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  1. LittleBigPlanet. Definitely a franchise that needs and deserves a lot more recognition, as well as another proper installment. Plus it's insanely innovative and a marvel to see what people can capable of creating with the game's mechanics.
  2. My go-to is always Spotify whenever I'm drawing or just on my laptop in general, although sometimes I find things on YouTube that I can't get on Spotify. Amazon Music is how I listen to music whenever I'm doing the washing up in the kitchen, or if I'm in the rare mood to use my Echo Show to play music in my room instead. I only really use traditional radio whenever I'm having a bath, although sometimes it's used as background noise in the kitchen; my favorite station used to be Kiss 100 until I noticed they started playing garbage remixes of pop songs after 9/10pm, so I switched to Capitol FM which just sticks to pop and never looked back.
  3. Yeah, so what'd y'all like to do (or rather, where would you want to go) during summer holidays?
  6. England is the only correct answer, everybody else can go home. Ta ta, good chaps.
  7. If only snow actually set in this country, that would be wonderful. Winter is already cold enough, may as well make it a little prettier and brighter.
  8. Presents are pretty much a given, although if this were multiple choice I'd also pick family and decorations. Christmas in particular always has more of an obvious change in the atmosphere that always makes me feel a little nostalgic.
  9. Now that Marvel's leaning into TV shows as part of the MCU, we've been treated to a handful of shows this year on Disney+. Which one of these shows was your favorite this year? For me, I have to say WandaVision. Funny enough, I think the best part about the show for me was actually the fact that it was something different. I liked the use of sitcom formulas over the decades per episode and the overarching mystery going on. Bonus question would be what was your least favourite? Mine was Falcon and the Winter Solider; I liked it to begin with but it lost me after the fourth episode so I ended dropping the last one. I'm aware of how it ends, and overall the show was just a mess beginning to end. Both Sam and Bucky could've had a better story, methinks. Considering I'm making this before Hawkeye comes out, I included it just in case anybody's more hyped for that than the other options for if you wanna change later when it does start airing lol
  10. They're still making SB content my dream for a Nicktoons Unite remaster ain't dead yet! I'll say that I'm...excited, I suppose, for a new game? Like, I'm definitely hyped and I'm sure they'll go with the platforming route a la early console SB games, but 7 Wishworlds? Hmm, depending on how they're doing these worlds this sounds quite short a game from the offset. Looks like there'll be at least a hub world feature if bringing back "iconic buildings" is of any indication, so that'll be cool. Can't go wrong with a good hub world. Should be a fun endeavor. Would probably buy in a sale though, honestly.
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