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Silent Hill.

Speaking as a fan of the Resident Evil games, my favorite thing about this game is how different it is from the first Resident Evil game, which was so corny it was hilarious. No, this is unironically terrifying shit that I love. :3

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Major Update News!!!! :D Who has two thumbs, AND used his $50 Best Buy Gift Card on January 4th to help him get a Classic Edition Super Nintendo Entertainment System with 21 Games on it INCLUDING "Star Fox 2"?! o.o THIS GUY!!!! :cool::cool::cool::cool: Needless to say, I've been playing the HECK out of all those GOOD 16-bit games; and I will FINALLY be able to play "Earthbound; Kirby's Dream Course; Kirby Super Star;" and of course, "Star Fox 2" for the VERY first time! I will update on my own personal topic for more info on that later! Enough said! ;)

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I've pre-downloaded "Pokemon Crystal", so I can play it on my Nintendo 3DS when it officially launches on January 26th! :D Until then, I'm going REALLY retro, by playing "Gargoyle's Quest" for the Game Boy on my Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console! :cool:

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