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Chilled, downtempo r&b Mamamoo...*Bruno Mars voice* that’s what I like?

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7 hours ago, SpongeOddFan said:

what's wrong with Feb?

just felt like unending below mediocrity to me


4 hours ago, Katniss said:

wtf i love that neon outfit look ?, especially moonbyul’s but she always looks good in masculineish stuff

yeah the song is chill i like it, reminds me of some of snsd’s stuff

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36 minutes ago, Old Man Jenkins said:

So what's new with you, pard? I've never felt so out of practice with the ask thread game

ikr and even tho its refreshing to catch up with old friends here i feel like im the same dumb 15 year old here :Laugh: not much, just passing time for quarantine n all that shit, went to the hospital today, i promise not for coronoa, made my tongue numb from Benadryl and had to stop typing this to spit it out with water so, a night :Laugh:


4 minutes ago, kev said:

remember the last time we vacationed in cancún? :funny:

remember how reputation outsold lover in every way possible even 3 yrs later

On 3/23/2020 at 7:45 AM, SpongeOddFan said:

anything new last night?


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3 minutes ago, kev said:

remember how t swift was never acclaimed till reputation ? 

bitch shes been acclaimed since she sung we were dressed to the nines and we were dancin, like we’re made of starlight

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