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50th SWYAD: Milestone Edition

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We've finally reached the 50th Stop What You Are Doing, and to celebrate that special milestone, we have an appropriate theme to accompany it: Milestones! This will be a tad more complex than our usual themes, in that you will change your name to anything that has a milestone anniversary (5th, 10th, 20th, 50th, 100th, etc) this year. This can be a person, movie, show, book, song, game, etc, you can get creative with it. (Example: Mean Girls turns 20 this year, so you could be a character from that or the movie itself) If you need to do research to see what has a milestone anniversary this year, go ahead.

The SWYAD will begin May 10th and end May 17th. There will be a Cards Against Humanity, Turntable party and SWYAD themed Pictionary during it to celebrate. Anyone who participates will also receive 500 doubloons and 100 experience points.

Credit to @sbl for this theme idea.


Jjs --> Shark Tale

WhoBob --> BoJack Horseman

Katie --> What We Do In The Shadows

Meep --> Terry Hintz

Salmon --> Godzilla

Fred --> The Simpsons

Dman --> Hotel Mario

Steel --> 101 Dalmatian Street

SOF --> Amphibia

4EverGreen --> Dragonball Z

DG --> Róméó és Júlia

Ben --> Totodile

Ex --> EuroTrip

Meko --> Patrick Not Star

OMJ --> The Crow

JCM --> The Lion King

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Róméó és Júlia

(Hungarian production of the French musical Roméo et Juliette, de la haine à l'amour. It premiered on January 23rd, 2004 so it turned 20 earlier this year.)


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In a weird roundabout way this Totodile PFP can represent the 15th anniversary of HeartGold SoulSilver so you know what I will be Totodile one of the goats. If you need me to i will switch the pfp to a heart gold soul silver era totodile art.

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