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So, what did you get? 2016

Old Man Jenkins

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So yeah, figured I'd bring back this annual yuletide thread since I didn't see anybody else do it yet. As for me, I got.

1) some homemade buns and dipping sauce my friend and his family made.

2) some Japanese cookies.

3) a Rowlett handmade from crochet that another friend of mine whipped up.

4) an annual Christmas-y chex mix placed in tupperware that another friend of mine usually gives out every year.

5) Tomodachi Life.

6) $50 Hot Topic gift card.

7) $150 GameStop gift card. (Which is too fucking generous, my god)

8) $110 cash.

9) bought my first LG 4K tv the other day after my samsung went defective, so merry Christmas to myself.

10) two WWE vinyl figure blind boxes

11) a couple Walking Dead comics

12) $10 Nintendo e-shop card

probs have a couple more coming in later, so I'll edit em in as they come. In the meantime, post your Yule hauls here! Hope y'all have/had a merry Christmas!

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-christmas sweaters

-some kpop merch


-different starbucks mugs (the ones with the location ur in and the cool designs on it)

-eyeshadow palette

-T-ARA poster

i still have to go home and see what i got from other family members but thats what i got today?

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-Three pairs of socks

-A new shirt

-A Rubik's Cube

-Lego Architecture New York set

-120 dollars

-A few gift cards, one for a skate shop at the place I'm at, one for Nintendo E-shop, one for Subway and one for Starbucks

-Shitloads of candy.


Great Christmas.

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- a new Starbucks mug 

- a vinyl collection (4 records!) of Hawaiian music that is soooo beautiful

- $25 Forever 21 gift card 

- $25 Hollister Co. gift card 

- $100 cash  

-my mom and her sisters reconciled and are talking again so that's a pretty nice gift

pretty dope christmas this year ?


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copying and pasting my list from SBM:


Stocking Stuffers:

Several Tsum Tsum mystery stack packs 
Tsum Tsum Keyring
Hershey's Kisses
Grandma's Brand Cookies
Cookies and Cream Pocky worthy of a snack review) 
$20 Barnes and Noble gift card
$25 Subway gift card

Regular gifts:

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for PS4
Team Blockade (it's like Jenga)
SkullCandy Headphones
SpongeBob Dunces and Dragons figures (it didn't come with Squidly :'( )

picture of the many tsum tsums I got:


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Guest hilaryfan80

-a Slytherin Quidditch hoodie
-a Columbia jacket
-See's Candy
-a Bath and Body Works candle
-a nice suitcase
-a passport

and the best present of all:


a new boyfriend :plankton:


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Let's see, shall we:

Yo-Kai Watch:

Whisper plushie

Shogunyan plushie

Komasan plushie

Komasan figure

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls

Jibanyan plushie

Whisper shirt

Other stuff

Nightmare Moon figure

Rainbow Dash plushie

Kirby: Planet Robobot

A couple Skylanders

Rush shirt

Def Leppard shirt

Angry Birds Movie

A laptop

That's about it. :funny:

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