Some episodes can be too stupid or too hyperactive for my liking, "Pat the Horse" and "Bunny Hunt" for instance. 

But even with those flaws, I still find this season good. Not really good, if I'm being honest, it's not even better than s4 (which is a part of golden age for me, anyway), it's like 7/10 good. But I still prefer season 11 over anything that came after season 4, which is impressive.

I hope that season 12 will be even better and will improve upon some flaws I mentioned in my season review, like Patrick's characterization or mindless hyperactive episodes. . 

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Season 11 is just alright. There were some spectacularly well done episodes like Karen's Virus, Goons on the Moon, and Plankton Paranoia and then there are the episodes that are either lame (like Old Man Patrick and Don't Feed the Clowns) or suffer from characters being written, well... out of character (such as Squirrel Jelly and Ink Lemonade). But for the most part, there were more great episodes so this season was probably the first actually good one in a while. I hope this trend keeps up in Season 12.

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