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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix for the PS3. Been playing through it on critical mode and idk if there's a difference in difficulty between the PSP and PS3 versions, but tI'm handling it a lot better than I thought I would. I beat Terra's story the other night and I remember the final boss being much more of a pain in my ass on the PSP standard mode. Almost done with Ven's story and it's been going pretty smooth too. Then again, I'm making sure to grind like crazy in intervals, something I never did on the PSP. Hopefully I've gotten to be just that good of a player since 2010.

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Was playing the Shenmue remaster all throughout Hurricane Lane and what a pleasure it was to finally experience it for myself. Definitely a game that was way ahead of its time back then. Can't wait to dive into Shenmue II.

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