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39 minutes ago, SOF said:

yeah it was?



2 minutes ago, Katniss said:

Taylor or Ariana? :funny:

oh Ariana by a long shot, love Taylor but Ariana has more albums I stan all the way

hard af: marina and the diamonds or lorde, i still cant decide that hmmm


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5 hours ago, Katniss said:

That’s so hard! They’re both beautiful singers and really talented songwriters?

Yeah and they’ve both been my favorite artist of all time for short periods. But now that Ari is making good songs again might restore that title to her. ?


3 hours ago, SOF said:

anything planned for Thanksgiving?

the parade and a big breakfast, if im not too lazy to get out of bed a little early. I don’t do Thanksgiving meals nor would I want to but I do enjoy having turkey and good meals through out the month. 

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